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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Compact Avon Face Powder

Powder has always been an important attribute in any women's cosmetic bag. After all, it is she who supplements the image and introduces finishing touches to it. The compact Avon face powder is convenient in its small size and easy to carry with it to adjust makeup if needed.

Selection principle

Choosing a shade of powder, you need to evaluate the color of your skin. If you are afraid to make a mistake, you need to put powder on your wrist and blend it. If the hue stands out, then you need to look for something darker or lighter.

It is also worth choosing a color that is consonant with the shade of your foundation. If you do not use a tonalne, it means putting the powder on the bridge of the nose, because this place best reflects the skin tone and rarely tans or blushes.


This powder is presented in two copies - light and slightly darker. The manufacturer promises the appearance of a pink tint on the cheeks in the form of a light blush.


  • The mirror is comfortable and large;
  • Light texture, does not hide serious flaws, but evens out the tone well;
  • The lid is tight and it’s just not possible to spill the powder;
  • Without smell;
  • The structure is soft and delicate;
  • No skin irritation.


  • Shades are similar to each other and are suitable only for fair-skinned girls, but to all the rest - no;
  • It mattifies for a short time, especially on oily skin - an ugly gloss appears pretty soon;
  • For mixed and dry skin, it emphasizes imperfections, “highlights” dry places.

"Perfect shade"

This is a CC-correcting powder, which should very well align the skin of the face and hide imperfections. It is recommended to be applied over a tonal basis or as an independent tone.


  • The hue is very natural and pleasant to look at;
  • The texture is soft and delicate;
  • Matting.


  • Emphasizes peeling;
  • After three to four hours, it begins to "slide" and open the flaws.


This lightweight product with sapphire extract makes the skin natural and fresh. The most popular Fair Silk shade for combination skin.


  • Evens skin color;
  • Large and comfortable mirror;
  • Easy to lay down;
  • Good durability;
  • Excellent matting.


  • Inconvenient sponge;
  • Size is pretty big

Review of Avon Luxe powder - in the video below.


Matting powder, the texture of which allows it to remain invisible on the face. Also adapts to any skin type.


  • Light texture, not felt at all on the face;
  • Perfectly evens out the tone of the face;
  • Compact
  • Low price;
  • It does not cause irritation.


  • Lack of a mirror;
  • Serious flaws do not hide;
  • A small selection of shades.


The reaction of customers to these products is about the same - there is no frenzied enthusiasm, but there is also harsh criticism.

Many are unhappy powder "Flawlessness" due to the fact that it hides flaws badly and not for long, and for those who have oily skin, it is not very suitable at all because of the shine of the face, which is still visible. There are several comments about the puff that comes with the kit - it’s not very convenient to use. Separate claims to the glossy packaging, on which fingerprints remain.

The perfect shade powder also caused discontent. The fact is that manufacturers promised improvement in complexion with long-term use, but everyone says that this did not happen. There were also comments about the fact that the powder lies in an unpleasant mask and is felt strongly on the face. In general, the rest of the reviews are positive - this tool is excellent matte and suitable for any type of skin.

Powder "Luxe" received the most positive reviews. She hides flaws well and lasts a long time. The main complaints users expressed about the large packaging size and uncomfortable sponge.

Watch the video: First Impressions: Avon extra lasting cream-to-powder foundation (December 2019).


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