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Castor Face Oil

Oils are a good alternative to expensive cosmetics, at a more affordable price they are not inferior in quality. Castor oil, which can be bought at a pharmacy, is gaining more and more popularity. Representatives of the fair sex try it on themselves and are satisfied with the result.


Castor oil is a non-flowing, transparent substance with a yellowish or reddish pigment, without a characteristic taste and smell. The consistency is many times higher than the density and viscosity of other base oils, but useful properties compensate for some inconvenience in use.

Castor is obtained from the seeds of a large annual plant, the name of which has nothing to do with the name of the medicine - castor oil bean. A high-quality product that retains all the useful properties of oil from castor oil seeds, obtained by cold pressing.

The composition of such an oil is rich and specific. Its base consists of a component rare for other base oils - ricinoleic acid - a wonderful natural moisturizer and assistant in the fight against wrinkles. It accounts for about 90% of the substance, the remaining 10% include:

  • oleic acid which improves metabolic processes and complexion;
  • palmitic acid acting as a conductor of active substances deep into the layers of the skin;
  • linoleic and stearic acid, necessary to prevent dryness;
  • dihydroxystearic acid, facilitating the distribution of oil over the skin.

A distinctive feature of castor oil is also that it contains only fatty acids, derivatives of these acids and vitamins of group E. There are no other vitamins, minerals and trace elements in this substance.

Beneficial features

Squeezing from the bread has long been widely used by cosmetology, due to its useful qualities, it is considered the most functional among plant bases. Oil has a beneficial effect on the health of the skin, cilia and eyebrows. Being a super-effective emollient, castor oil provides cells with nutrition and hydration, smoothes wrinkles, regenerates damaged skin, and fights acne and the effects of this disease. Helps to get rid of cysts, growths and warts.

Castor has whitening properties. A short-term course of cosmetic procedures with its use gives the skin a smooth and beautiful tone, eliminates age spots, eliminates freckles. The benefit of the oil is that it removes acne marks.

Castor is known as an anti-aging agent. A month of external use of this drug will help smooth out small wrinkles and have a protective effect, which is so necessary for delicate facial skin.


Herbal raw materials for making castor oil belong to the group of poisonous ones. But the oil produced in accordance with all the rules is not dangerous either for external use or for internal use and cannot cause harm.

In finished form, it belongs to plant bases, which are distinguished by the almost complete absence of contraindications and side effects.

As for external use, there are no special restrictions, but before starting the course, you must definitely test the drug for individual intolerance and the appearance of an allergic reaction. If the product does not cause redness and itching in a small area of ​​the skin, you can safely proceed to cosmetic procedures.

And, of course, the oil should always be fresh. The product, which was not stored according to the rules after uncorking, could lose its medicinal properties due to contact with air. It is necessary to store such oil in a tightly closed container, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Pure use

Castor oil can be used in concentrated form or in symbiosis with oil bases. Undiluted castor oil helps to eliminate specific problems, acting on the body from the inside and out. The product perfectly withstands the combination with natural ingredients and ready-made cosmetic preparations, enhancing their effect. In the second case, oil is added to the selected product in a proportion of 1:10.

"Clean" castor oil is designed to perform the following functions:

  • massage oilenhancing the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle treatments;
  • meansdelaying age-related skin changes;
  • "bleach"spots on the skin;
  • can heal warts.

The best recipes

For acne and acne

For getting rid of acne, the most important component in the composition of the drug is ricinoleic acid. It penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Thanks to these properties, castor oil successfully copes with the treatment of acne and post-acne.

Procedures for the treatment of skin rashes should be carried out in the evening, after thorough cleansing from cosmetics, dust and sebum. The next step should be a compress with a hot towel that will help the pores open (it can be replaced by steaming with a decoction of chamomile or calendula). When the skin is ready, it is necessary to apply a few drops of castor oil to the face with light massage movements. The course of treatment is two weeks. If necessary, you can repeat.

