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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Holy Land Whitening Cream

Most women over 40 suffer from excessive skin pigmentation. This feature may have several reasons: a malfunction in the hormonal system, aggressive environmental influences, an excess of melanin in the skin. Such a problem does not pose a threat to life and health, but it worries women from an aesthetic point of view. Holy Land whitening cream will be your ally in the fight against external inconvenience.

Properties and Tasks

Whitening cream performs three main tasks:

  • The tool stops the production of pigments (melanin) in the dermis of the face.
  • Helps to remove dead cells.
  • The product makes the skin more elastic, supple, soft. This is due to the timely removal of dead cells.

The tool helps to saturate the epidermis with oxygen and essential vitamins.

Thanks to Holy Land products, you get rid of dark pigmented skin areas and even out tone.

Application Features

Cream is one of the main components of the entire whitening procedure. The course itself consists of 4 stages:

  1. The first step will be the brightening mask "Brightening Mask". You need to apply the product on clean skin after an evening bath for 25 minutes. When using, be sure to crush the red trace elements. Rinse off with warm water.
  2. The next step is Prepping Lotion.
  3. Apply cream. The product should be used in small portions. If you apply too much, then irritation and swelling may appear. Gently spread the product over the surface of the skin of the face and go to bed.
  4. The last step is to perform before going out. Cream "Day Defense Cream SPF-30" will consolidate the result and protect your face from ultraviolet radiation.

The procedure should be repeated every 2-3 days.

If you notice that your skin responds well to the main product, then you can use it daily in the dark. A full course leads to the clarification of persistent and obsolete age spots. The drug reduces the risk of photoaging, smoothes the structure of the epidermis, stabilizes pigmentation.

If the pigmentation is deep, then you should carry out the full procedure of 4 stages. This is true for those who have spots from peeling, hormonal treatment, acne, burns and the like. If your problems are not so serious, then applying the main Cosmetics Whitening Cream will be enough. Use the cream for 3-4 weeks, and then take a break.

The use of a whitening cream makes the skin more susceptible to sunlight.

Moreover, problem areas are more irritable, prone to redness, inflammation. That is why it should be used only in the dark, a couple of hours before bedtime. Sunscreens should become familiar to you during the application of the whitening cream.

The main remedy for whitening

You can use Holy Land cream separately from other drugs in the line. It all depends on the degree and causes of skin pigmentation. Whithening Cream - cream with whitening properties. It is tuned to lighten even outdated age spots.

Cosmetics Whitening Cream is the most important element of the entire line of drugs. Important active ingredients: extracts from grapes, rhizomes of mulberry, saxifrage and koyevoy acid, scutellaria, arbutin. The composition of this Israeli product is thought out by experts to the smallest detail.

The cream should be applied to cleansed skin, but only to the area of ​​increased pigmentation.

The tool is effective in dealing with freckles. A dermatologist should observe you during the period of use, because the drug can be harmful if used incorrectly. Sometimes the cream leads to skin irritation or swelling.


Girls and women of all ages talk about how their beauticians prescribe them Holy Land professional products. Consumers say that the first results become noticeable already 2 weeks after the start of use. The cream does not moisturize the skin, but only performs the specified function - it brightens the spots on the skin.

Representatives of the fair sex rejoice at the natural components in the composition of the product.

This significantly distinguishes Cosmetics Whitening Cream from other representatives of the niche. Rare reviews indicate possible skin reactions to the drug - peeling, redness.

Girls talk about the unpleasant smell of a cosmetic product. At the same time, each notes about the correct economical consistency of the product. Using the product with your hands is not recommended. Women note that it is not possible to get the cream from the jar with a finger. Due to the fact that the tool is quite dense, it is enough for a long period.

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