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Wheat germ oil for face

Wheat is a cereal crop that is rich in nutrients and trace elements. Not only a huge variety of food products are obtained from it, but also oils rich in fatty acids and vitamins. It is proved that sprouted grains and their sprouts contain amino acids and tannins many times more than ordinary wheat.


Germinated wheat germ oil is used both for external use and consumed internally. As cosmetologists explain, the extract gives an excellent effect when used on both dry and problematic dermis. It contributes to the elasticity of the epidermis and improves its general condition. With frequent use, the skin is rejuvenated and glows from the inside.

Vitamin composition of the oil:

  • vitamins A, E, D - when supplemented, they have a literally healing effect: they stop the development of skin diseases, improve the general appearance. Vitamin E prevents premature aging and improves metabolic processes inside the skin;
  • niacin (or vitamin PP) - has a powerful antioxidant effect and protects cell membranes from damage;
  • B vitamins - normalize the fat and water-salt balance, eliminate peeling and smooth out small irregularities of the dermis;
  • allantoin compounds - regenerates damaged tissues, eliminates stretch marks and other irregularities of the skin (for example, scars). They also have a mild analgesic and emollient effect;
  • amino acids - participate in the formation of building fibers of collagen and elastin. Improve the overall tone of the epidermis. In addition, amino acid molecules trap moisture from the surface, deliver it to the deeper layers and hold it inside. Eliminate dryness and sagging, slightly tighten the dermis;
  • mineral compounds (phosphorides, potassium, calcium citrate, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium and copper) - a set of nutrients that prevent skin diseases (pimples, acne), remove toxins, restore the natural protection of the skin and improve complexion. Thanks to calcium, rapid cell regeneration takes place, and with the help of potassium edema comes off. Iron improves blood circulation in the body, saturating the skin with oxygen.

General beneficial properties of a wheat germ substrate:

  • antiseptic;
  • drainage;
  • regenerative;
  • antimicrobial;
  • cleansing.

Germinated wheat oil can be used for complex treatment. It is suitable for all types of dermis - for fading, oily, dry and loose elasticity.

Wheat germ extract is useful for facial dermis:

  • renews the epithelium - restores its functions;
  • improves the general condition and normalizes the work of any type of skin;
  • softens;
  • nourishes;
  • eliminates dryness;
  • refreshes the epidermis, promotes its rejuvenation;
  • struggles with germs and inflammations;
  • regenerates - heals minor injuries, wounds and bruises;
  • eliminates skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis and others);
  • gives a tone;
  • restores the delicate skin of the eyelids;
  • It treats dry and damaged lips.

The benefits of using the oil can affect the entire skin. For example, using oil based compresses or massages, you can eliminate sagging skin, narrow pores and smooth out irregularities. Wheat germ ether is also used for dehydration dermis problems.

The oil acts as a general strengthening agent: the skin is cleansed of toxins, the production of collagen fibers is stimulated, the walls of blood vessels and capillaries are strengthened.

The tool can relieve the dermis of stagnant fluid and eliminate puffiness, remove peeling and irritation of sensitive skin. The oil is indicated for use by pregnant girls: it prevents skin aging, improves its elasticity and tone. In this case, it is applied in pure form to the skin. Also, the product prevents small rashes and evens out the tone.

The extract is used for vitamin deficiency to nourish the epithelium with useful components. With aging skin - it gives softness and supports oxygen metabolism in tissues. With facial wrinkles, deep regeneration and restoration of collagen fibers occurs. The wheat germ substrate also fights off coarsened skin areas, moisturizing and nourishing them. Dry lips are eliminated through several applications of oil.

For oily skin types, peach, almond or apricot concentrate must be added to masks based on the germ extract — such a compound will give a real charge of energy, nourish deeply the dermis and make it dull (due to the restoration of the water-salt balance). With dry and dehydrated epidermis, squeeze the squeezed wheat germ from burdock, coconut or jojoba oil. In this case, the protective functions and natural defense of the epithelium are restored, due to which peeling and tightness disappears.

Even more about the benefits of wheat germ oil in the next video.

Features of choice

When choosing oil, it should be remembered that it is of several types.

