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Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Nothing betrays a woman's age like her hands. More precisely, their skin condition. Even if outwardly a woman looks young and attractive, and her skin is rough and flaky, her perception of her beauty immediately disappears. To avoid such troubles, it is important to use a tool such as anti-aging hand cream, designed for aging skin.

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The most important thing is to choose just such that he can make the pens smooth, delicate and rejuvenated.

Age care

Cosmetologists believe that anti-aging skin products should begin to be used after twenty years. It so happened that it is the hands that give the woman's age if they do not have the necessary care. Hands - this is the part of the body that is constantly in contact with various objects, water, detergents. Over time, the skin of a woman’s hand loses its ability to independently produce substances such as elastin and collagen.

This is affected by the lack of daily skin nutrition using special cosmetic preparations, bad habits - for example, smoking, neglect of gloves in the cold season, and the constant use of various chemicals for washing and washing.

After thirty-five years, most women have a violation of the blood supply to the hands, which leads to the formation of age spots. But this can be avoided. A properly selected good and effective anti-aging cream can not only stop the aging process, but also restore the epidermis softness, tenderness, elastic, healthy appearance, and relieve pigmentation. Careful and constant care will quickly hide the troubles that betray age.

Quick effect

The reviews of cosmetologists indicate that a quick effect can be achieved, but it is better to regularly care for the skin of the hands, without bringing it to a critical state. An intensive recovery method includes a number of not very pleasant and expensive chemical peeling procedures. In the process, very powerful agents are used that penetrate deep into the layers of the epidermis, smooth it, moisturize, and eliminate pigmentation.

Special preparations can be purchased at specialized in cosmetic stores or pharmacies, they include ANA acids.

As part of the product, their presence is not large, so such products are allowed for use not only in beauty salons, but also at home. Another way of intensive restoration of the skin of the hands is the use of hyaluric acid in combination with the procedure for introducing the drug under the skin. The effect occurs almost instantly, lasts a long time, and then another procedure is required.

But the most effective remedy was and remains an anti-aging cream. He cares for dermis, nourishes, restores, softens, tones, relieves sagging, wrinkles and age spots, in general - it has the most complex effect.

Best anti-aging products

The rating of popular anti-aging products for hand skin is quite popular. It develops thanks to the reviews of customers who have used the products on their own experience, watching for their own hands. L'Occitane does an excellent job with its shea butter. Great composition, great texture, delicious smell and amazing effect - a cream costs about a thousand rubles, but lives up to expectations and expenses.

Nivea anti-aging "Q10plus" - Ten times cheaper, but has an amazing effect if you use it regularly. It contains special filters that protect against the best harmful ultraviolet, which negatively affect the layers of the epidermis. It smoothes wrinkles, absorbs well and has a pleasant smell.

Laura Anti-Aging Hand Cream - a proven and high-quality tool that effectively fights the aging of the epidermis. It protects against sudden changes in temperature, while maintaining water balance. Helps to cope with the harmful effects of the environment. Inexpensive and good cream, it is popular among women aged 35 and over. Moisturizes the skin instantly, absorbs quickly, does not roll off, does not leave greasy spots.

Intensive Care by Oriflame - A very popular cosmetic product. He is appreciated for a great result. After a week of application, almost one hundred percent of women say that the skin has smoothed, has become soft, soft and looks younger. All this happens due to the unique composition of the product, it includes beeswax, almond milk. The complex effect has a truly magical effect.

Israel produces a lot of cosmetic products based on Dead Sea minerals that comprehensively care for women's hands. This cream, and serum, and gel, and mask - all these assistants as soon as possible cope with a problem that worries a woman. Creams such as "A33", "BLACK PEARL Sea", "BIO SPA Sea" and many others.

Take care of the handles at home

You can not chase expensive imported or domestic cosmetics, but prepare strengthening, restoring anti-aging hand products at home. The simplest recipe is using olive oil. You need at least a hundred milliliters of the best quality oil.

It should be warmed to room temperature and drip a couple drops of your favorite essential oil into it.

The skin of the hands must be cleaned, apply the resulting composition, and then put on flannel gloves or special cosmetic gloves, and wrap with a towel or warm blanket. After half an hour, you can wash off the remaining oil with warm water and baby soap. The effect will be great.

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