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Shampoo Pantene Pro-V

Every woman wants to be beautiful, so she takes care of herself from head to toe. That's about the head, more precisely, about the hair, and we will talk. What the fair sex doesn’t do so that the hairstyle is perfect and lasts all day. Much attention is paid to the product that is used to wash your hair, because the purity, volume and shine of the hair depend on it in many respects. Shampoo "Pantene Pro-V" will provide complete nutrition to the scalp and hair. And thanks to the large assortment, you can choose exactly the tool that suits you.

Brand history

Pantene Corporation for over 70 years. It all started in 1947 when the company Hoffman - La Roche introduced Pantene shampoo. By the way, the name was invented for a reason, it conceals the main component of the drug - panthenol. The result was not long in coming and the product almost immediately won the sympathy of the whole of Europe, and ten years later overcame the ocean and conquered the United States, where the most famous personalities used it.

In 1973, the company created a new product - hair conditioner of the same name. Following the fashion, the design of the bottles is changing.

After a very short time, the brand became so popular that every woman always had a bottle with Pantene. After all, no other remedy has given such amazing effects of purification and care for the hair.

In 1985, the company Richardson-Vicks acquired Panteneand then it became the property of Procter & Gamble. The corporation did not stop at the achieved results and conducted various studies and surveys aimed at improving the product. Surveys have shown that shine of hair is very important for women. And then the composition was revised and improved, and in the title appeared the addition of Pro-V. It means vitamin B5, thanks to which hairstyles have acquired a healthy shine.

Such an innovative tool could not go unnoticed, and after a short period of time Pantene Pro-V was already in all corners of the world where it was in demand.

Despite world fame, Pantene Pro-V is constantly improving its composition, creating more and more new products for the beauty of hairstyles, and delighting women with new lines of hair care and care products. Perhaps that is why many women answer Pantene when asked about the beauty of hair.

Features of the composition

Probably not a single person who has never used shampoo Pantene pro-v. Year after year, the formula is improved, more and more new tools are released. Pantene company monitors all consumer requests, and strives to follow all the changes, so the effectiveness of hair products is kept at a high level.

As already mentioned, the variety of care series meets the needs of consumers. Consider: what is included in the composition, what makes the brand so popular.

The whole secret is in the beneficial components that moisturize and nourish the scalp, have an antibacterial effect, fight inflammation and improve the condition of the hair from the inside. And vitamin supplements enhance the effect.

Each line of products is designed for a specific type of hair and specializes in solving certain problems.

Before buying a particular series, pay attention to your hair type, care should correspond to it. If the tool is chosen incorrectly, then it is pointless to wait for the desired effect. And if you also have sensitive scalp, you may experience discomfort and dandruff.

Product line

Consider what types of products are available to customers, and what problems they solve.

Full care cannot be carried out using only shampoo. Say what you like, but it is able to cleanse the scalp and hairline qualitatively, and balms, masks and other products are meant to provide nutrition and recovery, it all depends on your hair type.

The active formulas of the care products give a visible effect immediately after use.

It is worth noting that hair care after dyeing is somewhat different from conventional care, since it is necessary not only to nourish the curls, but also to protect them from the rapid washing away of color.

"Aqua Light"

This line is represented by three means: shampoo, nourishing mask, two-phase spray. It is designed for thin hair without volume.

Transparent shampoo perfectly cleanses, gives a feeling of lightness and freshness of the scalp.

The light, delicate texture foams well and is easily washed off. Thanks to the vitamins that make up the curls become stronger, rise from the roots, due to which the hairstyle becomes thicker and more voluminous. The delicate aroma of the detergent makes the shampooing pleasant.

"Intensive protection and recovery"

This series is intended for damaged brittle hair that needs special nutrition to restore shine and strength. The line includes four products: shampoo, conditioner, firming mask and restorative elixir. Using the entire line of tools, you will notice a positive effect immediately.

Shampoo contains a high percentage of panthenol, due to which there is a restoration of the hair structure from the inside.

It gently cleanses curls, nourishes them and protects from the harmful effects of adverse factors - the scorching sun, severe frost, wind and dust. Amino acids, which are part of the composition, exert their beneficial effect and help strengthen the strands at the cellular level, protect them from dryness and restore split ends. As a result, your hair becomes smoother, shinier and more manageable. The formula of the shampoo is quite thick, so that it is well applied. Perfume composition is delicate and unobtrusive. Suitable for daily use.

"Thick and strong"

This line is designed for owners of normal hair and thin dull locks. Shampoo will provide complete care for the hair. A pleasant perfume composition will complement the care.

You can learn more about shampoo from the video.

Shampoo is suitable for cleansing and strengthening curls. Thanks to the deep action, he heals the hair, makes the strands softer and more obedient.

