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Moisturizing Hair Oil

Your hair has become dry, and the previous shine has not been seen for a long time? Then you need to take up the comprehensive care of your hair, consisting of hydration and nutrition. At home, with the help of professional tools or folk masks, you can take care of thin hair no less high quality than in an expensive salon.

Best moisturizing oils

The most effective and pleasant means for moisturizing hair are cosmetic oils. Their diversity is so great that listing them all in one article is simply unrealistic. Based on the ability to moisturize hair, you can make a kind of rating of moisturizing oils.


Versatile and affordable oil in dry hair care. Often it is used as the basis for a moisturizing mask for the scalp and over-dried hair. However, in its pure form, the mass of olive seeds is able to cope with the excessive dryness of the strands in the shortest possible time. It is not in vain that this oil is often called "liquid gold." The main condition for using this effective product is heating before use.

You can make a good moisturizing mask based on olive oil at home. To do this, combine 3 tablespoons of "liquid gold" with one spoon of natural honey. The mixture needs to be slightly warmed up so that the honey has time to dissolve. Then one half of the warm mass must be rubbed into the roots, and the second should be evenly distributed over the entire length of the curls.

A similar procedure can be carried out 1-2 times a week 30 minutes before taking a shower. After the first application, you will notice how dry hair gained strength and shine.


Oil, squeezed from peach seeds, is a kind of panacea in the fight against dried hair, because it contains a lot of nutrients. Fats and acids contained in a natural cosmetic product that wonderfully affect the external and internal condition of the hair.

To bring maximum benefit to your hair, you need to use undiluted peach oil. For a hair moisturizing procedure at home, you will need no more than 10 ml of the product, which must be heated in a water bath before use. Apply oil to wet hair: spread over the entire length or rub into the roots. It is noteworthy that peach oil is easily absorbed, so it can not be washed off.

Such manipulations should be carried out no more than twice a week for 2 or 3 months. During this time, even the most lifeless strands will gain new strength.


A mass squeezed from the roots of burdock is one of the most effective hair care products. It is able to improve not only the condition of the hair, but also the skin of the head. Most often it is used as a natural hair moisturizer, because after using it, dry curls gain strength.

Oil from burdock roots must be used exclusively in warmed form, like any other similar cosmetic mass. However, this type of product has its own distinctive feature: masks based on it are used for a long time (40-60 minutes). For such a long period of time, the dried strands of hair are saturated with useful substances and get the necessary moisture. If desired, you can dilute the mixture with castor oil, which also contributes to intensive hydration.

Argan (Moroccan)

This is a unique oil, because they get it from the argan tree, which grows only in Morocco. It has healing properties, so it is a real treasure. Despite the fairly high price, many girls prefer a natural remedy to various shampoos and balms, because several applications are enough to make dry strands lively and shiny.

Argan oil is a universal remedy for moisturizing lifeless strands. It effectively moisturizes and nourishes the curls and scalp themselves, relieving it of itching and dandruff. If dry hair is a common problem, then you just need to have a jar of miraculous argan in your cosmetic arsenal.

Due to the high price, argan can and should be mixed with other natural moisturizers (castor, almond or burdock oil) in a warm form. You need to apply the product on clean and damp hair, and you can keep the mixture of oils for an hour or more.


Jojoba has excellent moisturizing properties, so it is actively used in the care of dry hair. In fact, it is most likely a wax, but due to its "fat" composition it is still called oil. The action of this natural component is that it envelops each hair, moisturizes it and forms a very thin film on top of it, which protects the rods from drying out and external damage. Jojoba oil is easily absorbed and does not leave an oily sheen and odor on the surface.

And now a video recipe for a moisturizing hair mask.

Professional care

With the help of special cosmetics based on vegetable oils, you can find healthy and voluminous hair in the shortest possible time. One of the most popular and effective comprehensive oil-based care products is the Rainforest.

An effective treatment for dry and damaged hair through a rich oil texture. The composition of this product includes various oils (palm trees, nuts, olives) and fragrant honey. Due to its rich composition, "Tropical Forest" has the following properties:

  • Moisturizing;
  • Recovery;
  • Health improvement;
  • Nutrition.

In addition, with the help of a large number of ingredients that make up the popular product, the hair becomes soft and shiny. Also, after using the "Rainforest" curls become obedient and it becomes much easier to comb.


Most reviews of the Tropical Forest cosmetic product are positive or neutral. There are very few negative reviews, because it is really high-quality and effective, and it copes with the tasks as much as possible. Here's a short list of what the rainforest appreciates for women:

  1. Cost-effective spending (with an average hair length, the product can last for 10 or more applications);
  2. Convenient creamy mass;
  3. Pleasant odor (which remains for some time after using the oil);
  4. Low price;
  5. Easy to absorb;
  6. The real result of use (hair becomes strong and shiny).

Use moisturizing oil at least once a week before taking a shower. Get the Rainforest product, which contains natural cosmetic ingredients that help moisturize, nourish, and soften hair rods and split ends.

Watch the video: Moisturizing VS Sealant OILS (January 2020).


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