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Night cream LibreDerm

LibreDerm products are the best cosmetic products of Russian pharmacists and cosmetologists. A wide range and a noticeable result make LibreDerm products beloved by many women. This article will focus on LibreDerm Night Cream for the beauty of your skin.

3D Filler

This innovative tool of the latest generation, developed by LibreDerm specialists, has already conquered many women.

The cream provides a good anti-aging effect from everyday use and is suitable for all skin types since its age-related changes.

The basis of the product is composed of molecules of hyaluronic acid of different sizes, which allows you to effectively affect all layers of the skin in the complex.

So, small molecules are able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis. They stimulate the formation of intrinsic collagen and elastin by the cells, improve the skin's susceptibility to the penetration of beneficial substances, and strengthen the capillary walls.

Medium-sized molecules have a healing effect.

The largest molecules of hyaluronic acid remain on the surface, forming a thin protective film that prevents the evaporation of moisture, as well as the penetration of harmful environmental substances.

Mode of application

A small amount of cream is applied to cleansed skin 2 hours before bedtime.

Effect of application

This product provides excellent results from regular use:

  • The skin becomes radiant and well hydrated;
  • The number of fine expression wrinkles decreases, and deep wrinkles become less noticeable;
  • Less wrinkles form.

Magic "Hydrobalance"

A stunning novelty of the LibreDerm laboratory is the Night Hydrobalance cream, which provides intensive hydration of the face skin.

The product includes hyaluronic acid, glutamic acid molecules and argan oil. The combined effects of these ingredients provide the following long-acting care:

  • Normalizes the water balance of cells;
  • Regenerates the system of cellular self-renewal;
  • Deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  • The result of daily use will be radiant, smooth, healthy skin.

Mode of application

The cream is ideal for any type of skin. The product should be applied to the face and neck area with light massaging movements one and a half hours before bedtime. Before going to bed, excess cream is recommended to be removed with a napkin.

Packing feature

3D Filler comes in a very convenient and economical package. Thanks to a special vacuum dispenser, the cream is consumed to the last drop.

It is worth noting that in order to avoid allergic reactions, it is necessary to conduct a test for skin sensitivity to the components of LibreDerm night creams. To do this, a small amount of the substance should be applied to the elbow bend and will withstand some time. In the absence of redness, itching, burning, the product can be applied to the face.


Best of all, only cosmetologists and real consumers can tell about the product.

Beauticians, inclined to choose the most significant in the world of science world cosmetic brands, are skeptical about innovative Russian products. According to reviews, cosmetics consist of silicones, glycerin and oils, and, accordingly, such ingredients can not have a rejuvenating effect. In addition, the molecules of hyaluronic acid do not undergo hydrolysis, therefore they cannot ensure penetration into the deeper layers of the skin - cosmetologists refute the data of the LibreDerm research laboratory.

On the contrary, women and girls who have tried night creams from LibreDerm, note a good result. A pleasant aroma means conquers from the first second of acquaintance. Customers note the stylish and modern packaging design.

Creams are perfectly applied and quickly absorbed; they really do not leave a greasy shine.

It is worth noting that according to consumer reviews, 3D Filler cream reduces the number of wrinkles, making them less pronounced. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin well.

The only drawback of LibreDerm night cream creams is that customers consider the high price for a small amount of funds.

When choosing makeup products, everyone decides for himself whether to choose LibreDerm brand products or to prefer a more famous and expensive world brand on the advice of cosmetologists.

Advantages and disadvantages

"Night production" LibreDerm has a huge number of advantages due to modern developments of the company's specialists:

  • Creams contain hyaluronic acid, it is known that at the stage of age-related skin changes, only it has a truly effective effect;
  • Acid molecules of different sizes penetrate all layers of the skin for the best result;
  • Means provide deep hydration and restoration of water metabolism.
  • The unique composition of creams really works and helps to achieve significant results - moisturized, matte skin that shines from the inside.
  • Of course, the cost for a rather small volume of a bottle of only 30 ml is quite high, but the result from the use is worth the money spent.

You can learn more about LibreDerm cosmetics from the video.

Watch the video: Уход за лицом 2016 Anne Semonin, Kiehl's, Libre Derm, La Mer + результаты конкурса (April 2020).


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