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Shampoo for blondes from yellowness

Any hair requires complex care, which includes nutrition, hydration, strengthening with vitamins and minerals. In order for light curls to look natural and beautiful, you need to make a lot of effort.

The yellow color of hair in blondes needs to be tinted, which is why there are special tinted shampoos. Such funds are selected according to many criteria. The choice that manufacturers provide is so great that shampoo can be selected according to the most individual requirements.

Why hair turns yellow

Yellowness is the biggest problem for blondes. And many girls do not lighten their hair just because of one fear of the "yellow" effect. However, this shade can be seen not only on bleached, but also on natural curls. There are reasons for such an ugly color.

Blonde hair can be obtained in several ways:

  • dye the natural color of the strands - in this case, it is the staining with super strong light dyes (for example, the eleventh and twelfth tone of any palette). In this case, 9% and 12% are used as oxidizing agents - they dissolve the natural pigment. These tones should differ from natural by at least seven to eight transitions;
  • discolor the existing tone - This is a procedure that completely "cleans" the natural color of the hair. It is carried out using a special powder, which, mixing with an oxidizing aggregate, can almost completely lighten the natural tone. A powder can have different names - supra, blondoran or blonding powder - each brand can have its own name;
  • partial lightening - The process of highlighting hair is achieved in several procedures or steps. Highlighted locks are not damaged much, and the transition effect occurs gradually.

When using an oxidizing agent, which has a strong percentage of the active substance (from 9 to 12%), the hair structure is not only highlighted, but also damaged - so they become porous. In this case, the scales do not fit tightly against one another, but are located at a distance and directed in different directions - this is the reason that they can absorb everything from the outside: dust, dirt, tobacco smoke (which partially darkens them) and coloring components.

The latter lie unevenly and are washed quickly. This is the first reason for yellowness.

Natural hair color has three shades connected together: blue, red and yellow molecules. With sharp clarification, the first blue molecules are removed - they are responsible for the saturation and cold tone. By the way, that is why ash shades are washed off with strands most quickly.

Red molecules (responsible for color saturation) are destroyed in the second place, since they are more resistant to damage.

Yellow molecules responsible for the brightness of the color of the hair - they can not be destroyed, otherwise the hair structure will be irreversibly broken. On the lightest tones, these pigments are simply highlighted as much as possible, so there is a yellowish tint on the hair.

So, there may be several reasons why the hair turns yellow:

  • not completely dissolved pigment;
  • the use of strong brighteners;
  • lack of further toning.

Partial reasons include:

  • cigarette smoke;
  • water
  • lack of proper care.

How is the anti-yellow effect achieved?

Yellowness appears after such procedures:

  • Blonding
  • clarification;
  • highlighting.

In all cases, the color that is obtained gives away yellow.

It is interesting to know that the yellow tone is a violet tone. It is such a pigment that is added to anti-yellowness products.

To remove an ugly shade on your own, you must select certain tones, which are indicated by numbers.

Choice for the cool shades of blond:

8 - ashy color or light tone;

9 - bright ashen or very light tone;

10 - platinum or ash platinum.

In this case, the yellowness pigment - of blue color. To properly fix the effect, a little red dye is added - this is a neutralizer of residual effects.

Toning should be carried out by special means that contain precisely red, purple and blue pigments.

High-quality and long-lasting tinting of hair is obtained using special shampoos of the "silver" type.

They are produced individually for fair-haired girls and incorporate blue and purple pigment. Such a tool should be selected according to the condition of the hair and the brightness of the yellow tint. You should know: tinted shampoos can dry hair and scalp, so you should withstand the time indicated in the instructions.

With a yellow hair tone, other means can be used:

  • tint balms - represent funds in which there are no oxidizing components and ammonia. They even out the color by one tone. The paint does not penetrate into the hair, but covers only its shell. It is quickly washed away, and after using it, the curls have a slightly purple hue, which disappears after two or three washes;
  • whitening masks - are a home method of combating yellow hair. As a rule, they consist of natural components, and they can be made easily at home. The effect of folk recipes is cumulative, and yellowness is not immediately removed.

However, tint shampoo is considered the best effect to eliminate an undesirable shade on locks - it minimally damages hair, can be used regularly, cleanses and cares for the damaged structure of curls.

The composition of tinting shampoo

The toning shampoo for blondes is marked "silver "- silver, and it is specifically designed to eliminate the ugly shade and tone alignment.

Such a tool is recommended as the basis for the care of bleached curls. As a rule, it tends to gently care for them, clean them of dirt and styling products, and also lightly stain, neutralizing yellowness.

