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Avene Moisturizer

Avene cream is very popular among women of all ages. This is not just a cosmetic product, but also a therapeutic agent that perfectly cares for the skin and makes it more beautiful and healthy. This cosmetic brand appeared at the end of the last century, many experts - dermatologists participated in its creation. The main and very useful moisturizing ingredient of this product is the thermal waters extracted from the Aven spring. That is why the cosmetic brand received such a name.

Features and Benefits

It is believed that creams from the cosmetic brand Avene contain very high-quality and healthy substances, in addition, these ingredients are used under the influence of the latest technologies. Thus, each cream of this brand is unique and useful in its own way.

All Avene cosmetics are divided into separate lines, each of which is designed for a different skin type and for dermis of different ages. Every woman can find among Avene creams the one that will suit her.

All creams have special cosmetic properties. This is due to the fact that they are made on the basis of thermal waters, which have a positive effect on the skin, perfectly nourish and saturate it with useful elements. Also, manufacturers of Avene creams especially emphasize that all cosmetic products are completely sterile, since they are carefully processed in such a way that its useful qualities are not only not lost, but also preserved in the best possible way.

All creams of this brand are completely safe, since each component is natural, the cream does not contain chemicals, preservatives, alcohol that dries the skin, or fragrances that can cause an allergic reaction. That is why Avene creams are completely hypoallergenic. Also, all these tools have a very effective effect.

Each such remedy is aimed at combating a specific skin problem, with which it copes well.

Beauticians point out that many Avene products are very versatile, so they can be used even for problematic dermis of adolescents, delicate skin of children or for any type of skin of adult women. These products can even be used on sensitive skin, as well as on derma prone to irritation. All products of this brand have a beneficial effect on the skin, which is why they can be used regularly. There are also spot-on creams that very effectively cope with local facial skin problems.

Cosmetics of this brand also contain an anti-aging line that is aimed at effectively combating the first signs of aging, also these creams make deep wrinkles less noticeable, and the skin as a whole is more toned.

Facial Moisturizers

These cosmetics are also suitable for those women who find it difficult to choose the right creams for them. These products are very high quality, so they have an exceptionally positive effect on the skin. They provide him with reliable protection, and also have a calming property.

At the same time, Avene creams make the skin more healthy and its color more fresh and radiant.

"Hydrance Optimale UV Legere"

A feature of this tool is that it has very high quality moisturizing properties. It penetrates the skin and nourishes it from the inside. As a result, you get a very long lasting moisturizing effect. This product belongs to the main care line.

This is the most popular and at the same time the most versatile line of products of this cosmetic brand, so it can be used for any kind of skin cover.

It is important to note that the moisturizing effect of this cream is prolonged, that is, its effect is very long and effective. This is an excellent cream that can be used for both dry and normal skin types. In addition, this substance has excellent cleansing properties. It can also be used for oily skin, since it perfectly matts the skin and also perfectly restores the sweat-fat balance of the dermis.

Such a cream perfectly copes with irritations, neutralizes them, and also has a calming effect.

Another feature of this drug is that it is available with the SPF-20 marking, which indicates that this substance has a protective effect. That is, such a cream protects the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet sunlight. Judging by customer reviews, the only drawback of such a cream is its rather high price. A bottle with a capacity of 30 ml costs about 2000 rubles, but many buyers note the effectiveness of this face cream.

"Clean AC"

The main focus of this action is the fight against acne and inflammation. It copes with acne, and also effectively eliminates any irritation. In addition, this substance actively moisturizes the skin and allows you to reduce the production of sebum, so the pores are not contaminated, and the skin becomes cleaner and softer.

The composition of this cream includes very useful jojoba oil, shea butter and coconut oil, which perfectly nourish and cleanse the skin.

This cream is recommended by cosmetologists for women with problematic or dry skin, as it actively fights inflammation and contains substances that are natural antiseptics. That is why the product so effectively eliminates skin imperfections. This substance can also be used in the cold season, especially if you have sensitive skin, since such a cream is able to maintain normal hydrobalance of the skin and prevents its overdrying.

Such a tool is completely hypoallergenic. Many women indicate that they were very pleased with the purchase of this cosmetic product. They write that a couple of weeks after the daily use of such cosmetics, their skin became cleaner and their complexion improved.

Young girls also note that it perfectly removes acne marks.

"Optimale Riche"

This is a very effective moisturizer, which is very useful for women with dry skin prone to dry skin. Beauticians recommend using it in the cold season, as this cream reliably protects the skin from adverse weather conditions, and also prevents its overdrying. It can also be used for women with a combined skin type, since dry skin nourishes dry areas of the skin, and in places where the dermis is oily, it perfectly tones and even mattifies.

Thus, the natural balance of the entire skin of the face is restored.

Another feature of this kind of cream is that it has a very light texture that gently cares for the skin. Beauticians also note that although the cream is very light in composition, it has a tight structure, so it is easily distributed over the skin and is well absorbed. It does not create a feeling of film on the face, and is also very economically consumed.

Many women also indicate that since this drug nourishes the skin with moisture, it is able to fight fine wrinkles. Therefore, this cream makes the face smoother, and the skin more silky and delicate.

All the fair sex, having a dry type of skin, note that after regular use of this cream, their dermis has become closer to the normal type. They indicate that the skin of the face becomes softer, there is no feeling of dryness and tightness. After using this cream, many women noticed a feeling of comfort, in addition, they write in their reviews that the complexion after applying Avene "Riche"getting healthier.

Anti-aging Series

This Avene range of cosmetics includes creams "Ystheal "," Serenage "and" Eluage"The first remedy is recommended by cosmetologists for women aged 25 and over, since it very effectively fights the first signs of aging, and also prevents the appearance of facial wrinkles. It contains natural antioxidants that activate the metabolic processes of epithelial cells, making the skin more fresh and fit.

It is great for preventing wrinkles.

Cream "Serenage"Avene is designed for women of more mature age, it provides anti-aging care and actively rejuvenates the skin. It is recommended to use it at the age of 45 years. It brings the skin tone and makes it smoother and firmer.

It also restores water balance, saturating the skin with moisture. It also copes with age spots that appear in adulthood. This product brightens the skin and makes it velvety.

Cosmetic "Eluage"designed to care for delicate skin in the area around the eyes. It effectively copes with facial wrinkles of this area of ​​the skin, and also perfectly eliminates edema and dark spots around the eyes."Eluage"evens out the contour of the eyes and makes it fresher and healthier. Beauticians advise using it daily at bedtime to enhance the effect.

The following video is an overview of Avene face care products.

Watch the video: How I Finally Cleared My Acne Naturally x Avene (December 2019).


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