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Rose face oil

Roses are amazing flowers. They are pleasing for any occasion. They will cheer up and decorate the house. But not only this is their charm. From rose petals get a great face oil. This is a special product in cosmetology, which has been used for many centuries. Rose oil transforms the skin, smoothing it, giving a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

It is used to treat certain skin diseases, such as herpes.

How to get

It is called pink not because it has such a color, but solely due to the raw materials. It is the fragrant pink petals of various varieties of these plants that become the main ingredient from which the most valuable product is obtained - oil.

It is mistakenly believed that ordinary garden plants are suitable for this. No, to receive rose oil, special plantations are planted, which are under special care all year round.

"Raw" roses need special top dressing, a certain temperature and humidity is maintained for them. The most commonly used varieties are Damask, Stolistnaya, Gallskaya, tea, wild, and some others. In different countries of Europe, certain varieties are grown on such plantations for further production.

The petals of a dissolved and fragrant rose mercilessly break off and sent for processing. This is a complex and multi-stage process, resulting in a small amount of product. One can imagine that out of ten kilograms of petals, only about five hundred milliliters of the finished product are obtained. The main production method is the effect of steam on the plant. An equally common method is hydrohistration.

The oil obtained by production is two components, one of which is in solid form, the second in liquid. The solid product is completely odorless, it is separable from the total composition obtained at a temperature of plus 17 degrees. The liquid component is a fragrant composition of roses. It undergoes cooling, and in this state resembles fat. Its color is from pale green to yellowish.

How to apply

Rose oil is a favorite tool of cosmetologists all over the world who know how to restore youthfulness, beauty and beautiful appearance to the skin with the help of this natural gift. It is useful for all women: young, and those who are at a respectable age. It restores elasticity, youthfulness to the layers of the epidermis, eliminates wrinkles, and regenerates cells.

But most often, cosmetologists advise it to women with signs of withering skin. Regular use of a properly prepared composition returns a clear oval of the face, tightens it. With its regular use, not only noticeable wrinkles disappear, but also age spots. The skin returns elasticity, a beautiful complexion and a healthy tone.

You can learn more about the beneficial properties of oil from the video below.

Who is suitable for

Modern cosmetic companies have developed a host of drugs and products that include rose oil. And manufacturers took into account all the features of the skin associated with age, type. Essentially, rose petal oil will suit all women. Properly selected cosmetic product, as evidenced by reviews of cosmetologists, will have the expected effect and effect.

First of all, he needs it dry skin faces. Rose oil nourishes, nourishes, softens, in general, acts magically. After several applications, the result is obvious, and I don’t want to use an expensive cream, the manufacturer of which promised the result that the oil gave. The coarse layers of the epidermis become soft and velvety. Flaky areas disappear, the face takes on a fresh and healthy appearance.

It is especially useful in autumn and winter, with strong gusts of cold and damp wind.

The oily composition protects against natural influences, protecting the skin from frost, ultraviolet radiation and dry air on windy days.

After applying this cosmetic, thank you will say and sensitive skin. It is for this type that it is extremely difficult to choose the means for care, nutrition and hydration, since the epidermis reacts sharply to components that it did not like with redness and rashes.

Rose oil copes with such problems as well as possible. It soothes irritated areas, relieves inflammation, and eliminates small acne. Its constant use over time will bring the skin to a normal state and will maintain it in this form. And it helps to get rid of small capillaries, eliminating the "mesh" in different parts of the face.

Of course, oil has some limitations in use. It is not recommended for pregnant women, doctors explain this with a smell that can cause unpleasant sensations in expectant mothers.

And in exceptional cases, it can cause allergic reactions, so before the very first use it is necessary to conduct an elbow test. A few drops are applied for 3-4 hours, and if there is no redness, then there is no allergy.

For eyelids and lips

Yes, it is universal. And one wonderful drug is able to replace the mass of jars and bottles used as a night, day cream, cream for the skin around the eyes or as a lip balm. Rose oil is ideal for eyelid skin. And it is part of many types of cosmetic products intended for the care of it. Using it, you can get rid of the dark circles under the eyes; it smoothes out both subtle wrinkles and those that have already become apparent.

It is advised to apply on chapped dry lips, use as a daily lip balm, apply during cold sores and with manifestations of allergic dermatitis.


Rose oil is part of such effective products as a mask. Ready-made masks can be purchased at specialized cosmetic stores, in pharmacies.

And you can cook it yourself at home. And for this you will need the essential oil of rose, tea tree, jasmine and other oils that attract you with their aromas.

If you cook a healthy mask at home, then for one application you will need only a few drops of prescription ingredients. The base can be a lotion or tonic - about two hundred and fifty milliliters. It is placed in a glass dish, always with a lid. Two drops of rose oil are added to the lotion, 1 drop of another fragrant that you like. The composition is thoroughly shaken and placed in a dark, cool place for about a day.

A day later, the finished product according to this recipe can be used. It must be at room temperature.

If preparing eye cream - And it is also easy to make at home, the best grade of olive oil is taken. One tablespoon will be enough. Two drops of an oily solution from rose petals are added to it.

A well-mixed composition is applied to the skin around the eyes about an hour before bedtime, and the residues are blotted with a gauze cloth soaked in warm water.

Watch the video: Badger Damascus Rose Face Oil (January 2020).


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