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Almond Hair Oil

Hair loss, split ends, dull color - all these problems can be solved through the use of almond oil. Masks for curls are able to cope with deep damage, and a gentle smell and shine of hair after use will be a pleasant bonus.

Benefits and properties

Oil is obtained from bitter and sweet almond nuts. In the first case, the product is used as ether, since bitter almonds are poisonous, and the squeeze from the product is concentrated and without nutrients. The ether is saturated with flavonoids and has a delicate smell, which is pleasant for the skin. In the second case, when squeezing oil from sweet almonds, cosmetic oil is obtained. In this case, the product is almost colorless or has a light yellow tint and does not have a smell. It is as saturated as possible with nutrients and has in its composition:

  • fatty acid. Promote hair growth, protect curls from damage. Gently solder damaged and split ends;
  • vitamins A, E, F and C - retinol straightens hair along its entire length, in combination with tocopherol, restores the protective layer of the hair, and vitamin C nourishes the cellular structure. Vitamin F helps smooth out all irregularities in the hair, and nourishes dry brittle curls;
  • cortinoids and lycopene - coloring microelements that revitalize the hair and give it a natural shade;
  • flavonoids - volatile substances, which, due to their light structure, are able to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and retain moisture inside it;
  • squirrels - contribute to the growth of hair. Penetrating inside, they are involved in the synthesis of collagen and other building fibers, which are necessary for the health of curls;
  • amino acids - substances that have an antiseptic effect. Using these substances, oil can have a hydrophilic effect for curly hair.

Almond extract is perfect for oily curls, as it normalizes fat metabolism in tissues, prevents the appearance of a rash and other inflammations on the scalp. It fights against dandruff and is suitable for eliminating dry dermis.

In addition, the almond extract is hypoallergenic, which means that it can be used for split ends, applied to the roots, wiped the face, applied to the eyelids - it copes with its functions easily, without harming the skin.

Indications for use:

  • brittle hair - oil thickens the structure;
  • delamination of the hair - eliminated by soldering scales after applying masks based on almond extract;
  • excessive fat - passes after several applications of special compresses;
  • overdried curls - intensive nutrition and hydration is achieved through the use of almond concentrates;
  • severe damage - are eliminated with thermal compresses on the hair and scalp after two to three times;
  • dandruff - oil removes the fungus for prolonged use. The course of treatment with almond extract should be about 1 month;
  • skin diseases - disappear with successive procedures.

More about the benefits of almond oil in the next video.

How to choose

Since almond oil is of several types - a sweet and bitter extract, when choosing, you should decide what the product is bought for. If it is necessary for the treatment of hair and scalp, then you need to choose the oil of the first extraction (cold) from the sweet bone.

If the oil is needed for simpler purposes and will not be used often, then you can purchase almond essential oil, which is obtained from bitter bones. In this case, it will be a concentrate that can be added a few drops to masks and care products.

It should also be remembered that essential oil has a large number of volatile compounds and should not be used in its pure form - it must be diluted with basic, hypoallergenic oil, such as peach or grape seed. After applying ether to the skin, you can not go out in the sun, since the rays create concentrates when it comes into contact with the skin.

Cosmetic oil from sweet almonds, on the contrary, does not have many esters, so its use is possible in its pure form, as a base, or as an additional ingredient.

When buying, pay attention:

  • packaging - The oil should be stored in a glass bottle, preferably of a dark color. This is necessary so that beneficial trace elements in the composition are not oxidized. Buying a product in such a bottle, you can extend its shelf life to several months;
  • shelf life - indicated on the back of the package. It is better if the date of not only expiration is registered, but also the packaging of the goods. You need to store an open product in a refrigerator or a dark cool place;
  • label information - carefully read the fine print and the designation of the oil itself. Refined goes through several stages of purification, after which the oil does not have useful properties, esters also have a limited effect. But the almond substrate of unrefined type is an excellent tool for therapeutic masks for hair and scalp.


Almond oil has no contraindications, it can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The only thing that needs to be done is to check the squeeze for individual intolerance: drip oil on the wrist and wait for a response from the body for several hours. In case of an allergic reaction (skin rash, sharp redness, swelling, tears, or runny nose), the oil cannot be used. However, such cases are rare.