Cosmetic complexes of such products are developed on the basis of special substances that are able to clog the paint inside the hair. And supplements in the form of trace elements and keratin are able to add volume and shine to the strands. In any composition, there are also active-type components that are aimed at restoring the cellular structure of bleached curls. And in some you can even find a protective filter against ultraviolet radiation - which is vital for hair that is devoid of dark pigments

In each composition, pigments must also be present:

  • blue - to pay off light and light raids of yellowness. This component eliminates ugly glare and is invisible on the hair. Also evens out the tone to a natural and uniform shade, gives some tone to the tone;
  • Violet - is an active substance that eliminates any, even the most yellow shade on the hair. It can quickly eliminate an undesirable tone, however, in some shampoos it manifests itself quite strongly and leaves a lilac shade on the hair of the lungs;
  • blue - such a pigment is used so as not to eliminate, but to tint yellowness. For example, to give a pink tint to curls, shampoos with blue pigment are used. They are not persistent, they are washed out several times, leaving no traces and residual color.

How to choose

To choose the right shade, it is necessary to rely on the color of the hair and the saturation of its yellowness. It should also be remembered that you need to choose the color that will look advantageous on curls.

What you should pay attention to when buying a tint shampoo:

  • the composition should not be ammonia and artificial oxidants - they destroy the structure of the hair, prevent the penetration and fixing of the pigment inside;
  • The basis of such shampoos is specially purified water. Since water has the ability to affect the structure of the hair (make it tougher, dye, damage), they should be cleaned as much as possible. As a rule, in the composition it is in the first place and is indicated by special notes;
  • the presence of minerals - zinc, selenium, chromium - nourish the dermis and penetrate into the deep layers of the hairs to restore them from the inside. It is better if trace elements are present in the composition of the tint;
  • vitamin complex - responsible for moisturizing and strengthening hair. Due tocopherol, retinol and other useful compounds, the hair follicles become stronger, hair loss stops, and the surface of the curls becomes homogeneous. The latter is also necessary to consolidate the staining effect;
  • fruit acids and unsaturated fats - First of all, they take care of the strands, make them soft and silky to the touch. The use of funds with such components helps to restore vitality and healthy shine of hair.

In general, tint shampoos are recognized to shade the original color, so if you need to get an ashy shade, you should choose products with silver pigment. To even out the tone and give a cool natural shade to curls, you need to pay attention to the compositions with purple and blue pigment.

To emphasize the brightness of the color and highlight your hair, you can use shades of blue and pink type.

Popular brands

Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of shampoos with various dyes and an additional effect, as well as for different shades of hair and skin types. Therefore, you should carefully read not only the composition, but the information on the label. The best brands and popular shampoos are described below.

"Blond Explosion Anti Yellow" by Concept

Special tinting agent from Concept - gently eliminates ugly yellow tint from hair. Carefully changing color without damaging the upper layer, the shampoo envelops each hair with a protective film - this thickens the hair and strengthens the roots. The cosmetic product has a thick consistency and is easy to apply. Designed for light curls and easy to use, both at home and in the cabin. The shampoo has silver pigments. Biological components and active substances nourish the strands, make them smooth, help with combing and remove the static effect.

After using such a tool, the hair becomes alive, gaining additional volume.

Matrix "Color Obsessed So Silver"

This shampoo is suitable not only for bleached, natural and highlighted hair, but also for gray hair. The product completely corrects the yellow tint, and also cares for curls. The tool allows you to tint an ugly color, as well as even out other shades. Gives a stylish "coldness" to the hairstyle.

"Color Freeze Bonacure Silver Shampoo" by Schwarzkopf

Means "Color freeze“helps to give the curls a natural shine of silver, eliminates yellowness, and also gently cleanses the dermis of the head and hair from pollution. The active vitamin complex nourishes and strengthens hair at all levels. Due to normal pH 4.5, the shampoo maintains a water-salt balance. It neutralizes any warm tone, and adds coldness to overflows.The basis is water, a coloring pigment and a vitamin complex.

"Color Revive Blonde & Silver" by Londa

The main advantage of the product is that it contains natural-type pigments in its composition: lavender extracts of violet color. Represents a hair shampoo that removes not only yellowness, but also a golden tone. Its purpose is special care for clarified strands. May form the basis of a caring complex. According to many reviews, it does not color the skin, does not give unnatural shades, is quickly absorbed and holds pigment well in the hair.


Ollin differs from the rest in that it produces shampoos only based on natural ingredients. The most gentle care is achieved due to coloring pigments of a natural property, and trace elements in the composition allow proper care. Products of the entire line of tinted shampoos eliminate unnatural shades, give a noble shine and heal the hair along the entire length. Due to bio-compounds, shampoos are especially popular among blondes.


