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Deep wrinkle cream

Nowadays, well-groomed, smooth skin is the hallmark of not only the younger generation, but also women who are over thirty. The main merit in this belongs to the cream from deep wrinkles. Modern samples of anti-aging cosmetics are striking in their diversity and potential. We will try to figure out what criteria in the choice of anti-wrinkle cream play a decisive role.

Reasons for the appearance

Humanity has always been in search of a panacea for impending old age. After all, one wants to delay the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and, meanwhile, progress in this area is quite tangible. Of course, there is no need to talk about the complete surrender of age-related changes, but there is a tool that can compete for appearance. This is a cream for deep wrinkles. And it is he who holds the primacy among ways to maintain beauty, since the cream is characterized by ease of use, accessibility, a wealth of choice and the absence of visible risks.

It cannot be stated specifically at what age you can start using anti-aging cosmetics. For certain categories of people, especially ascetic physique with severe thinness and at twenty-eight to thirty years old, it already makes sense to use anti-aging drugs, since a thin type of face is more prone to the early appearance of "crow's feet", grooves on the forehead, nose bridge. Ladies in the body can boast of smooth skin much longer and only after 50 years to study the range of anti-wrinkle creams.

To find out which cosmetic products are right for you and will not cause allergic reactions on the face, we will familiarize ourselves with the composition of the most common emulsions.

Necessary components in the composition

Human skin is inherently very elastic, capable of quick recovery after fatigue, but there comes a time when full sleep and the optimal amount of fluid drunk per day is no longer enough for regeneration. We have to admit a slowdown in metabolic processes in the body and the onset of the wilting stage. However, do not despair, because on guard of beauty are modern innovative developments in the field of cosmetology and pharmacology.

As a rule, creams from deep wrinkles include such components as:

  • Glycolic and Salicylic Acids - actively affect the old keratinous layer of the skin, accelerate collagen synthesis.
  • Dimethylethanol - Starts the process of increasing epidermal cells by expanding the intracellular space.
  • Hyaluronic acid - is responsible for elasticity.
  • Peptides - participate in protein synthesis.
  • Botox - reduces muscle tone, smoothes folds.
  • Retinol - regulates the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands; protects against toxins.
  • Tocopherol acetate - also fights toxins.
  • Collagen - serves as the basis for connective tissue.
  • Silk Proteins - improve blood circulation, improve complexion, moisturize, stimulate collagen production.

Very often on the shelves you can see identical anti-wrinkle remedies, differing in recommendations for use either in the daytime or at night.

Day cream in its texture is lighter than a night sample, it is well absorbed and its main purpose is moisturizing the skin. Often, it has a protective function against direct sunlight.

The greatest effect can be achieved if you follow the rules of application, according to which the best time for this varies from the moment of awakening to ten in the morning.

Night cream carries the task of nourishing the skin. By consistency, it is dense and thick. If it is not completely absorbed, you can get wet with a paper towel. The optimal time for use is an hour before bedtime. It will also be useful to know that the most favorable period for the effects of caring cosmetics is the evening hours from seven to nine.

Do not abuse face creams in the area around the eyes in order to avoid getting edema, allergic reactions.

Application rules

Typically, manufacturers indicate on the package for which age group the product is intended. If there are no special instructions, then the anti-wrinkle cream becomes a necessary attribute of looking after the appearance from about thirty-five years of age. Prior to this, the body should normally produce the necessary amount of collagen itself. Plus, it is proved that vitamin E, which is part of anti-aging drugs, and has a positive effect on mature skin, is contraindicated for young women.

The part of people whom nature has awarded dry skin can initially feel a deterioration in their appearance, notice microscopic cracks and an unnatural oily sheen after applying the composition. As a rule, after a couple of applications, these side effects disappear, if not, then you should put the cream aside and consult a dermatologist.

The basis for agents that slow down the aging process are chemicals and compounds; therefore, their use during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended. In addition, they make the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, and expectant mothers are already at risk for skin prone to pigmentation.

Well, of course, you should not resort to cosmetics if it has expired or if it was stored in inappropriate conditions.