For pregnant women, the only obstacle is the smell of stone oil, which can exacerbate toxicosis. Almond ether is contraindicated in this case.

How to use

In order for the nutrients to completely enter the hair, you need to remember some tricks:

  • oil should be applied to slightly damp hair. If the product is used for oily hair, then it is better to use it before washing your hair, and if for dry, brittle and damaged hair, then after;
  • almond squeeze it is better to apply on curls in pure form all night;
  • it is necessary to use the product only cold pressed - in such a product there is literally a vitamin concentrate that nourishes the hair and protects against the negative effects of the external environment;
  • for colored curls, masks based on almond oil and jojoba should be used - since the compounds interact as efficiently as possible, and the substances complement each other and have a quick recovery effect;
  • from stains after ingrown hair, pigment or freckles, it is necessary to do compresses - Almond oil is able to lighten the skin and remove toxins. Thanks to flavonoids and natural dyes, the skin acquires an even tone, and small spots lighten and disappear with the regular use of masks;
  • oil temperature affects the effectiveness of the oil: for moisturizing ingredients to work quickly, it is best to warm the product in a water bath to room temperature. It is necessary to check the warming with the little finger - according to the sensations it should not be either cool or hot, but should be equated to body temperature.


According to girls, almond oil is a great helper to restore not only hair, but also the skin of the face, entire body, hands, and nails. Most girls agree that almonds, as an extract, perfectly moisturize and nourish hair. Popular among women brand Fito-cosmeticswhich represents a series of oils in soft tight packing. The series is enriched with extracts of other oils and is able to act differently on hair: from activating growth (rosehip extract) or getting rid of dandruff (with aloe vera extract) and others.

True, many mention that it is impossible to use oil for oily hair daily. Since the hair becomes oily and lose volume. In this case, the girls find a way out in aroma combing - they drop a few drops of almond oil on a wooden comb and spend several times on the curls. Use this method, according to reviews, you can daily.

However, sometimes, when using a large amount of ether on dry curls, the hair needs to be moisturized actively, otherwise the ether can dry them.


For a more holistic nutrition and healthy hair, almond oil can be added to the composition of ready-made cosmetic masks. After the composition is applied, the curls should be tightly wrapped with a film, putting on a towel over it. Means must be kept for 45 minutes, no less. And you need to wash your hair from an oil base with shampoo or soapy water - then you can use an aqueous rinse with a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

Almond extract can also be added to shampoos and hair balms. Each hair type has its own proportions: for dry hair, add 200 ml of oil per 200 ml of product, and 6 ml for oily hair. For normal - 10 ml.

In order to activate hair growth, you can use an interesting recipe: mix 300 ml of water with 15 grams of dry mustard, 30 ml of kefir, 1 yolk and 15 ml of almond oil. Apply the resulting mass to the hair with smooth movements, rubbing it into the skin. Fold in a bundle of curls and put on a plastic hat. After 30 minutes, the product must be washed off.

To eliminate dandruff from the skin, you will need: almond oil (30 ml), aloe vera (crushed into gruel, 30 g). Mix the components and apply to the hair roots. After 30 minutes, wash off with soap and water. This mask has an interesting effect: thanks to aloe vera in the composition, the hair follicles will strengthen, and the wounds on the skin will heal several times faster. The mixture eliminates not only dandruff, but also unpleasant sensations - itching and redness. It also fights against fungi and skin diseases.

To properly care for oily hair, you should use the following mixture: actively beat the yolk and add almond oil one teaspoon - mix well and then pour in peach oil (10 ml). Once a homogeneous mixture has formed, you need to add Dimexide (10 ml) and cognac (15 ml). The resulting composition must be distributed from roots to ends and left for 45 minutes. After time - rinse with water.

In order to restore damaged and brittle hair, you need to use: a combination of almond extract (30 ml) and oatmeal (10 g), which must be grinded to a powder state in a coffee grinder. After that, add milk (15 ml) and apply over the entire length of the curls. After an hour of waiting, rinse thoroughly with shampoo.

And now the video is a recipe using almond hair oil.

Watch the video: How to Apply Almond Badam Oil to Hair - Dabur Almond Hair oil Benefits for Damaged Hair (January 2020).


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