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Wrinkle linseed oil for the face

There are a large number of different recipes and tips that promise women to preserve their youth for a long time. Beautiful appearance, young, well-groomed and healthy skin for many years - this is what every woman dreams of. With age, the problem of wrinkle formation worries more and more, and finding its solution is not so simple.

Recently, natural skin care products have gained popularity among cosmetologists. Of particular interest is oil-based cosmetics, which can guarantee an impressive effect due to its natural qualities. In order to cope with wrinkles, some women adopted linseed oil and its derivatives.

On the composition and benefits of flax

It is worthwhile to understand why it is flaxseed oil that has received such wide distribution and a lot of positive reviews. This product is well known to many of us, including as a pharmaceutical drug, food supplement, and now also an element of cosmetics. All this is connected, of course, with the unique properties of the extract from such an amazing plant.

The base is made directly from flax seeds. To do this, they are processed under a dry or wet press, so that a clear oil texture is obtained. As a result, we have a natural product in which almost all the nutrients necessary for our body and especially the skin are concentrated. It is worth noting that some of the components of flax, we practically do not get with any other product, they are produced by the body independently and are indispensable.

The complex effect of flax means makes it a universal product in cosmetology. Such seemingly unusual qualities are due to a very simple natural oil content. In addition to the large group of vitamins that nourish and strengthen all five layers of the skin, essential amino acids are essential, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids. Additional components are various trace elements, selenium, lecithin, natural fiber, polysaccharides and plant hormones.

As for rejuvenation, which will allow every woman to forget about wrinkles for a long time, this result is achieved due to the unique complex effect of antioxidants:

  • Deep cleaning of the upper layers of the dermis, which removes various toxins from the pores and tissues;
  • Enveloping skin protection from the influence of external factors and the so-called free radicals. Such, for example, are direct sunlight;
  • Skin replenishment with vitamins and minerals, which are indispensable for recovery processes;
  • Moisturizing the upper layers of the dermis;
  • Gradual restoration of skin tone. As a result, elasticity and a healthy appearance are maintained;
  • Under the regular influence of antioxidants, activation of renewal processes begins. Old sections of the epidermis are exfoliated and eliminated, and in their place regeneration processes are switched on;

Of course, such cosmetics based on natural extracts are not used solely for one purpose. As mentioned above, flaxseeds have a very wide complex effect. In addition to antioxidants, other equally important components influence:

  • Unsaturated fatty acids, which our body, especially the skin, receive quite rarely. These substances have a positive effect on collagen balance, smooth wrinkles, and promote tissue repair;
  • Thiamine softens the skin and also facilitates its natural hydration. It is because of its content that cosmetologists often recommend flax oil for dry skin;
  • Folic acid, a deficiency of which is also common enough, has a predominantly protective effect. The upper layers of the dermis become more resistant to external irritating factors, and various inflammatory processes are faster;
  • Niacin is a tonic that has a general effect on the entire skin. This is especially important for women aged whose skin is prone to wrinkles and loses its natural color;
  • Phylloquinone has a positive effect on the pigment of the face. Thanks to him, linseed oil restores the natural healthy skin color, and also prevents the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation;

Application features

Flaxseed oil used for wrinkles is a completely natural product. Such tools have their own characteristics in use. It is generally accepted that they are less harmful to the body, and there is no risk of developing allergic reactions, or any other side effects.

In fact this is not true. Flax seeds are a whole storehouse of useful minerals and other substances, while they are quite saturated with them. It is not always possible to use such cosmetics, since undesirable reactions can still occur. That is why you should immediately pay attention to possible contraindications:

  • High sensitivity to components. Flaxseed oil itself rarely really causes any allergic reactions, however, some components of a cosmetic product can provoke them. Before use, it is best to conduct a test by applying a few drops of the extract to the skin of the hand and following the reaction of the body;
  • Hormonal disorders. The flax seed extract contains some groups of natural hormones, among which the main one is phytoestrogen. Such substances, even in small doses, can have a serious effect on the body, so their use in the case of diseases or oncology is undesirable;
  • The use of linseed oil is contraindicated if you have any diseases of the stomach or intestines. It is also recommended to abandon this remedy for those who have encountered diseases of the gallbladder;
  • Also one of the absolute contraindications is pregnancy;

Like any cosmetic product, flax seed oil extract is used for a specific purpose. We can say that before using it, you must clearly have an idea of ​​what kind of effect you want to achieve. Otherwise, the use of oil will be completely thoughtless and may even harm. Use this natural remedy, should be in such situations:

  • The task that flaxseed oil does best is to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles. It can even be used for aging skin, on which these unpleasant folds can be traced. In this case, the tool can significantly smooth them and even hide small wrinkles around the eyes;
  • If you are concerned about certain age-related changes that appear on the skin of the face, then flax seed extract is great for solving this problem. The content of all the necessary hormones and phytoestrogen will balance the nutrition and structure of the dermis;
  • Acne or any other type of acne is also a good reason to use flaxseed oil. It relieves inflammation quite well and cleanses the skin from its effects;
  • You can also easily moisturize too dry skin. In addition, all necessary replenishment will be carried out;
  • Flaxseed oil extract has proven itself as a means to combat unwanted pigmentation, such as freckles. Due to its unique properties, this natural cosmetics returns to the skin of the face its natural color and quality;

To achieve this or that effect, it is necessary to follow certain rules. First of all, you can use the oil in completely different ways, from the internal intake to compresses. The main thing to remember is that in some cases it is necessary to adhere to the recommended instructions, and all procedures should be regular, but not too frequent.

