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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Cream "Ballet"

Modern women of fashion have a difficult relationship with Russian cosmetics. Make sure the quality of the domestic manufacturer will help the factory "Freedom". One of the many brand lines is the development of Ballet creams. Time-tested cosmetics occupy a leading position in the hit parade of the oldest brands of domestic cosmetics.

Brand history

Cosmetic concern "Freedom" pleases women for almost two centuries. Unremarkable creamy products in aluminum Art Nouveau tubes comply with 20th century packaging traditions. Today, when shops and cosmetologists offer a huge selection of cosmetic products, young consumers are paying attention to the Ballet series. Each line facility must undergo a certification procedure and quality control. Prices for domestic creams "Ballet" at the same time remain affordable, winning the love of fashionistas without miraculous marketing.

Line Features

Most of the female half of Russia was convinced of the effectiveness of the Ballet series, which are designed for full daily care of face and body skin. Each cream of this series performs its role.

The main features of the Ballet line include:

  • Ascetic and elegant packaging in aluminum tubes;
  • Metal packaging manufactured according to historical technologies at the tube plant of OJSC "Freedom";
  • Preservation of useful properties and product quality;
  • Hygienic way storage of cosmetics;
  • Availability and cost-effectiveness goods (low price);
  • Optimal combination folk traditions and innovative technologies in developing the composition of creams;
  • High level the content of natural components in the composition;
  • Pleasant and laid-back skin care.

Fixed assets

For each part of the body you need special cosmetics of different directions, providing the necessary care. In the line of cosmetics of this series, two types are distinguished: caring and decorative.

Classical creamy preparations include specialized products, the result of which is the improvement and preservation of the appearance of the skin of the face, hands and feet.


The pharmacological effect of the massage cream "Ballet" is aimed at toning and warming the skin. Massage "ballet" with a warming effect is recommended for use by cosmetologists in medical practice and just for relaxation.


  • Accelerates microcirculation blood and speeds up the metabolism;
  • Natural compositioncontaining mineral water, lanolin, paraffin, eucalyptus oil, chamomile extract, yarrow extract, menthol, camphor, vitamin A;
  • Has a freshunobtrusive camphor-menthol odor;
  • Thick consistency, oily, after application to the epidermis forms an elastic film;
  • Suitable for any skin type.without causing oily sheen and stickiness;
  • Renders warminganti-cellulite and relaxing effect.

Considering consumer reviews, massage is carried out, after applying the cream to clean skin, adding it as it is absorbed. At home, this drug can massage not only the legs, but also the arms and neck.

Daytime for the face

The fragile balance of the lipid balance of the skin is disturbed by cold and heat, wind and sun, poor water and dirty air. Protective day cream "Ballet" helps the skin to protect itself from the harmful effects of the environment.


  • Fit for normal and oily skin;
  • Saturates face skin moisture;
  • Gives skin elasticity, velvety, firmness, reduces fine wrinkles;
  • Serves an excellent foundation for morning makeup;
  • Matting and evens out the relief of the skin of the face;
  • Provides uniform distribution of makeup on the skin of the face;
  • Convenient packaging in the tube will ensure the safety of the cream from direct contact of the hands and the entire mass of the cream;
  • Cream consistency homogeneous, light;
  • The cream includes glycerin, lanolin, mineral oils, beeswax, chamomile extract;
  • Lanolin will do the skin is soft and silky, activates lipid metabolism, without causing allergic reactions;
  • Beeswax able to quickly penetrate through a healthy skin barrier, forming a waterproof film on the surface of the epidermis;
  • Mineral oils normalize lipid metabolism in the skin;
  • Biologically active component - Chamomile extract has a calming effect and slows down the aging process of the upper layer of the skin.

Beauticians do not recommend using the daily Ballet for girls with sensitive or inflamed skin. Mineral oils contained in this miraculous product create an invisible film, which interferes with the natural recovery process.

For legs

Proper care for your legs will have the Ballet foot cream. It is enclosed in a pink plastic tube with a signature emblem in the form of a ballerina. Plant extracts form a unique formula and make foot cream an indispensable tool for female beauty. The product contains ingredients that prevent bad breath.


  • Antiseptic effect;
  • Moisturizing the skin;
  • Blood flow stimulation;
  • Weight removal in the legs;
  • Elimination of heaviness and swelling in the legs;
  • The cream contains natural extracts of Russian oak, wormwood, horse chestnut, natural glycerin, vegetable oil.

For hands

Well-groomed hands are an indicator of self-love. It is the skin of the hands that gives out the real age of the woman. Hard water, detergents, various homework affect the condition of the skin of the hands. Hand cream "Ballet" contains special components that protect against harmful effects from the outside.


  • Activation of the protective properties of the skin with the help of vitamin E;
  • Vegetable oil, which is part of the composition, has an antibacterial effect;
  • Slows down the aging of the skin;
  • It has wound healing and regenerative properties.


In the last century, a sand tube with the image of a dancing ballerina lay on the cosmetic table of almost every woman in the Soviet Union. The foundation “Ballet” has already become history and the most popular product of the concern “Freedom”. Domestic production tonalnik can compete with many well-known branded counterparts.

  • Natural. Decorative foundation “Ballet” with lecithin is recommended for creating aesthetic makeup. Lecithin is a natural component that affects the restoration of the barrier functions of the skin, the processes of cell nutrition.

The cream is easily applied to the skin, quickly sorbed, does not leave a greasy shine. It is presented in one universal shade, which adjusts to the natural color of the skin, gives a dense coating, and is economically consumed. Analyzing customer reviews, we can conclude that the "Ballet" natural is perfect for owners of dry and normal skin.

  • 2000. The packaging has undergone some changes, instead of a metal tube, it is now soft plastic packaging. The external design remains identical. The updated version of "Ballet" 2000 is recommended for the fair sex with normal and combination skin. Owners of problematic skin will be able to mask enlarged pores, black spots, acne, irregularities and redness on the skin.

Superstable foundation has a modified composition, which includes vitamin E, sesame oil, jojoba oil, almonds and glycerin. The legendary foundation has become more balanced by the presence of natural components and is already available in three shades: natural, peach and beige.

The look of professionals

The foundation “Ballet” was appreciated by cosmetologists who confirmed the effectiveness and quality of this product. Not all expensive brands of tonal foundations have natural components like Ballet.

The cream perfectly fits the skin, creating a natural complexion. In hot weather it proves its lasting qualities throughout the day.

Customer reviews

On the network you can find conflicting reviews about the entire line of Ballet line products. Fans of the factory believe that "Ballet" is the best tool for everyone. Negative reviews call for refusing to use these creams even as an experiment. There is only one common point - all the responses speak about the natural composition of this famous brand.

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