Its composition includes unique moisturizing components that eliminate dullness of color. Hair becomes thicker and looks healthier.

"Protection of color and gloss

Dyed or streaked hair requires special attention. They need additional protection against color washout. This line is designed just for this case. The whole complex includes the following products: shampoo, balm, mask, serum "Transformation in 3 minutes". Comprehensive care will preserve color brightness longer, and you don’t have to visit salons often to repeat the staining procedure.

Shampoo with a special formula gently cleanses colored strands, giving them a healthy glow.

Its gentle formula not only removes impurities, but also actively nourishes strands, returning them a healthy glow. It contains many useful components that saturate curls, allow you to maintain a healthy glow for a long time, protect them from aggressive environmental factors and enhance nutrition.

"Merging with Nature. Purification and Nutrition"

The series is suitable for women whose hair is weakened and prone to hair loss.

The composition of the shampoo, in addition to the main cleansers and vitamins, includes a natural component - cassia flower extract, which has a profound effect on cleansing and strengthening of hair roots, and nutrition of dry ends. The product has a pleasant fruity smell, thanks to the grapefruit extract included in the composition. With prolonged use, hair loss will be completely stopped. Lthe windows do not become heavier, they become more obedient, so combing becomes easier and the hair does not tangles.

"Basic nutrition and shine"

This line is intended for owners of normal hair, but this does not prohibit using it if you have a different type of curls.

Shampoo effectively removes dirt. Thanks to the vitamin complex included in its formula, deeply nourishes the strands and stops hair loss, thereby increasing their volume and density. After its first use, the curls look more well-groomed, radiant and even along the entire length. The hairstyle looks healthy and shiny.

Smooth Silk

The series is suitable for women with normal hair, a little dry at the ends. The tool will make the curls obedient. With regular use, the effect will be stronger, and the result will be achieved faster.

Shampoo, as in other series, perfectly cleanses and nourishes the scalp. It is well applied, foams and rinses off quickly, without leaving a feeling of soapy coating and heaviness on the hair. In addition, it makes curls smooth, shining along the entire length and makes it easy to comb them.


If you have ever used any Pantene Pro-V brand product, you probably noticed their amazing effect. Consumers are pleased with the effective work to solve problems, the result of which is almost instant. Buyers note an attractive and thoughtful packaging design, thanks to which the product is conveniently removed in the right amount. Women are pleased with the economical consumption of shampoo, because its composition is so light that a small amount is needed even for very long hair. Easy to apply and easy to rinse - this description is the best suited for Pantene Pro-V brand products. Especially customers like a non-intrusive, pleasant perfume composition that adds the pleasure of caring for hair.

Representatives of the beautiful half are satisfied with the action of the lines of cleansers for hair, as the condition of the hair improves, and easy combing and styling can not but rejoice.

Girls note the excellent structure of the shampoo - not too thick and not too liquid, just the way it should. The effect of the balms was felt by almost everyone who tried them, the hair became smoother and more obedient.

Customers, whose hair type can be safely attributed to oily, note that the manufacturer keeps his word and after using special lines, the curls become clean and light, and the effect obtained is better and lasts longer than when using products from other manufacturers. Accordingly, you do not need to wash your hair often, and the funds are enough for a longer period.

Many women of fashion who tried Pantene Pro-V shampoos noted that the affordable price of the product and the result obtained simply shocked them. They did not expect to receive such high-quality care at such a reasonable price. Women began to advise Pantene Pro-V to their colleagues and friends, who, in turn, were also satisfied.

When using Pantene products, there was an increase in the health of curls, their radiant shine. Dull hair received a rebirth. And the loss of weakened hair practically stopped, as the hair ceased to be weak and lifeless.

I would like to separately note the enthusiastic reviews of the fair sex, which relate to the volume of hair. Hair became so voluminous that no one believed in the possibility of such a miracle without expensive trips to beauty salons. The effect has been achieved.

Masks and serums gained their laurels during the procedures for the care of curls. They acted instantly and did not burden their hairstyles, which earned them special thanks to the women.

In addition to the actions announced on the bottles, the ladies noticed that after Pantene Pro-V dandruff disappears, the scalp ceases to be dry.

The company "Pantene" has become widely known throughout the world, thanks to quality products presented in a large assortment.

Of course, a universal remedy for all problems associated with the health of hair does not exist. However, the company's specialists spend a lot of time developing new tools and improving existing products. What is their very first discovery worth: the positive effect of panthenol on the structure of hair. Scientists are not going to stop at the achieved results, since the needs of customers are the key to new developments. Try Pantene at least once and you will certainly be satisfied!

Watch the video: Wash Day : Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect (April 2020).


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