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Depilation cream "Batiste"

In the beach season, girls begin to remove unwanted hairs from the skin. Who uses a razor for this, who uses an epilator, and someone uses a depilation cream. The razor's disadvantage is that after using it, sensitive skin may remain irritated, so there will be no talk of any beauty. And not every girl will agree to the painful procedure of hair removal.

Yes, and it is not necessary when there is such a wonderful cream for depilation "Baptiste". This remedy on the skin will have a delicate effect, and the hairs will be destroyed very effectively, and you will not have to experience absolutely any pain.

This product is one of the cosmetics of the brand "Red Line". The main component of this depilation cream is the substance is quite aggressive and differs in that it contains a large percentage of alkali (indicated by the pH level). This component is necessary for dissolving the keratin sheath of the hair, and after that the hairs can easily be removed from the surface of the skin along with the cream.

It is clear that aggressive alkali will irritate the skin while the depilator is applied to it, and the developers envisioned this by enriching the formula with gentle ingredients: natural oil and extracts from medicinal plants that moisturize the skin well and soften it.

How to use

This cosmetic product is very simple to use, and the effect is achieved very quickly. You just need to follow the instructions and sequentially perform the following actions:

  • Apply the depilator to the skin with hairs using a special spatula (it comes with cream). Depilation will be successful only if you apply the product literally on every hair;
  • Leave the cream for the necessary effect. on hairs for five minutes;
  • Take a scapula and peel a small portion of the cream from the cream - so you can check how well the depilation was successful. If the hairs could be removed without difficulty, then it is possible to carry out depilation of the entire treated surface. If the effect is not good enough, the cream should be held on the skin for several minutes;
  • If the hairs are too stiff, the depilator should be applied in three layers, and after applying the previous layer, you need to withstand about five minutes, and only then apply the next layer. When another five minutes pass after the third layer, all layers are removed immediately;
  • Wash off the depilator only with cool running waterwithout using any detergents.

On the advantages and disadvantages

Batiste has a lot of advantages depilatory cream, these include:

  • absolute painlessness, which makes it possible to use the composition to get rid of hair even on the skin with special sensitivity - in the bikini area;
  • lack of problems after a depilation session (exception - only the individual intolerance of a particular chemical preparation). If you apply the composition to the skin at the elbow before the depilation procedure, thus testing the product and making sure that there is no allergic reaction, you can be absolutely sure that after the treatment you will have no red spots, no irritation, no itching ;
  • speed of the whole process - to remove hairs from a particular site, it will take a total of no more than twenty minutes;
  • simplicity, which distinguishes all performed manipulations, reduced to the fact that the composition must be applied with a stick to the skin;
  • high efficiency processing the skin surface with excess vegetation - the skin completely gets rid of hairs.

But Batiste cream also has some disadvantages:

  • although this happens quite rarely, however allergic reaction on constituent components is still possible;
  • short effect period - new hairs will grow on the third day;
  • subsequently possible ingrown hairs. This will partially help to avoid a skin scrub that needs to be treated on the third day after depilation.

In the next video, you will learn how to easily and simply solve the problem of ingrown body hair after depilation.


The company produces a depilatory cream in a series of five unique options:

  • with a honey smell;
  • with chocolate;
  • with cucumber;
  • with yogurt;
  • with rose water.

Each of the listed products is both a high-quality depilator and an excellent skin care product. In addition, they each have their own smell, which makes the session of getting rid of excess hair even more pleasant.

The formula of each of the Batistil brand depilators contains bioactive components of natural origin, which are obtained both from plants of domestic origin (hops and sage), and from papaya, the homeland of which is one of the exotic countries.

This set of ingredients slows down the growth process of excess hair. The depilation effect is due to the content of thioglycolate in the cream - this is a salt of thioglycolic acid, which can actively dissolve keratin in the hair cuticle. To help the skin tolerate the negative effects of this substance, all these products also contain ingredients useful for the skin in the form of natural shea butter and jojoba oils, as well as extracts from a particular plant, including cucumber, cocoa, passion fruit and honey.


This composition is suitable for girls with especially sensitive skin. They can safely process the bikini zone. In addition to the usual complex of bioactive ingredients, this product contains natural extracts of aloe vera and cucumber. Both of these components enrich the cream with moisturizing qualities, as well as emollients - to care for especially sensitive areas.

The aroma of this composition is similar to cucumber pickle, and if someone does not really like it, you should not worry about this, since the smell will no longer be immediately after washing off the cream. Removing cannon hairs is possible already in the fifth minute of exposure to the cream. The cuticle of a stiffer hair dissolves in only ten minutes.

The cost of a tube with a capacity of 100 ml is 80 rubles.


This product is identical to cucumber and is also recommended for girls with especially sensitive skin and for treating a bikini area. Although the composition of these two products are different - in this case, among the ingredients there are hop cones, sage, papaya, jojoba oil and even natural yogurt.

The biochemical composition of this cream is so delicate that it will not remove too hard hairs, which means that it is not suitable for girls with such vegetation, they need to choose other creams.

For 125 grams of yogurt cream you need to pay 100 rubles.


This product is just right for those cases when the hairs that are to be removed are too stiff. The bonus is the magical aroma of chocolate, which remains on the skin after washing off the cream. The composition should be applied for about fifteen minutes, and if the hair is too stiff, then you should use a triple application, when the next coat is applied after five minutes.

In this product, the composition is highly aggressive and should not be used for areas with delicate skin. Compensates for the skin the traumatic effect of the cream of the additive in its formula, in the form of a natural cocoa extract, as well as healing shea butter.

The color of this chocolate cream is almost the same as the skin - beige, its cost per 100 grams is 80 rubles.

After the procedure

This is an addition to the line of depilation creams. The action of silk cream is aimed at moisturizing the skin and its soothing after a negative impact. The composition of this product contains a complex of natural ingredients:

  • sage;
  • papaya;
  • hop;
  • Vitamin E
  • silk extract.

All these components, in addition to leaving, contribute to the fact that the hairs on it did not grow very quickly.

For a tube of care cream with a capacity of 125 ml, you will have to pay only 50 rubles.

The result obtained from the use of Batiste depilation cream depends to a large extent on how hard the processed hairs will be and how the cream was correctly selected for them. But any of the creams described has the highest quality - it is time-tested and numerous positive reviews of customers testify to this.

Where is it for sale

The purchase of Batiste depilators is possible in the cosmetic departments of stores, where, as a rule, you can find all the variety from the manufactured line of these creams, or at least most of them. You can make an order in the online store, if for someone this method of purchasing goods is more convenient.

The impressive effect of using these products for depilation, perfectly selected ingredients, the presence of a pleasant smell, attractive packaging and affordable prices - all this together caused the new product of Russian cosmetic production to gain a place on the shelves of cosmetics stores and made foreign analogues for which you have to give more money, but the effect may ultimately turn out to be - less.

Watch the video: Men Try Nair - Hair Removal Spray Depilatory Cream (December 2019).


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