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Restorative shampoo

Improper hair care, aggressive environmental effects, the use of a large number of chemicals and a variety of styling devices can lead to the fact that the structure of curls will be severely damaged, and they themselves will be weak, lifeless and thinned. In these cases, restoring shampoo will come to the rescue, which will help not only improve the appearance of the hair, but also its health.

Causes of damage to curls

Damage to strands should be understood as their increased dryness, hardness, intense loss and fragility. The restoring shampoo in these cases will intensively nourish the curls, supply them with the necessary vitamins and minerals, moisturize and strengthen. But it is worthwhile to understand that it is necessary to purchase this product, taking into account not only the type of hair, but also the causes of their damage: domestic or external.

Under internal causes you should understand those that led to a practically lifeless state, curls from the inside. This will help to be severe stress, prolonged depression, decreased immunity, lack of vitamins in the body, any disease of the internal organs, as well as iron deficiency. In this case, the use of restorative shampoo, it is necessary to spend more time in the air, normalize your daily routine and nutrition. It is better to give preference to natural seasonal products, as well as take additional multivitamin complexes.

Mechanical damage associated with negative external influences. Most often, this is hair coloring, curling, the use of the wrong accessories for the care of curls. All these reasons can be divided into several groups:

  • The negative chemical effect is primarily associated with frequent staining of strands., as well as excessive passion for curling hair, both on curlers and long-term professional. In this case, the curls get severe burns, and their structure is destroyed under the influence of the components of paints and curling mixtures. At the same time, with regular dyeing and especially bleaching of curls, damage occurs not only to the hair itself, but also to the root, as well as to the scalp. And here it is already impossible to do without the use of special reducing agents.
  • Mechanical damage is the most common. This can come from excessive use of a comb and a fad of tight or very hard hair accessories. Fans of high hairstyles who love bouffant often face split ends, as well as falling out strands and their stiffness.
  • Temperature differences also negatively affect the structure of curls and their appearance. Too hot air, as well as too cold, adversely affects the strands. The moisture from them evaporates, and the result is dull, very dry and brittle curls.

Even if you sometimes use a hairdryer or curling iron, and also periodically changes the color of your hair, you need to use a restorative shampoo at least once a week.

Hair that is not too damaged will not only recover faster, but will also be able to withstand some types of damage. The main thing is to purchase a product suitable for your hair type.

Choose by hair type

Everything has long been known that curls can differ from each other in their structure and type. They can be thick or thin, voluminous or without volume, and also fat, normal or dry. These features should be taken into account when purchasing a cleaning detergent.

So, in particular, to women, suffering from excessive fat curls, not only products containing a large amount of vitamins, oils and minerals are required, but also which in their composition have the greatest amount of cleansing substances. Only their high content will help not only restore health to the hair, but also qualitatively clean it. In this case, fat curls can turn into normal over time, because such restorative shampoos for this type of hair normalize the production of fat in the glands.

Normal hair does not need to select any special tool with additional capabilities, except for restoration. With proper care, curls of this type for a long time remain clean, beautiful and healthy.

Cleansing and regenerating products for curls with a high content of vitamin and mineral complexes are exactly what you need to get if you have dry curls. This type is easily recognizable by a large number of brittle hair, split ends, stiffness of curls. In addition, for severely damaged hair, you should purchase those products that have various oils in their composition. Such shampoos will be more effective and faster in terms of manifestation of the result.

Some ladies are owners of a mixed type, as a rule, they are fat on the roots and dry at the ends. Such combined curls need special care, and funds for them should be selected especially carefully, because they need both enhanced nutrition and hydration, and at the same time, drying the scalp.

When planning to purchase a restorative shampoo, you need to know your hair type exactly, because the wrong choice can not only bring no benefit, but also cause even greater harm.

After all, if you buy a revitalizing shampoo for dry ones for fat strands, their condition will become even worse. Additional nutrition and so problematic strands can lead to even greater greasy and development of seborrhea.

Recommended Composition

Depending on the brand that has released this product on the shelves, it may include various components, both of chemical origin and natural. Since the strands still need to be restored, you should give preference to that shampoo that positions itself as natural. In this case, it should include the following ingredients or their natural analogues:

  1. Extracts or decoction of herbs. As you know, it is plants that have a unique natural healing power, and cleansers with such components in their composition are the best suited for the comprehensive restoration of even the most severely damaged hair.
  2. Nutrient vitamin and mineral complexes in the composition are the key to the effective work of the product. In this case, it is better to give preference to those products, which include oil extracts of vitamins or oils, for example, burdock or apricot kernel. The curls in this case will receive all the necessary nutrition and hydration at the same time.
  3. Hyaluronic Acid Repair Shampoos are a great choice for very brittle and split hair. It is this acid that will quickly restore their structure and fill with much-needed moisture.

But no matter how natural this product may be, its composition will still contain perfumes, parabens and preservatives. By and large, their presence is not very dangerous, with the exception of one - Ammonium.

Cleansing products containing this component, not only can not restore curls, but only worsen their condition even more.

But it’s not enough to get only the right tool, it also needs to be used correctly, the only way to achieve the desired result.

How to care

The stronger the curls are damaged, the more careful, thorough and, most importantly, comprehensive care they need, and therefore:

  • You can clean the strands during their recovery only with a special tool. You should not alternate its use with the usual shampoo, and ringlets should be washed only twice a week. If the hair gets dirty too quickly in the shampoo, you can add a couple of drops of lavender essential extract or rinse your head with a weak solution of vinegar or lime juice. But this is only suitable for oily hair.
  • To enhance the effect of shampoo in combination with it, special restoring balms and masks should be used. In this case, it is better to give preference to products of the same series, which will complement each other, and enhance their impact.
  • You should forget about cleansing curls with hot water, it should be cool.
  • To enhance the restoring effect before washing the curls immediately, they should be carefully lubricated with any base oil: burdock, grape seed, coconut or jojoba.
  • The main amount of shampoo should be applied specifically to the roots and scalp, The rest of the curls should be cleaned with a small amount of foam.
  • No sudden movements are allowed, wash carefully and gently.
  • To release curls from excessive moisture at the end of the procedure should be light squeezes. For more thorough drying, it is necessary to wrap your head with a turban or warm towel for 10-15 minutes.
  • Do not use a hair dryer or curling iron. Otherwise, there will simply be no recovery effect.

