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Nivea Q10 Cream

German cosmetic brand Nivea known worldwide for its high quality products. Anti-aging care is relevant for every woman who has reached the 50+ threshold, since the production of natural components like collagen and coenzyme is significantly reduced.

To help with age-related problems comes cream-care from Nivea Q10aimed at deep hydration of the skin. The brand’s product line includes face products, and a day cream with coenzyme, a natural activator of youth and elasticity, deserves special attention.


Nivea Q10 Anti-Aging Cream It has a number of advantages, among which - high-quality composition, although for the most part unnatural. In the struggle for youthful skin, natural ingredients alone are no longer enough, and chemical compounds are used. It is only important to exclude their toxicity, which the Nivea brand has taken care of. Its unique product - Nivea Q10 Moisturizer has the following features:

  • Anti aging cream Nivea Q10 for wrinkles can be day or night, there is an easy product for skin care around the eyes with the active ingredient Q10 and crestine;
  • The product has a light texture. and quickly absorbed;It has no pronounced aroma and color., which indicates it as a hypoallergenic product;
  • The main active ingredient advocates an analogue of the element Q10 ubiquinone - the strongest antioxidant that fights free radicals and is involved in cell regeneration;
  • The cost of the product remains low. and affordable to almost every lady;
  • Reviews about the composition and cream are positive, as a rule, which allows you to trust the brand and the "work" of its anti-aging products.


As noted, ubiquinone, a synthetic analogue of the coenzyme mineral, acts as an active element. Q10which is fully consistent with natural antioxidants and fights free radicals. With a lack of Q10, the skin loses its elasticity and strength, and in order to maintain its natural beauty, it is necessary to use an additional "army": cream.

The unique component of coenzyme Q10 in Nivea anti-aging care cream is the strongest antioxidant and slows down the natural aging process even in cosmetic cream.

In addition to it, as part of a daily moisturizer Nivea Q10 Plus includes creatine - a derivative of the amino acid and a natural companion of the dermis. Over time, its production also decreases, and the Nivea Q10 helps restore proper balance and restore the skin to youth and radiance.

The composition of the products contains glycerin - a moisturizing component that has found application in almost every cream-care. In addition to it, there is vegetable oil - a good nutrient, and sulfur, which rejuvenates cells along with other components. Among the components in the composition there are no parabens, silicones, colorants and flavors.


Product for daily application Nivea Q10 Plus has a noticeable effect after a month of daily use due to the fact that it makes up for the natural deficiency of an important component - coenzyme Q10. It is light in texture and instantly absorbed, creating an invisible barrier on the skin to retain moisture and protect the cover from the adverse effects of external factors.

You can learn more about Nivea Day Cream from the video.


Night Care Product Nivea Q10 Plus anti-wrinkle Suitable for all skin types plus women over 50 years old.

His effective work is aimed at preserving the tone of the dermis and regenerating, or updating its cells. In addition, the anti-aging cream for the face enriches the epidermis with moisturizing elements throughout the whole night, due to which moisture continues to be retained and accumulate in it further, providing skin tone and elasticity.

Extra care

Cream Nivea Q10 Plus is designed to care for delicate skin around the eyes. and contains in its composition the elements characteristic of the skin - Q10 and creanine. In the process of life, the dermis loses its elasticity, and the production of natural components slows down over time, which leads to the production of vitamins important for the skin from the outside, that is, from the cream.

The texture of the product has a high density and a rich shade, however, after application, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and moisturizes the dermis throughout the day.


Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Aging Series I liked women aged 50+ years. They note the high quality of the product and the affordable price, which allows you to purchase cream-care for almost everyone. Reviews about the day cream care are mostly positive: consumers evaluate the composition of the product and its effective elements, texture and subsequent effect.

You will find reviews about anti-aging cosmetics from Nivea from the video.

Women openly argue that the cream does not have a lifting effect, it only moisturizes well, and this is quite enough for the age-related dermis, which is devoid of moisture and useful elements. Enhanced hydration helps to achieve a smooth surface of the face and hide the resulting shallow wrinkles, noticeably smooth out the deep "signs of aging".

Watch the video: Nivea Q10 Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Day Cream Review. Skin Care. Q&A Time! Leave Q's below!! (December 2019).


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