The intake of flax extract inside has a general tonic and firming effect on the skin. To do this, take two teaspoons of the product before meals three times a day. The course of treatment, as a rule, is two weeks, after which it is necessary to take the same break. You can use oil as an additive, for example, in cereals or soups. The internal intake will not only improve the appearance of the skin of the face and prevent the early appearance of wrinkles, but also support the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract in tone.

External use of the product is performed by one of the following methods:

  • Rubbing. The skin can be treated with a cotton swab dipped in oil or a disc. Apply the product with gentle massaging movements, while not touching the skin of the eyelids and around the eyes, because they are too delicate. It is better to perform such procedures before bedtime;
  • Spot application. You can also use the oil locally, treating only the necessary areas with a cotton moistened with it. This is a suitable way to deal with a sudden pimple or acne;
  • Compress. This method is well suited for women who suffer from excessive dryness and sensitivity of the skin. Flaxseed oil must be heated in a water bath, and then soak a flap of soft tissue in it. Cover the face with the resulting compress and wait about 10 minutes. The procedure can be carried out every other day for two weeks, preferably before bedtime;
  • Flaxseed oil is also especially often used as the basis for the preparation of various cosmetic masks, with which you can achieve the most amazing results.

The most popular recipes

One of the most convenient advantages of flax extract as a cosmetic product is its availability. The pure oil itself can be purchased at any pharmacy or even a supermarket, and most of the ingredients for masks can easily be found in your kitchen. Moreover, such procedures are very effective and can replace a full trip to the salon. It is enough to adhere to recipes and execute them regularly.

The classic homemade facial wrinkle remover is self-made cream. Its properties are discussed by many professional cosmetologists, and many women have long adopted this simple recipe. You will need:

  • A tablespoon of pure linseed oil;
  • 200 ml. fat cream;
  • Three chicken yolks;
  • One fresh lemon;
  • A tablespoon of liquid honey;
  • 150 ml. camphor alcohol;
  • Warm water;

Despite a fairly large number of components, preparing this wonderful tool is very simple. Butter, cream, and also three frayed chicken yolks must be mixed together in one bowl. Grate the zest of lemon on a fine grater and pour hot water for several minutes, then strain, and add the juice of one lemon and honey to the resulting mixture. After that, you can combine the two resulting bases and add camphor alcohol to them, and then dilute everything with water so that as a result you get 500 ml. facilities.

You can use such homemade cream in the morning and in the evening. It should not be stored for longer than one week, and be sure to shake thoroughly before each procedure.

This tool receives a lot of positive reviews, smoothes the skin quite well and adds to its previous elasticity. Most often recommended for women whose skin has already undergone early age-related changes.

Mask of linseed oil and cucumber with sour cream, on the contrary, good as a prophylaxis. It prevents premature wrinkling of the skin. It also nourishes and moisturizes the dermis very well, therefore it is also good for dry skin types.

To prepare it, you need to cook cucumber puree with a blender. It will take only one tablespoon, to which you need to add an equal amount of sour cream, and then pour a few tablespoons of flax oil extract into the resulting mixture. The mask should be applied to the skin with gentle massaging movements. Wait about 15 minutes, and then rinse well with warm water.

If your skin is too sensitive, but needs additional tone, then it’s best soft massage with a mixture of oils. As a basis, use a tablespoon of flax seed oil, which must first be heated in a water bath. You can add a few drops of various essential oils to it. For good tone and the prevention of wrinkles, cosmetologists recommend choosing oils of rose, orange, chamomile and Santal. Gently rub the finished product into the skin with a soft cotton pad.

Suitable for oily skin owners mask with cottage cheese. It will achieve the most powerful rejuvenation effect. Take one tablespoon of fresh cottage cheese and the same amount of sour cream on two tablespoons of oil, add beaten chicken protein to the mixture. You can withstand such a mask for about 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Any oil-based cosmetic mask is very rich. Therefore, they must be applied without fanaticism. To achieve the effect, it is enough to perform the procedures regularly, for example, three or four times a week for three weeks.

The benefits of folk remedies based on linseed oil against wrinkles are obvious. Such home procedures are many times cheaper than going to a beauty salon, while they may not be inferior to them in effectiveness.

Most women who have used the most popular recipes respond to them very positively. The results were noticeable even in the case of skin that has already undergone age-related changes. Small wrinkles almost disappeared, while larger ones were noticeably smoothed, making the face look fresher and younger.

Flax seeds contain a lot of proteins that are well absorbed by the skin. In the next video, a recipe for a mask of flax seeds.

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