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Eye wrinkle cream

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate and sensitive. That is why the skin in this area is so prone to the appearance of the first wrinkles. Beauticians call this area of ​​the skin delicate and advise to give it as much attention as possible. To combat the first signs of aging, facial expressions, as well as deep wrinkles, women use special creams and other cosmetics. That is why before acquiring such a cream, you should find out how to use it and the principle of its effect on the region for about a century.

Causes of occurrence

The appearance of the first wrinkles in this area can be caused by a number of factors. So, the first reason is increased dryness of the skin in this area of ​​the face, and lack of sleep, severe stressful situations, constant fatigue, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun and many other factors also contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. The appearance of facial wrinkles, the so-called "crow's feet," causes a very pronounced facial expression and frequent mood swings that are reflected on the face.

Another factor that causes the early appearance of wrinkles on the skin around the eyes is the frequent use of cosmetics, especially tonal creams, powders that dry the skin, as well as a variety of pencils, contours and eyeshadows and mascaras.

All of them lead to dry skin and slow down the metabolic processes of the epithelium, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

Essential makeup

Any cream for the skin around the eyes against wrinkles should include substances with anti-aging effects. Among the most important components of such a tool, cosmetologists call hyaluronic acid, which saturates the skin with moisture and stimulates the regenerative processes of the epithelium. It perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the dermis.

Many anti-aging products include collagen.

This substance can retain water and at the same time makes the skin more smooth and toned. It is able to stimulate the renewal of aging epithelial cells. Also, any amino acid is an important component of anti-aging cream, as it accelerates metabolic processes and protects the skin from aging.

Such creams, serums, gels should be made on the basis of natural ingredients. It is better if oils of plant origin are included in their composition, as they penetrate deep into the skin and perfectly nourish it from the inside. In addition, they help soothe the skin and fight off harmful bacteria, preventing irritation and allergic reactions.

Beauticians recommend purchasing anti-wrinkle products for the skin around the eyes with chamomile, aloe vera or green tea extract.

These elements are most preferable for the skin around the eyes, facilitate the absorption of the cream into the skin. Also, be sure to pay attention to the presence of a vitamin complex in this product, the presence of vitamins A, E and C is very important. It is best if this product has protection against ultraviolet radiation, since it can cause the appearance of the first wrinkles.

Specialists also warn women from buying anti-wrinkle creams for the skin around the eyes, which include the following components. In no case should you buy serum, caffeinated cream, since it dries the skin, and this leads to wrinkles. Also, such cosmetic preparations should not include parabens, they can cause irritation or lachrymation of the eyes. Harmful are components called isopropyl and propylene glycol, they cause an allergic reaction.


Funds for the skin around the eyes against wrinkles can be produced in various forms. Their variety may depend on the time of year. In the winter, it is best to use nutrients with a creamy texture, they perfectly moisturize the skin and prevent its overdrying. They help fight peeling of the dermis, and also prevent it from weathering in severe frosts.

For the summer, it is best to purchase gel-like creams for the eyes.

Gels have a lighter texture, they are perfectly absorbed into the skin without creating a film and without causing a feeling of oily sheen. Such substances gently moisturize the skin and perfectly tighten it. Also in the summer season, it is necessary to purchase funds for the skin around the eyes that have protection against ultraviolet rays. It is best to buy a gel with the highest degree of protection.

The most versatile product for the skin around the eyes is serum. It has a light creamy texture and is suitable for use at any time of the year. Such funds are best used at home a couple of hours before bedtime. They are the most effective way to combat wrinkles that appear on the skin in the area around the eyes.

How to apply

Anti-wrinkle products for the skin around the eyes must be applied very carefully. Hands should be clean, and the skin must first be cleaned. The process of applying such a cream to the delicate skin around the eyes should have massage elements: you need to move when applying the cream along a clear path.

This tool must be distributed with the tips of the fingers.

First you need to apply the cream on the upper eyelid precisely, and then literally stretch the skin in places of wrinkles around the eyes, moving from top to bottom. Then you need to proceed to applying the cream on the lower eyelids. At this point, wrinkles should be gently smoothed down, approximately to the middle of the cheeks.

This technique is most preferred for applying wrinkle cream around the eyes.

There are a few more rules that will improve the effect of applying the cream against the first signs of aging. Such products should not be rubbed into the skin. They must be applied pointwise, barely tapping with your fingertips. The most effective is the application of such a cream in about an hour and a half before going to bed. Later use of creams, especially with a greasy texture, can lead to swelling or swelling of the eyelids.

In addition, all such funds must be used strictly for their intended purpose, in no case should you use a daytime remedy at night, and nighttime, on the contrary, after waking up. Also, do not use a regular face cream, and even more so for the body in order to moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes. In order for the effect of the use of such funds to be noticeable, it is necessary to use it daily for a long time. As a rule, the duration of one course is about a month. It is after this time that you will see the results, the course of applying the cream for the eyes can be repeated to enhance the effect two to three weeks after the first.

If you have very sensitive skin around the eyes, which is prone to irritation, it is better to apply this cream not with your hands, but with a cotton swab or a special sponge. It is better to buy creams for the skin around the eyes not in cans, but in narrow tubes. Such funds are the safest, they are more convenient to apply to the skin around the eyes.