Extract can be obtained by cold and warm pressing. The latter option is practically not used at present, since all useful substances are lost. Such oil practically does not give positive results when using it.

Cold pressed is most often used to extract cosmetic and edible oils. It is better to give preference to him, since all the nutrients and trace elements in the composition are preserved.

Wheat germ extract can be found:

  • in capsules for oral administration - in this case, the oil is applied daily several tablets before meals. It is a biologically active food supplement and is used for the complex treatment of both skin and internal diseases;
  • in pure form. It should be remembered that there can be two types of oil: food and cosmetic. The first can be taken orally as capsules, used for dressing dishes and salads. The second should be applied only to the skin, used in masks, wraps and creams;
  • on the air. This type of oil has a high concentration of active substances, therefore, in its pure form should not be used. Wheat germ essential oil is used in cosmetology to improve the nutritional properties of essential oils.

When choosing a product, you need to evaluate the packaging, shelf life and consistency. Since the substance has a heavy structure (due to unsaturated fats), its consistency is viscous, viscous. As a rule, yellow or amber, without impurities. Cosmetic oil has a slight vegetable smell, and the essential oil is transparent, with a pronounced aroma.

For oily skin, the extract should be mixed in a 1: 1 ratio with peach and olive oil. And for dry and damaged - with grape seed oil, burdock or avocado.


  • allergic reactions. To check the body for allergies, you need to grind a drop of oil on the skin of the wrist or elbow. If redness, itching, or irritation occurs, oil should not be used;
  • individual intolerance.

Application and recipes

The oil is universal - it can be used to create your own beauty recipes. The tool from wheat germ in cosmetology is used as the basis of care products, masks and compresses for the skin of the face. Sometimes it can be used for the effect of deep lifting.

Rejuvenating Mask

Wheat germ extract must be mixed with sour cream (proportions should be the same), then wait a few minutes and apply on face. Leave the product on the skin for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The effect of such a mask is immediately visible: the dermis is moisturized, looks fresh and rested. According to reviews, this method helps smooth out fine wrinkles and prevent premature aging of the epidermis.

Eye compress

For a miraculous composition that eliminates dark circles under the eyes, you will need to mix the same amount of basic wheat oil, jojoba oil and add liquid from several capsules of vitamin E. After this, with your fingertips, gently drive the mixture into the dermis, and after half an hour, it can be removed with a damp cloth. It is best to massage before bedtime or apply the product all night. The epidermis relaxes, regenerative functions are activated, and the nutritional components act on the deeper layers.

Concentrate for epithelial tone

In order to tighten the oval of the face, it is necessary to apply a special mask every two days. You will need a substrate of wheat germ (15 ml) mixed with ether of mint, sandalwood and lemon (all one drop). The mixture must be distributed over a napkin or cotton swab and applied to the face for 25 minutes - so the components will moisturize the dermis as much as possible. After time, the napkin needs to be removed, but it is not worth washing off the remnants of the product.

Compress for sore skin

To remove inflammation and minor skin lesions, doctors recommend making the following mixture: add a drop of cedar, clove or lavender ether to a substrate of wheat germ (15 ml). Use the product as a mask, or instead of a cream.

Pigmentation mask

If you need to even your complexion, you should use an unusual but effective recipe on your face: mix a teaspoon of the main oil with lemon, juniper and bergamot ether - just one drop each. According to reviews, regular use gives amazing results. Wipe the skin with the product several times a week, for 15 minutes.

And now the video is a face mask recipe using wheat germ oil.

Beautician reviews

According to experts, oil is a unique composition against many skin problems. For example, an extract of wheat germ copes with the flabbiness and dullness of the epidermis, evens out the tone and smoothes wrinkles. In cosmetology, such an elixir must be used by people with problematic skin prone to inflammatory processes. Beauticians say that oily skin is most affected by dehydration and needs active hydration. It is wheat germ oil that saturates and retains moisture inside the cells.

You can use the emulsion for any type of skin, but with the caveat: the oil must be diluted with other components. Positive reviews have earned funds from the brand Botanika and Aspera.

Watch the video: Wheat Germ Oil - HIGH VITAMIN E - Benefits for Dry and Aging Skin - NOT FOR OILY SKIN (December 2019).


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