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Auto Tanning Cream

Self-tanning is the life-saving tool when it is necessary to prepare the body for summer, but there is absolutely no time, or the effect of sunlight on the skin is not as safe as we would like. Cream-bronzer perfectly copes with its task: it covers the entire body with an even shade, and additionally cares for the skin.

About how to properly apply tanning, reviews and tips you will see from the video.

What it is

The cream, which gives the skin an even tone, coloring it, appeared in the late 70s, at the peak of the fashion of a tanned, bronze body.

An interesting fact: Coco Chanel herself brought in tanned skin into fashion, and after that the girls began to actively use bronzers and cream bases with a tanning effect.

Auto-tanning cream contains an active pigment, which, getting on the skin, reacts and stains it. It works quite simply: depending on the composition, the paint can appear immediately, after a few hours or gradually, over several weeks.

The product has a thick consistency, and the composition uses not only coloring pigment, but also caring components: oil extracts, fruit acids and microminerals. It is suitable for dry and normal skin. The main difference between the cream and other types of bronzers is its lasting effect. The coloring pigment darkens on the skin gradually, manifesting itself in stages. This gives an even tan effect and a natural shade to the skin. The pigment is kept on the body for several weeks, but it must be fixed by repeating the procedure twice a week.

You will learn how to properly apply tanning without streaks from the video.

Advantages and disadvantages

Self-tanning can be used for many reasons: it is contraindicated for someone to be in the sun, someone cannot get a chocolate shade in the natural way, and for someone sunbathing is a real punishment. However, products with artificial dyes have a number of advantages and disadvantages that need to be remembered. The advantages of cream autogasars include:

  • Pleasant consistency. The cream is pleasant to apply, has a sweet aroma, as it contains not only coloring pigments (which have a chemical smell), but also natural oils with plant extracts. Such a composition is applied easily.
  • Even tan. Due to its nutritional basis, the cream is absorbed a little longer than usual, which makes it possible to grind it over the entire surface of the body before it is absorbed. The oils in the composition penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis, and the coloring pigment lies flat and lasts longer than usual.
  • Long effect. Auto-tanning cream appears within a week (a little longer than lotions and sprays), but this gives its advantage: with gradual darkening, the product also gradually disappears, and it is enough to maintain a tan by applying cream once a week.
  • The ability to adjust the application. Since the composition appears gradually, you can see the tiniest discrepancies, somewhere to remove the excess, somewhere to reapply. With a cream base, the skin can even be gently scrubbed.
  • Skin nutrition and hydration. The epithelium receives not only an even summer tint, but also nutrition, which is very important for a sensitive and dehydrated dermis. In addition, on a healthy and smooth skin, which is moisturized, the tan lies more evenly.

The minuses include:

  • Manifested through time. The effect will have to wait for seven days. Coloring pigments manifest their property gradually, without a sharp transition. Sometimes the effect may be too weak - this applies to cases where the shade of the bronzer is not selected correctly.
  • Not suitable for oily dermis - The cream base has a dense texture, which for oily skin type may be too heavy. In addition, if the cream is not applied correctly, pores can become stained even on normal skin, so you should carefully choose the type of tanning.
  • Leaves a film on the body. Due to the synthetic components, it can cause discomfort and a sticky feeling. With this effect, it is better to choose means of a lighter texture.
  • Dye clothes. Since the self-tanning cream is not immediately absorbed, you need to expect it to be completely absorbed before half an hour to put on clothes. Otherwise, excess may remain on the fabric and stain it with yellow.
  • In addition, it should be remembered that tanning harmful to people whose skin is prone to allergic reactions and prone to frequent rashes. In this case, you can use the alternative - the tanning service in the solarium.

How to choose the right skin type

To easily find a tan, you must remember your preferences. As a rule, manufacturers always use special designations according to skin color type. Let's analyze the main tags:

  • "light"- this marker is present on products that have a slight degree of body color. Such tans are designed specifically for white-skinned girls. As a rule, they have a delicate thin dermis with a pale tint. Bronzers of this color type have pinkish tones, do not create strong transitions on the skin and look naturally;
  • "medium"- designation for the middle tone of body color. Pigments in products with this label appear faster than light. They are intended for fair-haired, brown-haired girls whose epidermis has a yellowish tint. Bronzers color the skin with an even, peach tone and have a large selection of transitions;
  • "dark"- it is used by girls with a dark complexion and dark hair. The coloring pigment appears quickly. It can leave dark stains on a light body, without preliminary tanning. Emulsions appear on the skin sharply, so manufacturers recommend preparing the skin for such tanning by several trips to the solarium. Otherwise a tan may look unnatural.

How to apply

In order for the same shade on the face and body, you need to buy a universal remedy suitable for the whole body. If this is not possible, then one manufacturer should be chosen. The rules for applying the cream at home are quite simple:

  • Before using a bronzer, the skin must be prepared - cleanse your face from cosmetics;
  • take a bath and apply a scrub on the whole body;
  • wait about 30 minutes to narrow the pores on the body and face;
  • apply a moisturizing gel to dry skin (on the elbows, hands, and knees so that they do not darken when using tanning);
  • distribute the cream evenly throughout the body and face. On the face, it is necessary to avoid the area around the eyes, eyebrows and hair roots. On dry areas of the body, you need to use a minimum of tanning;
  • wait until completely absorbed (usually about 15 minutes).

It must be remembered that self-tanning cream can leave yellow spots on the fabric, so you can not wear light-colored clothes immediately after using tanning.

If the product stained the skin with stains (this happens with severe dryness or insufficient cleaning of the epithelium before using a bronzer), then it is better to take a hot bath - so the pores open and the skin softens. After this, it is necessary to actively wipe the areas of the body that are colored unevenly with a sponge. This method allows you to remove tanning from the skin in one application. In addition, this is an additional way of deep scrubbing.

Overview of the best manufacturers

Manufacturers give a large selection of tanning beds. The ranking of the best representatives is presented below.

Sun Look Extra Bronze - A cream designed individually for a sensitive body. It is also noteworthy that the product is activated 60 minutes after application, is suitable for the face, body and does not create a film on the skin. The cost is 150 rubles.

Company Compliment - Offers a choice of skin care products with a simultaneous tanning effect. There are interesting options for disposable products. Creams are available in sealed bags of a volume of 15 ml. The price is 45 rubles.

The company has an unusual cream of high-quality action Dove - Summer Glow. This is a special type of product with flickering particles. Creates an even coating and is suitable for any skin type. It appears in a few hours. The cost is 260 rubles.

Firm Garnier produces a whole line of tanning Ambre solaire. They are presented in the form of mousses, cream and lotion. Each of the preparations is easy to apply, resistant, and have a melting texture. Cream can be purchased for 350 rubles.

Companies Clarins, Dior and L'Oreal produce more expensive bronzers, which have a more dense texture and appear longer. The cost of funds varies from 1000 to 2100 rubles.

Manufacturers Eveline produce funds for all ages, color types of the dermis and have protection from sunlight. The whole line has a light composition, is applied quickly and easily. Can be purchased for 200 rubles.

Brand funds Monik beauty and Kolastyna have a pleasant price and caring components. Price - from 100 to 350 rubles.

Application Reviews

As a rule, reviews about the use of self-tanning creams are ambiguous, but more positive. Often, girls are warned that chemical skin dyes should be used carefully: if the tone is improperly selected, the product can stain and disappear for about a week.

Girls also share secrets that it is better to buy funds with a gradual manifestation of tanning - this is more natural. The best are Ambre Solaire and Summer Glow. However, each has its own favorite remedy.



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