Masks with the addition of other ingredients will help strengthen the effectiveness of castor oil treatment. The most effective is a mask with an alcohol solution of calendula (one teaspoon), a protein of one egg and one tablet of aspirin. All components must be thoroughly mixed in a glass bowl, pour an additional spoonful of castor oil. The mask is conveniently applied with a cotton pad, rubbing the face 3-4 times at five-minute intervals. After applying the last coat, you need to wait a few minutes and wash with warm water. Moisturizer after this procedure is not useful.

Mask with glycerin

It is necessary to mix glycerin and castor oil, then apply it all to the skin. You can add a couple of drops of vitamin E, this will increase the production of collagen.

It is better to use masks after cleansing the skin, which will allow it to penetrate deeper. It is better to apply the mask after the steam bath. To do this, boil water in a pan, lower the chamomile leaves there and support the face above the steam, not very close, otherwise you can get burned. Then wipe your face with a cotton pad and apply a mask.

Wrinkle fighting

In this difficult task, a positive massage gives a face massage with a "clean" castor. A small amount of oil is applied to the face, moving along the massage lines. Light and smooth movements are recommended to be repeated within five minutes. Remove excess oil with a soft cloth. It can be used in combination with other castor-based masks, which also contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin of the face.

If there is no time for a full course, it is enough to drip a few drops of oil daily in a small amount of day cream, and then apply it in the usual way.

If time allows, it is worth trying a mask against wrinkles. There are a lot of proven options, they vary in age, like anti-aging creams.

The universal version of the anti-aging mask is easy to prepare and consists of only two ingredients: a spoon of warm castor and one egg yolk. Such a mask moisturizes dry skin and smoothes expression lines for several applications, activates the production of elastin and collagen, and supports skin tone.

With the first wrinkles

A mask with the addition of olive and sea buckthorn oils will help eliminate early wrinkles and slow down the appearance of new ones. All three ingredients of this mask must be combined together, slightly warmed up, applied with massage movements to the face. After half an hour, rinse with warm water.

For aging skin

Ordinary oatmeal will come to the aid of skin with signs of aging. It is important that the groats are coarse, and not small flakes of instant cooking - it has much more useful components. Two large spoons of cereal, or one with a slide, must be boiled in medium-fat milk, add a teaspoon of flower honey and the same amount of castor oil. Stir until smooth, apply on face for 20 minutes. Use no more than twice a week.

For the skin around the eyes

Often, castor oil acts as the only component in reducing crow's feet and expression lines. Slightly warm oil is applied in a neat, driving motion on the problem area for 15 minutes, and then the excess is removed with a napkin. You do not need to wash your face - this way the oil will also take care of the eyelashes.

Video - a recipe for an oil mask for the skin around the eyes.

With constant and seasonal pigmentation

Castor will come to the rescue of all owners of uneven skin tones, especially in the spring and summer, when traces of sun kisses strive to pop out on every other nose. In the preparation of such masks use natural "bleaches", and castor oil only enhances their effect. An obvious plus is that the products are available and will cost no more than the oil itself.

A good effect is given by masks from castor oil and lemon juice in a ratio of 1: 1. In the resulting mixture, you can add kefir, sour cream or honey, and replace the lemon with cucumber or radish. Do not get involved in this mask because of too active components in the composition.

Against scars and scars

Quality castor oil can even deal with problems such as scarring, scars and stretch marks. Such a procedure, unlike masks, does not give a noticeable effect immediately, but even internal scars gradually resolve.

Castor oil is recommended to rub into a scar or apply compresses. Pure gauze soaked in castor oil is applied to the problem area for at least 1-2 hours. The duration of the course requires patience, but the result will live up to expectations.

Oily Skin Care

No matter how paradoxical this may sound, the fattest and most dense oil is an indispensable base in the care of problematic skin prone to oily, it is necessary to clean it.

In this case, castor oil is used to cleanse. It removes dirt, excess sebum, an ugly shine.