It should be understood that the visible and tangible result of improving the condition of the lock is not immediately, but after about three procedures for using the appropriate funds. It all depends on the degree of damage, structure, as well as the composition of the product itself.

Rating of the best brands

Many manufacturers of hair care products did not miss the opportunity to profit, and therefore engaged in the production and production of restorative hair care products, while some of them produce not just one product, but a whole series at once. The most popular and effective products today are the following:

  • Dove Intensive Recovery Suitable for very dry and extremely damaged strands. Its unique composition is able to restore the normal state of curls of any type. However, the manufacturer himself still recommends using it for women with normal, dry or combination hair types.
  • The Wella brand and its Deep Recovery won a huge number of fans. The brand is known as a manufacturer of not only mass-market products, but also professional cosmetics and care products. Therefore, it is not surprising that this shampoo is really quickly and efficiently able to restore curls after severe and prolonged damage of any type.
  • KeraSys, refers to professional hair care products. A multi-component and highly effective formula provides intensive restoration of curls after thermal and mechanical damage.
  • Lovers often change their image by changing the color of their hair and their shape using perms ideal Gliss Kur Extreme Recovery. After the first use of this remedy, the curls become soft and silky, they again acquire a healthy glow and radiance. Regular use of this product allows you to not only restore the strands, but also protect them from further severe damage.
  • Fructis SOS Recovery ProductAccording to the manufacturer, it is able to eliminate damage caused to the strands during the year in just three shampoos. At the same time, the curls become not only healthy, but shiny and strong.
  • Another product from the brand Garnier, got its name "Triple Recovery", due to the presence of three types of base oils at once: olive, shea butter and avocado. According to the manufacturer, the use of this product will strengthen the curls, smooth their surface and nourish their structure from the inside with all the necessary substances and trace elements.
  • A good option for the fastest possible return to healthy hair offers the company Avon and its Instant Recovery 7 product. If you believe the inscriptions on the packaging of this shampoo, it not only eliminates the split ends and prevents them from falling out again, but also nourishes curls, moisturizes them, gives softness and shine, but most importantly gives the strands intense protection against any negative thermal effects.
  • Fitoval, It allows not only to restore health and beauty to the hair, but also to provide additional care for the scalp. Also, this tool has shown high effectiveness in the fight against seborrhea and dandruff. It has established itself as an ideal product for the care of regularly bleached hair.
  • Pantene Pro-V Brand could not stay away and offered buyers an intensive recovery shampoo. Like other products of this manufacturer, this tool has established itself as highly effective and generally available. Visible and very tangible result after two uses. For more intensive moisturizing, this brand suggests using a special Restorative and Moisturizing shampoo for very dry and brittle hair.
  • World famous brand Londa, invites consumers to experience the result of using professional shampoo for hair restoration Professional Visible Repair. Designed for professional use, it quickly gained popularity with ordinary women, due to its high efficiency.
  • Japanese manufacturers, known for their high-quality products, have produced a real miracle shampoo for hair restoration Shiseido tsubaki. The natural composition, reasonable cost and high efficiency, allow this tool to be considered one of the best curl restoring products.
  • A universal product that allows you to restore beauty and health to hair of any type and length - this Wella "Pro series". At the same time cleans the strands, nourishes and moisturizes them, and also protects from the negative effects of the environment and minor mechanical damage.
  • One of the most beloved, inexpensive and effective means to restore curls in domestic women is Nivea "Directional Recovery and Care." The composition contains many natural components, which contribute to the fastest and most effective recovery of even very badly damaged locks.
  • Restorative shampoo Bonacure manufactured by Schwarzkopf Professional, is one of the best professional tools. Its rich and very effective composition helps to nourish curls, restore their health, vibrant shine and radiance. This is an ideal tool for daily use, which can be used not only during the treatment and restoration of curls, but also as a prophylactic of their damage.

In addition, some domestic manufacturers also produce similar products. I would especially like to note the brand "Secrets of Agafya’s grandmother, " who released a whole line of restoratives. Despite its low cost, products of this brand are very effective, due to the content in its composition of a large number of natural ingredients.

You can learn more about shampoo from the video.


Depending on the type of restorative shampoo, as well as its manufacturer, reviews about this tool are different. But, in the vast majority, they are almost positive.

Consumers note their availability, simplicity and speed of use, as well as apparent effectiveness.After applying such funds, the curls become more thick, soft and silky, they are easier to style and have a beautiful appearance.

Many consumers also note that after a course of using restorative shampoo, curls begin to grow faster, and hair falls out less. The use of several such products at once, for example, shampoo, serum or balm, as well as masks not only increase the effectiveness of the final result of their use, but also accelerate the onset of the visible result.

If we talk about negative reviews of the use of this reducing product, then, in general, according to consumers, they are associated with errors in choosing a product or non-compliance with recommendations for use, as well as the occurrence of allergic reactions in some cases.

Restorative shampoo is the very first, simple and affordable help for damaged hair. And which one you choose depends on the type of your hair, the degree of damage and personal preferences.

Watch the video: REVIEW: Ojon Damage Reversal Restorative Shampoo & Conditioner (November 2019).

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