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Editor'S Choice - 2020

CC Dream Cream by Black Pearl

With the advent of the summer season, girls are divided into two camps - those who care about their natural appearance and try to wear a minimum of makeup and those who do not give up and continue to wear a fairly dense make-up layer and need a good base. There is good news for both the former and the latter. Black Pearl brand has already launched Dream Cream line for a long time. There are several products in it, but in this article we will focus on the 5-in-1 CC cream.


  • One of the main functions is the tinting effect. The cream copes with light redness and signs of fatigue on the skin, evening out the complexion.
  • It adapts to the color of your skin, so it is easy to use in the summer, when your skin every day can become a little darker from an acquired tan.
  • Microdamages on the skin are really aligned. He will not hide scars and deep wrinkles, but small imperfections can easily be masked.
  • It has a slight moisturizing effect. He does not replace a full-fledged moisturizer, but as a tool that also works as a base or even as a tonic, he copes with this function with a bang.
  • It has a protective effect, being a shield from ultraviolet rays.

Features of the composition

The main "chip" of the tool can be considered the presence of microspheres. In fact, these are microspheres in the form of a sphere, which are sharpened under the reflecting effect, due to which irregularities and slight imperfections can be hidden. They also help to make the skin so velvety and pleasant to the touch.

The next important ingredient in Dream Cream products is Artemia Extract.

It is a natural component that helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

An element that helps relieve redness and irritation is Japanese camellia oil. The skin already has a wonderful regeneration property, but the oil additionally stimulates this process, which has a beneficial effect on the overall appearance.

Cosmetics is not in vain produced under the brand name Black Pearl, because the composition also contains pearl extract. It is needed to help your skin retain the necessary moisture inside, helping it stay fresh all day.

SPF-10. Protection is not maximum, but for large cities of our country, where the whole sun is closed by high-rise buildings, this is quite enough.

If you read reviews, CC Black Pearl Cream in your price category will be one of your favorite remedies. At first glance, the jar is only 50 ml and it seems small, but it will last for a long time, because the cream shades well and the consumption is very small at a time. This is a great foundation for makeup, if you plan to make a tight make-up, for example, for some kind of celebration, as well as this is a wonderful easy tool for every day, which in itself without additives will give you freshness and well-groomed appearance.

How to apply

  • Before applying, be sure to clean your face, at least just rinse with water. Excess grease and dirt prevent smooth and beautiful skin.
  • Squeeze a small amount of the product into the palm of your hand, do not apply the cream directly to the face.
  • Using soft massaging movements, blend the product in the necessary areas or cover the entire face with it.
  • Do not apply other products on top until the product dries. It will not take much time, so please bear with me.

To summarize, we can say that this cream is a real find, especially among budget options.

Dream Cream will not solve all problems, especially if the skin really has severe damage, in this case you need to use medical cosmetics, but for owners of more or less healthy skin with slight imperfections, the cream will become a faithful helper in winter and summer. Try it yourself!

You can see the difference between BB and CC cream in the next video



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