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Eye cream Bielita-Bitex

A woman at any age wants the skin on her face to be fresh, without wrinkles and blemishes. To achieve the desired result, Bielita-Bitex Eye Cream helps. It is represented by many varieties with various effects and properties.


Bielita-Bitex company produces a huge number of beauty products for skin care, including more than 30 types of creams around the eyes. Among them are anti-aging, energetic, firming skin, corrective and many others. All products are certified and confirmed by international standards. The manufacturer tries to use only high-quality and harmless components in the products that can really give the desired result.

Various products from Bielita-Bitex are produced taking into account the type of skin, its sensitivity, the cosmetics used. Means can be both decorative and caring. Affordable and reliable creams appreciated by many women. Depending on the face care task, there are several types of this cosmetics.


Anti-aging cream from the Dead Sea line based on marine trace elements saturates the skin of the eyelids with minerals and stimulates its metabolic processes. As a result, it becomes resilient and resilient. The tool prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

“Chamomile” cream expert restores the skin and has a refreshing effect. Components based on chamomile and allantoin extract soften and help smooth fine lines. It is classified as a cream vacation.

For women over 35 years old, a filler with a silk texture from the B-Like System line is perfect. He intensively fights facial wrinkles on the face around the eyes and restores elasticity. Suitable for all skin types.

The line "Mezo-complex" was created specifically in order to produce a rejuvenating effect and prevent the inevitable aging of the skin. It is based on mesotherapy - the introduction of special cocktails made from trace elements for certain areas around the eyes. As a result, wrinkles are not only smoothed, but the complexion improves.

Bielita-Bitex presents funds "Mezo complex"for 3 age groups: 30+, 40+, 50+, with more than 15 items.

Review for eye cream "Mezo complex"from Bielita-Bitex - see the video below.

Ultra-precise eye cream "Laser Effect" reduces browning on problem areas, eliminates crow's feet wrinkles and puffiness with signs of fatigue. The special production technology of this cosmetics in an integrated composition has a directed effect on different parts of the face.

Cream-contour "Face Collagen" is designed to more intensively highlight the contour of the eyelids. However, it reduces swelling and smoothes out small wrinkles. It has a complex effect and a tightening effect.

The Bielita-Bitex Thermal Line is designed specifically for removing signs of fatigue and darkening around the eyes. Creams made on thermal water with the addition of trace elements prevent the formation of wrinkles and can be designed for regular use.

For delicate and sensitive skin, recommended products from the line "Sea buckthorn and Linden blossom". They soften and soothe the skin, fight its aging. The complex with sea buckthorn and linden blossom has a pleasant smell and brings a feeling of freshness.

Gentle energy products from the Q10 line based on natural beeswax have a moisturizing, nourishing and smoothing effect. More than 15 items of similar products are presented.

Eyelid lifting "Cell rejuvenation" restores the youth of the integument due to the plant cells that make up the composition. It also serves as an excellent firming and moisturizing agent that prevents the formation of wrinkles.


Many women using face cosmetics from Bielita-Bitex very positively respond to its products. Affordable prices, a variety of different products for all occasions, the absence of allergies and other harmful factors, a pleasant smell are noted. Particularly preferred eye creams from the lines of "Q10", "Face Collagen", "Dead Sea".

Customers over 40 speak favorably about universal products from the range of "Mezo complex"that really bring the expected result.

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