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Round comb

Creating a beautiful and magnificent hairstyle yourself is actually not as difficult as many people think. And all because in this case there is a faithful helper - a round comb. You will learn how to choose, use and care for her by examining our article.

How to choose

At first glance, it seems that the choice of a comb is very simple: I came, saw and bought. In fact, in order to get a suitable comb for styling, you need to take into account several nuances:

  • The size - in the case of a round comb, the size refers to its diameter. The longer the curls of the girl, the thicker the comb should be. And vice versa: the shorter the strands, the thinner the brush. It is also worth noting that with a thin comb, you can create a basal volume for long hair and thin curls. Therefore, lovers of volume and small curls are best to have in their arsenal several combs of different diameters.
  • Material (coating, teeth, bristles) - round volume brushes, like regular hair combs, are made of various materials. As for the creation of lush styling, here it is worth giving preference to a brush with a ceramic coating, because with it warm air is distributed evenly. If you have curly hair and a great desire to have a lush styling with straight strands, give preference to a wooden comb with natural bristles.
  • Cloves - to create a lush hair, the frequency of the teeth should be maximum. However, there are some points here: the shorter the hair, the more teeth.

If you want to get a good brush for styling, then you should not neglect the tips. It is also worth paying attention to the reviews that give many girls who have used one or another comb. In general, analyze and make your right choice.


Every girl knows that a round brush is a special kind in the comb category. However, it also has several variations, each of which has its own characteristics.


A widely known and common form of round comb. With the help of brushing, craftsmen create magnificent hairstyles, twist thin strands, form large curls and make a basal volume. The creation of a particular hairstyle for the most part does not depend on skills in hairdressing, but on the diametrical size of the comb.

Round brushes are made from materials such as plastic, wood, metal and ceramics. As cloves, manufacturers of brashings use the finest artificial or natural bristles.

Thermal braiding

This option allows you to evenly warm the strands, because it has numerous holes along the entire length of the comb, through which hot air freely passes. Thanks to drying by thermobushing, you can get an incredible amount. You can also create large curls, which are usually done with curlers. Therefore, using thermal brashing, you can not only dry your hair, but also create various voluminous styling.

Clip brushing

A round brush with a clip is necessary to obtain volume at the roots. The metal part of the brushing warms up well and allows you to cope even with the most naughty strands. Using clip brushing, you can distribute hair, create curls and graceful waves. Using a pointed handle, you can easily part and divide hair into several parts.


A semicircular comb with numerous rows of cloves is very convenient for the care of short and medium hair. Rows of cloves are located at a considerable distance from each other, so they do not untangle the hair, but rather stretch the strands. Therefore, nine-row is indispensable for twisting bangs and tips. However, the full maximum of its benefits can be seen on the example of hair styling in the style of a bob.

Hair dryer

A 2-in-1 hair styling device is much more effective than comb and hair dryer separately. The hair dryer comb combines thermobrashing and a blower. If you want to dry your hair well and quickly, create volume or curl the ends, then you just need to purchase a hair dryer combined with a round brush. Using a hair dryer comb can save time, and holding one device is much more convenient than two.

Of course, it is worth considering that such a device costs a little more than the components separately, but there is much more benefit from it.

How much and where to buy

A round comb of a certain type and size can be purchased at any specialized store or via the Internet. In addition, round combs are often sold by distributors of various cosmetics. As for the hair dryer, it is best to buy it in an electronics store where you can check it. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is best to listen to advice from friends or read reviews before buying.

Regarding the prices for round hairbrushes, it’s worth considering, because a good device can’t be cheap.

Yes, and inexpensive models are most likely made from low-quality and unsafe materials. The price consists of the purpose of the brush, material and size. If the hairbrush is small in diameter, then its price will be slightly less than the exact same device, but with a large diameter.

On average, you can buy brashing for 500 rubles, while thermal brashing costs an order of magnitude more expensive - from 800 rubles and above. As for the hair dryer, you will have to give at least 1,500 thousand for it.

Care Tips

If you read the article to this place, then you have already decided on the choice and know which of the round brushes you need. Now you need to learn a few simple rules for caring for the device so that it lasts as long as possible.

The first thing to do after you have done the styling is to remove all the hair from the brush. Regardless of the material of the product, the comb should be stored in a dry place. It is recommended to rinse the hairbrush at least once a week with a warm soapy solution, after drying it well.

If you have oily hair, then it is likely that particles of fat remain on the comb, which must be removed after each use. This can be done through hydrogen peroxide or a solution of ammonia.

How to use

When the choice is made, you can get a little distracted and reflect on how to use the acquired brush correctly. It is best to consider this matter with the example of the most popular brush - brushing.

First you need to divide the hair into several parts. Each part must be fastened with special clamps. After that, you need to separate a small strand from the occipital part and lift it at the very roots, evenly drying it along the entire length. Next, you need to slowly, but with some tension, twist the tip of the strand onto the brushing and warm it up well. Then you need to warm the curl along the entire length.

Before you remove the curl from the brush, it is best to cool it by firing cold air from a hair dryer. Then you can repeat the process of twisting with the remnants of hair.

It is also worth remembering some of the nuances of curling:

  1. The width of the strand should not be larger than the diameter of the brush;
  2. To speed up the curling process, you can put on a hairdryer a special nozzle-hub, only you need to keep it carefully, at a distance of at least 2 centimeters from the hair.
  3. If you do not want to dry or burn your hair, you should always apply a thermal protective agent before styling.

Act carefully and you yourself, without the help of stylists, create a beautiful styling.

A round comb is a very necessary thing for any girl. If you select the right device and learn how to use it correctly, you can evenly dry your hair and create a variety of styling: curls, curls, a basal volume. Choose, buy and use with pleasure.

How to style your hair with a round comb, you can learn from the video.

Watch the video: How To Use A Round Brush For Big Hair (November 2019).

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