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Gel for washing "Propeller"

Beautiful and healthy skin is a sign not only of good health, but also of proper care for it. In order to get rid of acne and oily sheen, as well as prevent their appearance, it is best to use the Propeller Cleansing Gel. And about what types of this tool and in which cases it is better to use, we will tell you in this article.

Features and composition

The domestic brand "Propeller" has long been actively engaged in the production of a series of products for the care of problematic skin. Initially, the company positioned itself as a manufacturer of teenage caring cosmetics, but recently its products are actively used by people of different ages and skin types. At the same time, even those who do not have serious skin problems are increasingly striving to acquire the products of this brand to care for their face.

A distinctive feature of the products of this company is that at the same time it applies to both medical and preventive and caring. And of course, such widespread use is possible due to the active components of the composition.

Of course, the full list of ingredients of each product is different from each other, but in the composition of the Propeller series gels includes almost the same main active substances:

  • Sulfur and silver chloride actively dry the skin, normalize the production of subcutaneous fat and prevent the appearance of sebaceous gloss on the face.
  • Lactulose It enhances the natural immunity of the skin and therefore it itself actively begins to fight with any superficial inflammatory processes.
  • Salicylic acid, as well as decoctions of herbs, relieves irritation and have an antibacterial effect.
  • Zincidone Complex not only cleanses and moisturizes the face, but also does not allow the appearance of acne and oily sheen.


The "Propeller Professional" series today includes three gels for washing, having a similar effect, but still differing from each other in terms of their functions.

"Immuno" with anti-acne complex

Like all products of the company, this soft gel for washing is sold in a tube of bright blue color with green and red inscriptions. Bright packaging immediately attracts attention. An important role is played by the fact that the composition of the product does not include soap. This means that this facial cleanser can be used even for very dry and sensitive skin.

Soft gel perfectly cleanses the skin, disinfects it and normalizes the production of subcutaneous fat. But most importantly, when using this gel, the natural balance of the skin and its microflora is not disturbed.

The manufacturer is recommended to use the gel to cleanse the skin twice a day: in the morning after waking up and while taking an evening shower. To do this, a small amount of the product is mixed with a drop of water on the palms until the foam appears, and then the face is applied and cleaned with massage movements. At the end of washing, the gel remains are washed off with cool water. Although the manufacturer does not indicate that the product is suitable for removing makeup, many girls claim that the gel is softImmuno"perfectly removes even the most persistent makeup.

Due to its composition and liquid texture, the product penetrates deeply into the pores and thoroughly cleans all types of contaminants. The result of the application is a beautiful, clean skin without acne and greasy gloss.

With zincidone

The classic version of the tube with the product for this brand, as well as promising manufacturer's assurances immediately attract attention:

  • Prevents the appearance of acne.
  • Deeply cleanses the skin from all types of impurities.
  • Eliminates all inflammatory processes both on the surface of the skin and in its depth.

The gel has a light, slightly spicy aroma and a clear color. Despite the small amount of foam, it perfectly cleanses the face almost to a creak. In addition, this tool gives the skin a beautiful, healthy and uniform color without the slightest greasy gloss.

The big advantage of this product is that its active components perfectly open even heavily clogged pores and ruthlessly remove any inflammation inside them, and also actively clean them from contamination.

The manufacturer recommends using this gel only once a day for morning or evening facial cleansing. The strong formula perfectly protects and cleanses the skin for 24 hours. A little gel is applied on the palm of your hand, and distributed in a circular motion throughout the face. Do not rub the gel into the skin intensively, you should wash your face gently and slowly.

The result of using this product is a beautiful, clean and healthy skin without acne and redness.

From black dots with activated carbon

Cleanser "Pore ​​vacuum“It is able to remove even the most old black spots that are particles of dead skin from the face. At the same time, the pores are perfectly cleansed and toned, and the presence of activated carbon allows for a small peeling of the face directly during the washing procedure, some use it as a scrub gel .

This product has a very gentle, natural composition, because it does not include parabens, preservatives, or even dyes. In addition to actively removing black spots and preventing their further appearance, the tool also helps to normalize the production of sebum, prevents the onset of inflammation, effectively cleanses, refreshes and tones the skin.

The right amount of gel is applied to a wet palm, then the product is applied directly to the face, and then washed off with plenty of water. The result of the application is clean and beautiful skin, without the slightest black spots and enlarged pores.


Almost all customers of the Propeller brand washing gel were satisfied with their purchase. They note its low cost and widespread availability, as well as high efficiency. With regular use, the skin really does not oily too quickly, acne and inflammation disappear, the pores narrow, and the black spots disappear.

As a minus, some highlight the fact that with prolonged use, normal skin can become dry, so it is better to alternate the gels of this brand with other products.

In general, the Propeller company has created excellent inexpensive and effective gels for washing, which are suitable for people of all ages and all skin types.

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