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Shampoo Nivea

The world famous brand Nivea offers a huge selection of cosmetics and skin care products for face, body and hair. One of the most popular rulers of the brand is the line of hair care. Nivea shampoos not only cleanse your hair, but also provide gentle care. Each series is designed taking into account the characteristics and needs of various types of hair.

Brand feature

Nivea is a German trademark of Beiersdorf AG, founded in 1890. At the moment, it is one of the leading brands of care and cosmetics, thanks to the advanced technologies of which, over the history of the company's existence, many innovative products have been created. The brand's main office with its secret laboratory is located in Hamburg. In addition, there are more than 50 employee organizations worldwide. Nivea's product lines include women's and men's series.

It is worth noting that the production of Nivea products is environmentally friendly: goods are not tested on animals, palm oil is not included in the brand name products, and all packaging materials for products are 100% recyclable, which significantly reduces the amount of production waste.

Brand Assortment

Nivea is one of the leaders in the market for hair care products. The company uses the latest technology, which ensures the production of high-quality care and cosmetic products. The range includes men's and women's series, shampoos for dry, oily, curly and weakened hair. You can choose a tool to increase volume, give shine or smoothness.


Shampoo-care "Pure & Natural" gently cleanses and strengthens, gently cares for the scalp and simplifies the process of combing. The composition of the product includes such natural ingredients as: argan oil, macadamia nut oil, aloe vera extract. In addition, the product contains a special natural component. Euceritdeveloped by professional Nivea experts to protect against the effects of negative environmental factors. Shampoo is suitable for all types of hair.

One of the most popular products in the line of men's shampoos is shampoo-care "charge of purity." The product does not contain harmful chemical components (silicones, parabens and dyes). Designed specifically for daily use, it cleanses and refreshes hair and scalp. The composition includes aloe vera extract.

For volume

The problem of a large number of girls is the lack of volume and elasticity of hair. Nivea knows how to solve this:

  • Shampoo-care "Volume and care" Designed specifically for thin, in need of volume, curls. Bamboo extract has a strengthening effect on the hair shaft, so that the hair at the roots is lifted, forming the desired volume. And the latest formula that creates the foundation of the product takes care of the health of hair and scalp.
  • "Shine and volume" - Nivea shampoo, containing microparticles of diamonds, gives a natural shine and radiance to dull and weakened curls. Also, with regular use of the product, they will gain a spectacular volume without weighting.

For smoothness

Smoothness is what any type of hair needs: from thick and straight to weakened curly. Shampoo Nivea "Instant smoothness" It neutralizes the electric charge, thereby ensuring the smoothness and softness of curls, they become more obedient and easier to use, and the effect of the application remains for a long time. The product prevents twisting and protects from moisture, and also helps to straighten tangled curls along the entire length (from roots to ends). The composition contains liquid keratin and magnolia extract.

A particularly effective remedy will be for naughty curly curls.

For the shineless

Nivea Shine & Shine is a special ingredient in diamond particles.

  • For hair devoid of shine and shine, perfect Shampoo "Radiance and care", which has a clearly focused and definite goal - to give shine and radiance to curls. Contains microparticles of diamonds that reflect light and refresh lifeless hair. The tool has a cumulative effect, i.e. its systematic use greatly enhances the effect: the gloss remains for a long time, and the curls themselves become elastic and resilient.
  • Dermatologically tested Dazzling Diamond It contains liquid keratin and silk proteins. The product provides not only the restoration of the natural shine of the hair, but also enhances it. Also, after applying the product, the hair structure is noticeably softened.

A healthy and well-groomed look to men's hair will be given by Nivea Men Shampoo Charcoal Shampoo based on activated carbon. The tool provides gentle and gentle care, and after its use there is a feeling of freshness for the whole day. It has a pleasant masculine scent.

For long hair

Long hair is a special luxury that requires close attention. The use of Nivea long hair care products will ensure the beauty and health of any hair.

Restorative Shampoo "Luxury of long hair" from Nivea guarantees triple restoration of long curls from roots to tips. The product not only strengthens, but also restores the structure and gives shine. The composition is enriched liquid keratin, which nourishes the bulbs at a deep level, which helps to accelerate healthy growth. BUT Babassu oil strengthens curls from the very roots, restoring the natural structure of damaged hair and preventing the ends from being cut.

The constant use of shampoo makes them supple, smooth and healthy.

To enhance the effect, you should use the advice of Sally Brooks, art director of Nivea Hair:

  • Wash only combed and untangled hair.
  • After washing, the hair should be gently patted with a towel, not fluffing them.
  • The dryer nozzle must be pointing down during drying to ensure smoothness.
  • Once a week it is necessary to use restoring masks.

The secret to beautiful hair from Sally Brooks in the next video.

For weak curls, Nivea has developed a special system of intellectual recovery, which is embodied in shampoo-care "Directional recovery and care." The product is intended for girls with dry and damaged hair. The product is technology-based. Keradetect, which recognizes the affected areas of the hair and has a targeted action to restore the braids.

Damage caused by external factors (styling with a hairdryer, use of chlorinated water) affects not only the outer shell, but also on the core of the hair. Therefore, the fact that the product contains macadamia nut oilthat strengthens the hair from the inside and a special component of Eucerit that protects the outside.

In order to strengthen and restore male hair, it is best to use Shampoo "Energy and Strength" Nivea Men, an effective care product containing minerals of the sea.

The product can be used every day, it has a delicate and soft effect.

For fair hair

Light curls are more likely than others to lose a well-groomed and neat appearance. Beauty and health will help preserve Shampoo-care "Luxurious Blonde".

Shampoo "Luxurious Blonde" is suitable not only for natural blonde, but also for dyed or highlighted hair. The product gives the hair a dazzling shine and brightness, moisturizes and deeply nourishes the roots. Acai berry extract, which is part of the composition, restores the natural golden radiance of light curls. BUT UV filters and antioxidants protect curls from the aggressive effects of external traumatic factors.


Nivea has long gained a reputation as one of the most reliable and high-quality companies in a wide range of products. Nivea men's and women's line of care products are very popular and do not cause complaints from buyers. Especially pleasant are the positive reviews of the male half of users, which confirm the effectiveness of shampoos.

Brand products can be found in the mass market, it is available to everyone. A wide specialization of goods satisfies even the most sophisticated individual requests.

Watch the video: Novo Shampoo Micelar NIVEA - desafio Bárbara Corby (January 2020).


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