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Professional Restorative Shampoos

Any professional hair shampoo performs several functions - cleanses, cares, restores. To make the hair look healthy, you need to carefully select the funds, read the composition and study additional properties.

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Today, there are a large number of shampoos by type. They fall into several categories. For example, by hair type:

  • for dry you need to buy a professional shampoo firming, nourishing or with active additives of minerals and vitamins;
  • for normal. It is believed that the owners of this type of hair are lucky - you can use any shampoos. The hair is usually in excellent condition if there were no damage factors, for example, painting. Then you need to pay attention to the shampoo that evens the color;
  • for oily and mixed hair. Excessive work of the sebaceous glands leads to the fact that after the first shampooing, the curls can still be dirty. Therefore, you should purchase a cleansing or moisturizing shampoo;
  • for damaged. With thermal exposure daily, hair needs a professional means of reconstruction. It protects hair from overheating and has a UV filter. In case of damage from perm, a product is needed to restore the hair structure or for curly locks (it includes special complexes and acids). Special preparations are used if keratin straightening has also occurred.


The composition of the caring shampoo must contain natural ingredients and cationic elements (they straighten and seal the top layer of each hair). Various components can be found, for example, tar.

As part of high-quality shampoos for professional use, there should not be surfactants and sulfates.

On the label they are indicated:

  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • sodium Laureth Sulfate - dangerous compound;
  • sodium chloride - sodium chloride, causes damage to the dermis;
  • cocamidoproryl betaine - Betaine dangerous chemical surfactant.

Overview of Popular Tools

Riche "With Amla Oil"

A sulfate-free professional shampoo that can be used daily. It has several useful properties:

  • nourishes hair along its entire length;
  • repairs damage;
  • cleans.

The composition used amla oil and soap nut as a vegetable base.

The product is suitable for oily and mixed hair types. It has no contraindications, and the shampoo itself is not tested on animals.

Lador "Moisture Balancing"

Korean drug based on chamomile and lavender extract. Suitable for sensitive and dry scalp and has a large number of properties: nourishes, prevents dandruff, soothes itching and irritation.

The composition used a special complex "Greenol", which has a powerful antioxidant effect, also there is no silicone.

Indola "Color Shampoo"

It is represented by a series of products for colored and lightened hair. Shampoos protect the color and eliminate the heterogeneity of the hair structure. Also in the line there is a tool marked Silver - it is intended only for blondes, provides nourishing, regenerative care, and also has an anti-yellow effect. After using it, light curls become a noble cold edema.

Salerm "Purificante Shampoo"

It has a mild cleansing effect, has a gentle caring formula and is suitable for high-quality cleansing of strands of all impurities and cosmetic products.

Cutrin "Premium"

Professional brand Cutrin has released a series of products for the care of dyed and dull hair. The composition of the funds has a special complex of active substances based on hyaluronic acid, which helps to restore the structure of curls, as well as nutrition and hydration of the epidermis.

Pureology "Hydrate Shampoo"

Special shampoo based on healthy hydrates. Contains no harmful sulfates. The composition contains a complex of soft care components and oils. Suitable for dyed and weakened hair.

Ollin "Bionika Reconstructor"

Careful care for very damaged curls. The main components of ceramide, elastin and ceramide fibers, which affect the inner layer of hair, nourish and restore it. The composition contains no harmful components and surfactants.

Bonacure "Smooth Perfect Shampoo"

Suitable for naughty and curly strands. It contains apricot kernel oil. Simplifies combing, nourishes with oils and vitamins. It can be used daily.


According to reviews, girls appreciate professional care and are increasingly switching to cosmetics that do not have parabens and harmful surfactants. Many comment that hair does not get used to professional cosmetics, but it recovers faster. However, when switching to sulfate-free shampoos, patience is required - hair can be poorly washed from dirt and tangled.

Many people like the effect of shampoo Lador Moisture Balancing, Riche Shampoo With Amla Oil - funds perfectly clean the curls and make them softer.

However, some girls say that professional shampoos without the use of sulfates do not foam well, for example Pureology "Hydrate Shampoo". But this overlaps the positive effect.

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