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BB Cream Maybelline

Every modern girl wants to look stylish, interesting and, of course, beautiful. Some women do not need to use makeup to decorate themselves. However, most representatives of the modern sex prefer to make changes in their appearance with the help of cosmetics. Make Maybelline special BB cream to make your skin beautiful, smooth, radiant and healthy. Consider the main advantages of this tool.

Features and Benefits

Modern manufacturers present various options for cosmetics. All of them are designed to help ladies improve their appearance, attract the attention of the opposite sex. When choosing cosmetics, including foundation, it is worth paying special attention to the quality of the product, brand, as well as individual characteristics.

Maybelline BB Cream is an innovative development. The main advantages include:

  • This cosmetic product perfectly aligns the color of the skin. You can eliminate the imperfections of the epidermis in front of your eyes, mask the spots, look tired.

  • This drug helps and actively care for your face.. It includes all the necessary components to maintain skin elasticity, its health and beauty.

  • Using the cream, you can eliminate excessive shine on the face. This is especially true for the T-zone. After applying the drug, your skin will receive a natural glow.

  • Effective protection. The product helps protect skin cells from ultraviolet rays. A cosmetic product will not cause a mask effect on the face. The light consistency of the cream adapts to the features of the skin. At the same time, you will preserve the naturalness of makeup.

  • Availability. Now these products can be purchased in almost all specialized stores. In this case, the effectiveness of the product will be at its best. You will not need to visit makeup artists to create your perfect make-up. It will be possible to independently improve their skills at home.

  • Democratic cost. Distinguishes this product and affordable cost. You can buy the cream for yourself or as a gift to your friends and relatives at a bargain price, without spending all your family savings.

  • Great mood. When you see a positive result, the mood will immediately improve. You will feel confident, attractive and at ease. Others will notice this. By gaining confidence in yourself and your perfection, you will move towards new positive emotions, outlined plans and the implementation of cherished goals.


In cosmetology, today BB-cream is equated to a foundation and even surpasses it. That is why many representatives of the fair sex make their choice in favor of this cosmetic product. Now there are many options for such products of various brands. A prominent representative is the company Maybelline. This brand is among the top ten well-known skin care products.

Such a cream of this company allows you to fully care for the skin. In one tube, you can implement a combination of two directions: the ability to eliminate the deficiencies of the dermis, as well as moisturize the skin and give it a natural glow. The company's products have a weightless and pleasant texture. Light cream is a good remedy for hidden imperfections in your skin.

A distinctive feature of the product is that you can get a natural complexion, even tone. It is important to pay attention to the correct application of the drug. With the correct procedure, you will no longer need to constantly look in the mirror. The product fits well, giving it instant radiance, freshness and well-groomed.

It is worth noting that women have various types of dermis. This is also taken into account by the manufacturer. Maybelline BB creams are specially formulated for normal to dry type and for oily / problem skin.

Before buying a tube with a magic tool, it is worth getting to know each product in more detail. Consider their features:

  • Dream fresh

This tube is perfect for normal to dry skin surfaces. Regularly applying the cream, you will help to give the dermis a healthy and radiant appearance, saturate it with important trace elements. Beauticians took into account the skin's need for hydration and enriched the cream with vitamins, as well as chamomile and aloe extracts. These elements will help to gently affect the skin, caring for it.

In addition to all of the above positive characteristics, this cream will maximize the smoothing of your face tone. The effect is 8 in 1. The main advantages include:

  • Prevention of oily sheen.

  • The special consistency of the balm prevents the sebaceous glands from being activated.

  • The dermis becomes smooth, even and velvety. With this cream you do not dry the skin.

  • Instant radiance.

  • Moisturizing skin cells. The product will help prevent moisture evaporation.

  • Gives freshness, energizes the skin.

  • It has a sunscreen with an index of 30.

  • Adjusts to the tone of the face.

  • Dream pure

This option will be an excellent tool for oily and combination skin. This product will help moisturize the dermis and even out the tone. In this case, all existing skin problems will be resolved. Thus, if you have acne, redness, this cream will become your indispensable assistant. After applying it, the dermis will look natural and healthy. The substance does not create a film effect.

This variety was developed exclusively for problem skin. Its composition includes salicylic acid. It is this component that will help to effectively improve complexion, reduce pores. The main advantages that this product has:

  • Actively and easily moisturizes the skin, fights redness, irritation and bumps.

  • It tightens and cleanses the pores.

  • Eliminates all imperfections.

  • When applied, the pores will not clog.

  • The cosmetic product perfectly adapts to the color of your face, improving it

  • Does not cause oily sheen.

  • It has salicylic acid.

Thus, when choosing a cosmetic product, you should pay close attention to the type of your skin, as well as to the desired effect that you want to achieve.


