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Baby Body Oil

With the birth of a baby, parents are faced with the question of proper care for delicate skin. Shop shelves are literally packed with baby creams and oils. However, so as not to harm the chemical components, mothers turn their attention to natural cosmetics.

Why is it necessary

Oils carry a variety of useful qualities for the skin of a newborn. They contain vitamins A, E and other trace elements. Natural remedies help get rid of dryness, diaper rash and irritation of the tender epidermis of newborns.

Also, the oil is used for the face from chapping, for hair growth and for treating scalp with seborrheic crusts. Well-being is very important for children, and first of all, it depends on the correctness of skin care.



Such cosmetic oils are used directly to nourish and moisturize delicate baby skin. The oil saturates the epidermis with useful vitamins and elements, which has a beneficial effect on its appearance and well-being of the baby.


Designed mainly to eliminate the unpleasant consequences of all kinds of dermatitis, irritation and skin damage. Cope with charms and scratches. In addition, such funds contain antiseptics.


They help to quickly get rid of the seborrheic crust of newborns, clean the nasal passages and auricles.


It may have many additional characteristics, including cleansing and antiseptic properties. In general, it reduces friction during massage and promotes relaxation before bedtime. Some types of oils contain relaxing components.


Mineral oil is recommended for use by children in order to moisturize the skin and protect against peeling. In general, such products are made from petroleum products, although there is no harm to the delicate epidermis.

The products of Johnson's Baby and Baby Born brands are made entirely of mineral oils. These products will make moisturized and smooth not only the skin of the baby, but the adult.

Vegetable is the result of squeezing the seeds of fruit fruits and seeds. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of skin care products for infants, but in order to attract an audience, fragrances are added to the products. And sometimes for a longer shelf life and chemical additives or preservatives.

In this case, you should be careful, so that the crumbs do not have an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is safer to use natural vegetable oils bought at a grocery store or pharmacy (for example, olive or castor).

What is allowed for the child

Still, pediatricians recommend sterilized paraffin oil for newborns. It really moisturizes the skin, helps discharge the seborrheic crust and even heals damage to the epidermis.

Sea buckthorn effectively copes with chapped lips, irritations and diaper rash. They can even treat severe inflammation of the epidermis. It is also suitable for massage and quickly heals scratches.

Camphor accelerates recovery from colds due to warming properties. Children up to a year are recommended to use only for warming up the sinuses, and after a year it can even be applied to the chest and back.

Peach copes with dry skin and minor dermatitis, also perfectly moisturizes the skin after taking a bath.

Castor promotes rapid hair growth and healing of skin lesions.

Shea butter perfectly moisturizes the epidermis and prevents diaper rash.

Burdock effectively copes with eliminating irritations, diaper rash, prickly heat and helps in removing the seborrheic crust of newborns.

Olive must be sterilized before use. It relieves the epidermis of peeling, removes inflammation and is great for massage. Indisputable advantages of this oil are affordability and reasonable price.

An absolutely budget option, of course, has always been ordinary sunflower oil. It will certainly be found in any home, and also has all the necessary qualities and vitamins.

Application rules

All cosmetic oils are listed as not requiring rinsing. Therefore, after bathing the babies, a small amount of the product is applied to the dried skin with light massage movements. Such procedures will help moisturize the epidermis. They can even be used as a diaper.

Do not forget that some oils must be sterilized before use. And too much of the product can clog the pores and cause discomfort to the child.

If necessary, it is possible to enrich the base oils with essential oils, as well as formulating a composition from vegetable oils. However, you should consult a pediatrician to avoid allergic reactions and irritation of delicate skin.

Note some types of auxiliary components such as chamomile, string, lavender and calendula. They moisturize the epidermis and fight inflammation. And lavender normalizes sleep.


On forums, experienced mothers prefer petrolatum oil, because most pediatricians advise it, and give it out already in the hospital itself. Once again, you can be sure that cheap is not bad.

In the next video, Dr. Komarovsky will tell you which oil to choose for massage the newborn.

Among the consumers of finished multi-component products, the undoubted leaders among the oils are: for care and massage with Vitamin E Kroha, Baby Born, with the enriched Sanosan formula, with Weleda calendula for babies and Karavaeva Vitaon baby balm.

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