An ideal combination for skin care of this type is castor oil and olive oil in equal proportions. Castor is responsible for cleansing pores, and olive oil takes on the function of a moisturizing, nourishing and thinning agent. Suitable for frequent use.

In the spring and summer periods, it is useful to alternate cleansing with castor oil and rubbing the face with herbal decoctions that restore water balance and normalize the secretion of sebum.

Combination skin care

Castor oil is what the doctor prescribed to all owners of combination skin, because this product is capable of simultaneously performing two functions that both oily and dry skin need - nutrition and hydration.

To prepare the simplest mask, you need to vigorously beat one egg white with a tablespoon of castor oil with a whisk. The resulting mixture is applied to the face for 25-30 minutes, then rinse with water at a comfortable temperature.

The introduction of additional ingredients will help diversify the base mask and expand the range of actions. Suitable for this purpose currant juice, milk, grated apple.

Dry skin

Beauticians recommend castor oil for dry skin problems. It softens, nourishes, moisturizes, helps to eliminate peeling, and revives cracked skin. Suitable for undiluted use and works well as part of multi-component masks.

One of the most effective masks is distinguished by the number of components and the cooking time. To do this, boil one medium potato in the peel, peel and mash with a fork, pour the liquid component from the egg yolk, a tablespoon of fat milk and two tablespoons of castor oil into the resulting puree. Apply quickly while the mixture is still warm. After 15-20 minutes, rinse with room temperature water.

Compresses from hot castor oil with the addition of almond and olive oils, shampoo are also used. It is necessary to keep this mask for an hour under a towel or hat, rinse with water. The frequency of the procedure is once every two weeks.

A mixture of castor oil and tincture of calendula in a ratio of 1: 1 is effective against itching and dandruff.

And now the video is a recipe using castor oil for the face.

For eyebrows and eyelashes

It is possible to grow eyelashes, like a princess, at any age, if you apply a drop of oil on them daily. You can use a mascara brush, a cotton swab dipped in a castor, or simply massage the product into the eyelids with your fingertips using massage movements. Do not do the procedure immediately before bedtime, so as not to get unwanted edema in the morning.

Castor will help to make the eyebrows thick and beautiful. To do this, apply a small amount of oil on the eyebrows and carefully distribute from start to tip. The massage will speed up the process with an old toothbrush with a soft pile or an eyebrow brush. Carefully brush each eyebrow for 2-3 minutes, then rinse the brush until the next time, and remove excess oil with a cloth.

See more about the benefits of using castor oil for eyelashes in the next video.


Most often, consumers are satisfied with the purchase of castor oil for the face. Most of all, its nutritional properties, low price and ease of use are appreciated in oil. Oils are always good for the skin, and castor oil has a dense texture and moisturizes the face, much more intense than other oils.

Users rated the most beneficial properties of castor oil - moisturizing and saturating the skin. The oil not only helps dry and withered dermis, but also can treat peeling of the skin. This turned out to be especially relevant in the winter season. The oil gives such a stunning effect both in conjunction with other products in the mask, and separately. Peeling of the skin occurs from the aggressive effects of the environment, wind, snow, water, application neutralizes the influence of the environment and allows the dermis to remain soft and even.

There are also negative customer reviews: not everyone likes the feeling of oil on the face, which seems sticky to some consumers, the smell of oil also does not suit everyone. These problems are easily solved if the oil is added to the mask. In addition, the affordable price of oil and useful properties cover all the unpleasant sensations.

Assessing the unique properties of castor oil, as well as many other products in cosmetology, ranges from disappointment to admiration. For some, this is a “product that does not deserve so many praises,” for others it’s a panacea, “a universal skin remedy.”

Listening to the response of a specific person to whom castor helped or did not help, depending on individual characteristics, one can make a mistake. It will be more correct to rely on the objectivity of professionals in their field - cosmetologists and dermatologists, so you should consult a specialist before using castor oil.

Watch the video: How to Use Castor Oil on Face (January 2020).


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