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Nivea cream in a blue jar

To moisturize the skin produced a huge amount of cosmetic products. But, despite this, there are tools that have been popular for many years and are not going to lose it. Such funds include Nivea cream in a blue jar.

Advantages and disadvantages

Marketers and manufacturers call this cream one of the best-selling products from this brand. Nivea's blue iron jar of moisturizer can be found in many cosmetic bags. This cream is cheap, but it works very well, helping to cope with a huge number of shortcomings.

It makes the skin softer, more gentle and more pleasant to the touch. After regular use, the girls look more well-groomed and attractive. In addition, a moisturized dermis stays elastic and young longer.

It is used not only by girls and women of different ages. Nivea Blue Jar can be used by both men and children. It does not cause allergies and is well suited even for sensitive baby skin. This cream from Nivea can be a good alternative to baby cream. Do not be afraid to use it, because it really does not harm the skin of babies, but only softens it and has a calming effect on the epidermis.

And men can use it after shaving so that the skin remains soft and does not peel. After applying this product, the skin will not be tight, or, conversely, too oily. In addition, after shaving you will not show any pimples or irritations on the face.

Although at the first application it may seem to you that it does not work at all, and only creates a greasy layer on the surface. But this is not at all true. In just a few minutes, the fat is absorbed, and the skin remains soft and well-groomed.

Thanks to a very noticeable moisturizing effect, this product can be used not only on the face, but also on the whole body. Particularly well, it moisturizes the elbows and knees, which are often too dry and flaky. Also, this product from Nivea is loved by all the girls who suffer from dry hands.

If your palms are constantly drying out and peeling, then you should definitely try to care for them with such a light cream. Simply put it on your hands before going out, at night, or just at any time when you feel the tightness of your skin.

It is also very relevant in the winter, when the skin is as dry and weathered as possible. During this difficult period for the skin, Nivea Nourishing Cream will protect it. So bad weather will not affect you so much. To do this, simply enough to always carry with you a small jar of moisturizer that will save your face, hands or hair ends from environmental influences.

As a positive point, one can also note that the Nivea moisturizer is in a convenient tin can. It not only looks beautiful on a shelf, but also easily fits in any cosmetic bag. Do not be afraid that the package will open at the wrong time, and the product will stain your entire cosmetic bag. After all, even if this happens, the cream has a too thick and oily texture that will not allow it to leak.


The only drawback that many girls note is that this cream is not organic. In its composition, the basis of the element is paraffin. And skin softening occurs due to the presence of lanonine in the composition. But this component is also not harmless, since it can clog pores. So after applying it, your skin may not feel very well.

Therefore, despite the fact that the product almost always works on the skin and does not cause allergies, it is likely that the product will not suit you. Just in case, do not take risks by applying an unfamiliar product to the entire surface of the face or body - be sure to test it on a small area of ​​the body. Indeed, even the best products can cause individual manifestations of irritation on the skin.


But, despite this drawback, the reviews of cosmetologists and ordinary users about Nivea cream are mostly positive. For many decades, this product has been scattered from the shelves of cosmetic stores and pharmacies.

This is primarily due to the combination of high quality and low cost. The product is very budget, it costs less than two hundred rubles. Therefore, almost everyone can afford it.

In this case, the product lasts for a long time, so that you can use one jar for a long time. The point is a fairly thick consistency, which allows you to use a minimum of the product to moisturize the skin.

But a bad product, even for a low price, would not be so popular. In general, almost everyone who has tried this cream agrees that the product really moisturizes even the most dried skin. Therefore, it is advised to buy it to everyone who suffers from dry epidermis.

This tool, as already mentioned, can be used on different parts of your body. Girls use it to moisturize their lips, and some even add the product to hair masks, or simply apply on their tips to moisturize and nourish them.

Best of all, as practice shows, the product works if applied to the skin overnight. In this case, in a dream, your skin will absorb the product as much as possible and soften. So the next morning you will notice the result on your face. After waking up, your skin will look better and you will feel the effect on yourself.

But if desired, this product can also be used as a base for makeup. It prepares the upper layer of the epidermis for applying tonal bases, concealers, powders and other products.

This is especially good if you have dry skin with noticeable peeling.. A moisturizer with a sufficiently oily texture will soothe the skin, and after it is absorbed, all products will lie on it evenly and well. But do not overdo it with the amount of such a foundation - if you apply too much moisturizer to the skin, then during the day the makeup will “drain” from the face. This is especially true in the summer, when it is hot and the skin releases more fat by itself.

Summing up, we can say that this cream is suitable for skin care of any type. Many argue that it really competes with even expensive branded skin moisturizers. Therefore, do not rush to spend a lot of money on a care product. Try first buying yourself a simple cream from Nivea in a blue tin can. Perhaps you, like many generations of girls and women, will also become a fan of this universal tool.

You can learn more about Nivea Cream from the video.

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