Effective remedies

There has long been a competition in the cosmetics market for the right to have the status of the best manufacturer. For this purpose, some brands conduct their sales exclusively through a network of pharmacies, in the hope that buyers will be inspired by the idea of ​​the exceptional healing properties of the product. Someone chose the path of network marketing. In reality, there is not much difference. The main thing that you need to pay close attention to is the composition of the product.

Having figured out which components should be present in the composition of a good cream from deep wrinkles, we should mention the unacceptable components. These include:

  • Fruit acids. Their destructive qualities affect the destruction of epidermal cells. Anti-aging cosmetics is designed to stimulate regeneration, and not fight for deep cleansing.
  • Paraffin. This element is found in many moisturizing emulsions, and at first glance it lies the useful mission of creating a film on the face surface that protects the skin from drying out. But at the same time, it blocks the access of oxygen.
  • Alcohol. Included in oily skin cosmetics. But in adulthood, it is unacceptable to use creams with an alcohol content, otherwise you risk drying out dry skin.

Consider the most popular anti-wrinkle products that meet the above safety requirements.


Russian manufacturers have released a series of care products for women of Balzac age and older based on hyaluronic acid, which includes jelly, cream, mask and primer - the foundation for makeup. Products are in high demand due to their affordable price and good quality. The lightweight texture contributes to the rapid restoration of the lipid layer of the skin without causing allergic reactions.

The base for decorative cosmetics or a primer deserves special attention. Being an improved type of wrinkle day cream, it also acts as a tonal foundation, hiding face irregularities and other imperfections. You need to apply it in the morning, after washing.

Mary kay

The company, which has chosen the method of direct sales, dates back to 1963. Today, the brand has millions of fans around the world. In his arsenal are both tools for creating flawless makeup, and caring serums, emulsions.

Of all the products Mary Kay for mature skin compares favorably with others and tops the cream - filler rating from Volu-Fill deep wrinkles. It is characterized by a dense texture, with the absence of perfume fragrances. The manufacturer recommends driving the substance with vigorous patting movements into deep folds that begin to smooth out before the eyes. Intensive filling of skin cells with nutrients gives an instant effect, which is especially noticeable in the nasolabial region, on the forehead.

Even more about cream - Volu-Fill filler from Mary Kay, You can find out from the next video.


The French brand Vichi has been successfully operating for over eighty years. Technologists of the brand are constantly working on improving recipes and introducing innovative discoveries.

Miokine anti-wrinkle cream is a synthetic product that relieves tension on the facial muscles by acting on nerve endings. Suitable for oily and mixed skin types, gives the face a healthy glow and matting effect.


According to the survey, which was attended by women aged 35 to 55 years, Regenerist cream is an absolute leader in the struggle for prolonging youth.

The composition of the drug includes pentapeptides that affect the regenerative processes of the skin and collagen production, as well as a number of vitamins and trace elements that literally push out wrinkles from the inside. Green tea extract is a natural antioxidant, fights toxins, ensuring a smooth complexion.

The best lifting masks at home

In an effort to have an impeccable appearance, do not discount traditional medicine recipes. The simplest and most effective of them are masks. So, from ordinary carrots you can easily prepare a lift - a remedy, the effect of which is comparable to going to a beauty salon.


Grate one medium sized root vegetable on a fine grater, add a spoonful of olive oil, simmer in a water bath until the mixture is reduced in volume by half. Drain the liquid through a sieve, combine with twenty grams of natural beeswax and a spoonful of honey. Use once or twice a week and a positive result will not take long.


This is the best tightening mask at home, well suited for withered skin.

Mix melted honey in equal parts with ground oatmeal and egg yolk. Apply to previously cleansed face, rinse off after twenty minutes.

Another video recipe for a face mask with a Botox effect.


The vast majority of women admit that they cannot imagine life without skin care products. Cream against deep wrinkles is among the top ten most frequently purchased products, acting as a good, affordable and safe alternative to plastic surgery. The modern market of the cosmetic industry allows you to choose the composition that is most adapted to the individual characteristics of a particular skin type.

Positive feedback is characterized by the fact that many reputable companies, in addition to large packaging, produce probes - testers that give customers the opportunity to check the cream before an expensive purchase.

Watch the video: Roc Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Repair. Review Does It Work? (December 2019).


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