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Powder Fleur

Every girl strives to create the perfect look. An important role is played not only by an impeccably selected wardrobe and stylish accessories, but also by a well-groomed appearance.

To hide age-related changes in the face or problem skin, and simply to even out the tone of the face, many young ladies use a variety of powders and foundation creams. Among them is Fleur powder from a well-known American brand, which is very popular among women not only due to the affordable price, but also with a delicate and soft texture that lies flat and maintains an excellent appearance for a whole day.

Main advantages

When choosing cosmetics for the face, it is important to opt for products that are of high quality and produced by a well-known manufacturer. Popular brands strive to maintain a good reputation, therefore they care about the composition of their products, and also pay attention to innovative developments that allow them to best care for dermis.

Fleur powder has a large number of advantages compared to other products from other brands:

  1. Acceptable price - this purchase will not hit hard on your budget. Its economical consumption will allow you to use such a tool for a long time.
  2. Superior quality - Fleur powder meets high quality standards, which are confirmed by international certificates.
  3. Delicate texture it is very easy to apply using a sponge, this makeup applicator is included.
  4. Lays down an even and imperceptible layerwithout creating the effect of a mask, and excellently held during the day without slipping.
  5. The tool successfully hides all the bumps and skin defects (pimples, small wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes), at the same time it does not clog pores and does not cause discomfort.
  6. Wide color palette allows you to choose a shade that will perfectly match the skin tone.
  7. Compact packaging (weight about 12 grams) allows you to take the product with you on the road, and if necessary, correct makeup.


Fleur powder contains special components that moisturize, nourish and not dry the skin of the face, and also protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

The formulation of this tool allows you to maintain youthful skin for a long time, and also emphasize the natural beauty.

During the manufacture of cosmetic preparations, innovative technologies and developments are applied, modern trends in decorative cosmetics are closely monitored and taken into account.

The composition of this product includes a plant extract - aloe barbadensis, which is known for its healing properties and beneficial effects on the skin.

This plant gives the dermis a healthy and radiant appearance, allows you to cope with acne, and also has a lifting effect.


Powders from the American brand Fleur differ not only in the richness of shades and a wide color palette, but also in a variety of options, so that every girl can easily choose her face makeup.

The range of professional cosmetic products includes:

2 in 1 powder - created specifically for two types of application:

  • using dry sponge this product creates velvet makeup, the face has a natural color, the skin is smooth and youthful;
  • use of wet sponge allows you to use it as an alternative to foundation. Correcting the imperfections of the skin and evening the tone, gives the face a radiance, as well as a soft and lovely shade.

This tool does not dry the epidermis and hides small wrinkles, it removes excess greasy shine.

Thanks to the presence of reflective particles, it creates the effect of radiant skin. Specially designed components protect the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.

"Puff Foundation" (light breath) - The air structure allows the epidermis to breathe without clogging its pores. After using this powder, the effect is created of velvety flawless skin, devoid of any flaws. It contains aloe barbadensis extract, which excellently nourishes the dermis.

A gentle touch of puff resembles a light breeze and gives pleasure from the process of applying decorative cosmetics.

"Loving Care Foundation" (gentle care) - has an unusually weightless structure. Moisturizing components give a feeling of comfort and protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment.

Loose Powder "Airlight Compact Foundation" - easily removes oily sheen from problem areas of the epidermis. Evens skin tone and shade, hiding imperfections.

Due to the presence of reflective effects, the face acquires a natural radiance. UV filters keep the epidermis from the negative effects of sunlight.

The right choice of shades

When choosing the right tone for Fleur powder, be sure to consider your natural complexion. In order to accurately determine the appropriate shade of this product, take three consecutive shades and apply them in daylight on the face.

Such a simple procedure will help you make the right choice.

The rich color palette of face makeup from the American brand Fleur allows you to choose the right shade without much difficulty.

Use a few recommendations to make the right choice of dark tone or light analogue:

  1. For fair skin do not choose pink powder, as it can give the face an unnatural pallor.
  2. For evening makeup use a product that is one tone lighter than the natural color of the skin.
  3. Compact powder can add natural complexion darkish shade.
  4. Girls with dark skin, bronze powders are perfect, allowing you to tint the summer tan.
  5. If the dermis is uneven and covered with small wrinkles, it is better to opt for a light shade, which will help make your face younger and cope with small flaws.

Use and application

To correctly and evenly apply Fleur powder on your face, correcting all the imperfections and irregularities of the skin, you need to use a few recommendations:

  • apply makeup need on a previously cleansed face, use a specialized milk or gel for washing;
  • on clean skin should apply day cream, wait until it is completely absorbed;
  • Fleur powder should be applied to skin, requiring correction, using a sponge, the lightest thin layer without pressure.

Make sure that the lines of the beginning of hair growth and the area near the ears do not have pronounced boundaries without creating a mask effect.

Such areas should be shaded very carefully, in which case you will get an excellent result.

You can learn more about the powder of this brand from the video.


Make the right choice of decorative cosmetics, allow feedback from customers who have purchased a certain product and experienced its effect in action.

Girls using Fleur powder note a delicate and subtle scent that quickly disappears. The young ladies emphasize that it has a matting effect for a long time, perfectly hiding the oily sheen on problem areas of the epidermis.

This tool is popular with the fair sex, due to its delicate and light texture, which is not felt on the skin, while hiding imperfections and evening the tone of the face.

It is enough to purchase Fleur powder to appreciate all the charms and advantages that it possesses. Such a decorative product will become an indispensable thing in your cosmetic bag, and will allow you to look charming and stunning in all cases of life.

Watch the video: What really is the MAC Cosmetics Fleur Real High-Light Powder? THE MAKEUP BREAKUP (January 2020).


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