Shampoo from the company is presented in the shade "White chocolate", and a silver tone agent is registered in the composition. The brand produces professional hair care products - and silver shampoo is no exception. There are only four active ingredients - two violet and two silver. Due to this combination is formed beautiful, even overflows of color, and the yellow pigment is completely suppressed. Keratin fibers, as an additive, provide protection and nutrition to every hair. Recovery and hydration occurs from the roots to the very ends of the curls. The lipid components gently cover the hair, protecting them from the negative effects of the sun and temperature extremes.

Vitamin B5 is also present - it activates the production of natural melanin, which is responsible for the shine and health of the hair.

Amino acids protect the color, do not allow it to be washed out of the upper layers of curls, and special-type additives help look after the curls - they become brilliant, filling with life and health. By the way, according to numerous reviews, shampoo additionally increases the volume and makes the hair visually thicker.

"Prima Blonde" by Estel

Shampoos from this brand have a talking name - "Prima Blonde". In addition to the tint effect, it, like its analogues, is able to care for and cleanse curls, soothe the dermis and nourish its deep layers with vitamins and minerals. Manufacturers are increasingly enriching the composition of coloring shampoos with nutrients and whole complexes. So the tool copes with the maximum number of functions: cares, nourishes, tones and cleanses. It is this line that produces Estel.

Lee stafford

Meets all European quality requirements that apply to the composition of hair cleansers. Lee stafford It has a series of tint shampoos with a huge selection, but the most interesting is the silver tone. Shampoo has the following properties:

  • to clean - natural components effectively remove impurities and excess fat from the dermis of the head, and cosmetics and other products from the hair;
  • tint - pigments of several shades of silver type effectively block the yellow tone, fastening it around the top layer;
  • restore - vitamin-mineral complex promotes the regeneration of the inner layers of the hair;
  • return natural shinek - appears due to keratin fibers and lipids in the composition. They improve, smooth the structure of curls, contribute to easy combing;
  • protect - the filter from ultraviolet rays protects the strands from moisture loss and melanin burnout.

"System Professional Silver Blond" by Wella

Shampoo has excellent properties for cleaning hair, and shading yellowness. The composition contains lipids, fatty acids, liquid keratin, and coloring pigment - they contribute to the excellent effect of shiny, ashen hair. Sometimes, if the shampoo is overexposed, a bluish tint may result. Therefore, you must strictly follow the instructions.

"Reflex Shampoo" by Keune

It is a professional tool. The composition contains wheat extract, protein fibers and B vitamins. It is easily applied, washed off after two to three minutes, and the "silver" effect lasts on the hair for a long time.

"Anti-Yellow Silver" by Permesse

The shampoo contains an extract of sunflower seed, which charges the hair with nutrients, and silk inclusions and silicone thicken the strands and make it softer. Shampoo is suitable not only for bleached hair, but also highlighted strands, as well as completely gray hair. Gives hair a beautiful silver tone.

"Phyto Radiant Silver Kydra" by Secret Professionnel

Tool represents luxury brand". It has a completely natural composition and consists only of organically pure components. The grooming complex allows you to use shampoo daily, and The shade has a natural tone and pleasant shine.

"Luxor Hair Therapy Color" by Elea Professional

The tool perfectly copes with yellowness, and due to special purposes, cares and nourishes hair. The composition is additionally enriched with a sunscreen. This shampoo is best for the summer.

"Essence" by Osmo

This remedy is an active yellowness neutralizer. After the first application gives hair silvery flicker and natural shades of shade. The shampoo is suitable for frequent use and is saturated with oils of a special type, as well as fruit extracts. According to reviews, it foams well and has a pleasant, unobtrusive smell.

"Innova Color Silver" by Indola

Shampoo from a German company has caring components, is able to quickly color and eliminate bumps and yellowness with a strand. Due to the keratin extract, the pigment is retained in the hair longer than usual, therefore, using such a composition more than once a week is not recommended. Shampoos from the line have a similar effect. Kapous.


According to the girls, tinted shampoos are a great way to not only brighten your look, but also choose professional care for your hair. In the ranking of the best tinting agents there is Concept "Blond Explosion" and "Color Freeze Silver" by Schwarzkopf. Such means do not make curls heavier, give a natural shade, and have a good effect of blocking yellowness.

How many respond, a remedy from Wella - dirty hair, does not clean it completely, and sometimes stains hair with stains.

Some also write that Estel produces shampoos that color not only strands, but also skin, and sometimes even clothes.

Individual shampoos have a too bright pigment, for example, Indigo, therefore, so that the locks do not turn bright blue, girls recommend mixing it with ordinary shampoo.

The leaders in the quality and duration of the effect are Kydra Secret Professionnel and Keune Reflex Shampoo. The disadvantages include the high cost of funds.

You can learn how to get rid of the yellowness of hair from the video.

Watch the video: GET RID OF YELLOW HAIR IN 5 MINUTES! (April 2020).


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