Thus, there is no doubt that this cream has high quality characteristics. This tonal base has a small color base. This decision of the manufacturers is connected with the fact that this tool effectively repeats the natural color of the dermis. You can easily choose the option that suits you.

If you consider Maybelline BB cream for dry and normal skin, you can choose several colors:

  • very bright product

  • bright

  • natural beige

The first tone is organically suitable for those women who have white or porcelain skin. The next shade is universal. And the last color is suitable for women with dark skin.

If we consider Maybelline BB cream for oily skin, then there are also several shades:

  • light tone

  • natural beige tone

By analogy with the first product, a light tone is suitable for those women who have a lighter skin type.


Before you buy any cream, you should carefully study its composition. Maybelline BB-cream allows the skin to shine with health thanks to the natural components that make up its composition. The product features include the availability of products with UF filters. They perfectly protect the skin from the adverse effects of the environment. You will feel confident and attractive.

How to pick up

In order for a cosmetic product to bring you the desired effect, you need to choose it correctly. How is this worth doing?

  • By skin type

Accordingly, first determine what type of skin your skin is. There are options for oily and dry dermis. Look carefully at what is included in the product. Mandatory components are natural substances. If you select a product for dry skin, then see that the composition has a watery consistency.

  • Estimated Effect

If you have problem skin, then you should choose a tool that will help solve the tasks. So, for example, BB 8 in 1 cream has a light texture, will help eliminate acne and redness. If you want to achieve just a matting effect, then you can choose other options.

  • In my own feelings

It is worth choosing a model based on your needs and individual preferences. So, one cream can be suitable for one woman, but not suitable for another.

How to apply and wash off

It is important not only to choose the right cream, but also to use it correctly. The result will depend on how correctly you apply it.

Apply the cosmetic product only on clean skin. It is worth considering that the composition will not be absorbed so quickly, you need to wait a while. Apply a small amount.

Beauticians advise to carry out a cosmetic procedure using light movements. Do not actively rub the substance into the skin, stretching it. It’s better to do it unobtrusively and delicately.

To distribute the product, it is better to use finger pads, a brush or a sponge. The latter option is best used by the fair sex, who have oily skin. So you can evenly distribute the cream and enhance the matting effect.

You can combine this cream with other decorative products. On top of the cosmetic product, blush or powder can be applied.

Pay special attention to the removal of the cosmetic product. Rinse off the cream with a special tonic. If you use it every day, then you need to clean the dermis 2 times. First you need to remove makeup with hydrophilic oil, and then wash with foam or soap.


Among the many positive reviews, we can distinguish those that note the effectiveness of the products of this brand. Women believe that it is Maybelline BB cream that allows them to acquire a fresh look, to hide the tiredness and roughness of the skin surface. It is this tool that helps to actively cope with the visible elimination of small wrinkles, retouching age spots, acne, and redness.

Representatives of the fair sex believe that all BB products of this brand are perfect as a base for makeup. After you apply this cream, you can use decorative cosmetics. In this case, do not forget to cleanse the skin after the end of the day before bedtime.

To achieve maximum effect, ladies are advised to apply the product correctly. It should be done on clean skin with clean fingertips. Gently patting and distributing the product, you can achieve a positive effect. You can use a sponge or a brush when distributing cosmetics. It is important to do everything carefully and accurately.

Girls are advised to thoroughly select the tool that will be suitable for a certain type of skin.

So, if you have oily skin, then you need to choose the appropriate creams of this series. They will help create a matting effect, eliminate oily sheen and help the sebaceous glands not activate their work. If, on the contrary, your skin is dry, then it is better to choose a cream, with the help of which the cells will be hydrated as much as possible.

So you can not only make the appearance more attractive, but also improve the internal state of the body, make the skin radiant health and vitality.

Attracts customers and affordable cost of goods. This is another advantage that helps to opt for this brand. Women note the effectiveness of the product, while they can save their savings. You can buy BB Maybelline cream in almost any specialized store. You can at any time purchase the product you need at affordable prices.

Another feature that grateful cream users emphasize is the presence of a UV filter in the product. This will help protect the skin from solar radiation, prevent premature skin aging. You will be well protected. The trace elements that make up the product will saturate the skin with beneficial substances.

Thus, we examined the features and benefits of Maybelline BB Cream. Now you know how to choose the right product, what useful properties it has. Before use, be sure to carefully examine the packaging of the bottle and test it. Do not buy expired goods. Pay attention to this too. Use a cream, enjoy the matting effect, give the skin a natural glow. Let all the people around you be pleasantly surprised by your small external changes.

How to apply BB-cream, you can learn from the video.

Watch the video: Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream. HIT OR MISS? (December 2019).


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