Side effects and contraindications

The main contraindication of using the cream for the skin around the eyes is intolerance to one of its components. In addition, if you have redness, irritation, or skin diseases in this sensitive area, you should refuse to use this cream until you fix these problems.

Do not apply too much cream, as an overabundance of the product on the delicate skin of this area can cause side effects.

It is very important that such a cream does not cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is better to check such a tool: you need to apply a small amount of cream on the inner part of the wrist, gently rub it and follow the skin reaction. If the dermis after some time did not show an allergic reaction, and itching and irritation did not appear, you can use this tool for skin in the eye area.

The cream should match the type of your dermis. All side effects may occur due to the poor composition of this cream, as well as due to errors in its use. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the instructions for its use and not exceed the prescribed dosage. Side effects can be expressed in the form of edema of the eyelids, dryness and peeling of the skin around the eyes, the appearance of redness or irritation on it, as well as a sensation of itching or tears. If you encounter one of these consequences, you must immediately stop using this tool and consult a specialist.

If most store products for the skin around the eyes cause you to have a negative dermis reaction, you should try to prepare such a cream yourself at home. Thus, you can prepare a cream made from the most natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. Especially cosmetologists recommend using various oils and vitamin mixtures for these purposes.

How to choose according to age

In order to choose a truly effective anti-aging cream for the skin around the eyes, it is necessary to build on the age-related characteristics of such products.

After 25 years

An anti-wrinkle agent in the eyelids at this age is used for prevention. For a fresh and young dermis, it is better to choose products with a gel texture. They not only help prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles, but also improve blood circulation in this area, and also save you from swelling and dark circles under the eyes. In the summer, such cosmetics perfectly nourish the skin and help protect it from exposure to direct ultraviolet rays of the sun. Such care will be enough for the skin of a woman aged 25 years.

Beauticians warn women of this age from using anti-wrinkle products designed for a more mature dermis.

These agents stimulate the production of collagen, but they can only exert such an effect on more mature skin, in which this substance is not so actively produced. When applying this cream to younger skin, this cream can trigger a slowdown in collagen production. That is why you will get the opposite result.

Older remedies can be used only in extreme cases, when, for example, you are very often prone to nerves or stress. But to use such funds is necessary only for a short time. Then you need to immediately stop using them and move on to the use of products intended for your age category.

All anti-wrinkle products for the skin around the eyes with an age category of 25 years and more have several directions of action. They give the sensitive and delicate skin of this area a large amount of nutrients and moisturizers, as well as saturate it with vitamins and minerals. They also support the natural metabolic processes of the skin in this area and make it smoother and more elastic.

35 and older

At this age, you can already safely use creams that prevent aging of the skin around the eyes. It is this age that is characterized by a slowdown in many skin processes, including moisture exchange and blood microcirculation. These factors cause wrinkles.

Creams intended for this age category include elements that smooth wrinkles and stimulate collagen production by the skin. In addition, they perfectly remove swelling and eliminate dark circles around the eyes. Women at this age are better off using a creamy texture rich in peptides. It is best to purchase products made from herbal ingredients and essential oils.

For those over 40

After 40 years, it is necessary to regularly apply creams for the skin around the eyes against facial and deep wrinkles.

Moreover, it is necessary to choose funds with intense action. They should have the main purpose - the resumption of collagen production and the acceleration of its synthesis. Also, these creams should align the contour around the eyes and make the skin more elastic and toned. Such products, of course, cannot completely eliminate wrinkles, but they can mask them well, as well as reduce their depth and prevent the appearance of new signs of skin aging.

Creams designed for the skin around the eyes for women aged 40 and over should have a lifting effect, they should also deeply nourish the skin and have a calming effect.

For this type of skin, you can use both creamy products and products in the form of serums and balms. An excellent solution would be to use creams for the skin around the eyes, which has a masking effect. These signs are possessed by products that include powder or pearlescent particles that perfectly reflect light and make wrinkles less noticeable. With their help, the skin around the eyes becomes more radiant and silky.

Rating of the best brands

The ranking of the best anti-wrinkle products for the skin around the eyes is opened by the creams of the Korean brand Shiseido. They have a light texture, and also includes collagen. They perfectly clean wrinkles. Equally effective funds presented in the catalogs of AnneMarie and Mary Kay. These creams belong to the middle price segment, but at the same time they have a wonderful anti-aging effect.

One of the most natural and high-quality preparations for the skin around the eyes is a cream from the brand Natura Siberica.

He carefully cares for this area of ​​the face, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. This tool is designed to eliminate the first signs of aging and prevent their appearance. Remedies from cosmetic brands Clinique, Clarins, Bioderma are also very popular in the fight against wrinkles on the skin around the eyes. They accelerate the metabolic processes of the skin, and also retain moisture.

Popular creams for wrinkles from brands Borlind, Avene Eluage, Eveline, Lierac contain collagen and have a lifting effect. They are able to smooth the cover for about a century. Also, such creams make the dermis of this zone more radiant and toned.


Many women write that to combat wrinkles, it is important to choose a good and high-quality cream. Many people like eye contouring products from Eveline, Clinique and BioDerma. Buyers claim that they noticed the effect of this tool after several applications. Women write that the main thing when buying such a cream is to pay attention to its composition and check it for an allergic reaction. Also, many representatives of the fair sex praise anti-wrinkle products with collagen, they indicate that such drugs show a beneficial result, significantly refresh and tighten the skin.

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