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How to choose a good body cream

Caring for the body must be the same as for the face. The epidermis on the body is not so sensitive, but it is necessary to maintain its hydration and nutrition no less. The features of body cream are quite extensive. There are a large number of cosmetics to choose from, but the main thing that is required is to take into account the needs of the skin. A tool that would cope with all the problems at once does not exist.

However, you can choose creams in such a way that care will be maximized.


On the bedside table of each girl should be a cream with the effect of hydration and nutrition. Such products have a thick consistency, and with daily use are able to prevent sagging, dryness and stretch marks.

In the next video, the battle of brands for the title of the best body cream

The body can suffer from dehydration and a lack of vitamins and minerals.

It is then that dehydration, tightness and peeling occur. For this, there are a large number of types of creams. The main types:

  • for hydration and nutrition - The largest segment in the market of body cosmetics is creams with the effect of nourishing and saturating the skin with moisture. As a rule, the former have a denser, more viscous texture, while the latter - represented by gels and special fluids - literally melt on the skin, leaving no residue;
  • cellulite - the cream is saturated with special quick-acting esters and, as a rule, has a lymphatic drainage effect. It has a light texture, a little oily, but does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin. Such remedies can also be used for orange peel wraps;
  • for resilience - these creams have a double effect - they nourish and restore the structure of the dermis at internal levels. Due to the special composition, the body is tightened, becomes more elastic. However, with such cosmetic preparations, a set of exercises is necessary for a holistic effect;
  • massage - This is a separate type of creams that contain nutritious type oils. They have a greasy consistency and are used more economically than oils. For massage purposes are used most often;
  • against stretch marks - the most controversial type of funds. Experts still can not decide whether the cream helps from small scars on the epidermis or not. As a rule, its action is aimed at preventing stretching and damage, and therefore, increasing the elasticity of the epithelium. But getting rid of stretch marks completely with a cream will not work;
  • for Tan. There are several types: for tanning, after tanning and tanning. The latter can be with a flickering effect (with sparkles) - suitable for summer evening walks. Sunblocks provoke the accelerated production of melanin in the dermis, and protect against the negative effects of the sun, due to which the tan lies more evenly. Cosmetics after tanning moisturizes the body after solar procedures, soothes the skin and strengthens the effect;
  • cleansing - Another species that has been created to soften the epidermis. This type includes scrubs. Sorbet is also a special blend of fruit extracts and natural acids. In its composition, as a rule, there are scrubbing particles of crushed plants - coffee, peach stones.

Also, body products may vary in consistency:

  • milk - quickly absorbed into the skin of the body. The main property is moisturizing. This tool has an unobtrusive smell and is used economically. Suitable for skin that requires moisture;
  • mousse - light and airy foam, which has an instant effect. As a rule, it is used for a quick effect to instantly moisturize or nourish the dermis, give it a radiance and a healthy look;
  • thick cream - has a sticky base and contributes to maximum nutrition. Suitable during periods of vitamin deficiency. With increased dryness, tightness of the skin and its peeling, it is necessary to use just such a consistency. Absorbed longer than usual, but has more vitamins and minerals in the composition;
  • lotion suitable for summer period. The lotion contains cosmetics for tanning and caring products that also cleanse the skin. A liquid, almost like water, solution is able to create a protective film on the epidermis. Moisturizes and prepares the skin for sunbathing;
  • spray used for fast application and second absorption. The composition uses a large number of volatile substances that penetrate deep into the skin. Most often, autosunburns are used in this form. So there are no stains on the dermis, a tan appears evenly.


Before you buy body cream, you need to familiarize yourself with its composition. There are components that unscrupulous manufacturers add to the funds. What should not be in the composition:

  • sodium sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate) - a substance that has a toxic effect;
  • mineral oil - although it sounds beautiful, the presence of such a substance in the composition means that the manufacturer used waste oil products to improve the effect of the cream;
  • propylene glycol used in everyday life as brake fluid and consists of petroleum products;
  • paraffin oil - the permitted ingredient in the composition, however, clogs the pores;
  • petroleum jelly - advertised as a tool that moisturizes the epidermis, but does not allow it to breathe, which, on the contrary, dehydrates;
  • glycerol complicates the access of oxygen to the cells of the epidermis and causes intense moisture loss, as it draws fluid from the cells when the air dryness is less than 60%.

Well, if the composition will be present:

  • natural inclusions - oils, flower extracts, honey or royal jelly - they moisturize the epidermis and protect cells from dehydration;
  • coconut extract It is present in a hypoallergenic cream, has great nourishing and soothing properties. Such funds are most suitable for dehydrated and devoid of natural nutrition dermis;
  • elastin and lipids - cosmetic preparations with collagen that nourish, and most importantly, restore the regenerating functions of the epidermis. Protein components protect the epidermis from damage and prevent its aging.

If the label indicates that there are vitamins and minerals, then they should be on the list in the first places - this indicates their high concentration.

If the beginning of the description is a listing of obscure components, then it is better to put it back on the shelf.

The composition of the moisturizer should be hyaluronic acid, which is considered the best component that nourishes the epidermis. Also - tocorephol (vitamin E), which protects cells from the action of free radicals and prevents their aging. Castor oil, jojoba, macadamia or argan oil - nourish, soften and make the body softer to the touch. Even better if almond oil is present - it rejuvenates the skin. What are also permissible in the composition:

  • allantoin components;
  • glycerol;
  • liposomes and thalasspheres.

You will learn how to choose a moisturizing body cream from the next video.

Rating of the best brands

Vichy "Nutriextra"

Cream from the French brand Vichy has a hypoallergenic composition, ideal for dry and dehydrated dermis. The product nourishes and moisturizes the skin for up to 72 hours.

The composition contains water from thermal springs, natural-type oils and plant extracts that provide not only quick hydration, but also have a cumulative effect - with daily use, the dermis becomes much smoother and softer.

However, the product does not have a pure organic composition. Many people note that the cream forms a sticky film on the dermis, so it is recommended to first purchase a probe to understand whether the cream is suitable for the skin according to individual criteria.


  • ultra-nutrition of dry epidermis;
  • efficiency;
  • long action;
  • suitable for problematic dermis.


  • viscous;
  • Strong smell.

Eveline "Phyto Line"

Eveline body cream has a pleasant price, and the quality and effect of use at the highest level. The brand has a selection of products under the designation "Fito Line" - it contains a cream for any skin type. Several popular options: with cocoa extract and avocado oil, with orchid flower, with silk proteins, olive oil, rose petals and others.

The composition contains natural type ingredients, vitamins and a sunscreen, which provides protection to the body, nourishes and moisturizes the deep layers of the epidermis.

A line of products can be used for body wraps and masks. Also, many advise them to be used as a basis for making homemade scrubs.


  • nourishes with beneficial substances and protects the dermis;
  • light consistency and pleasant smell;
  • easily absorbed.

Minuses: glycerin, silicone fibers and chemicals are present.

"Modeling silhouette"

Cream from the brand "Clean Line" is designed to correct excess deposits under the skin. According to manufacturers, it helps to eliminate cellulite, activates the process of burning fat in cells. The active complex in the composition consists of 80% of essential oils, and 20 of the coffee extract and medicinal herbs that activate lipid metabolism between cells.


  • quickly absorbed;
  • leaves a pleasant effect of cold on the skin;
  • cares, makes the skin more elastic;


  • does not eliminate excess volumes;
  • cumulative effect.

Avon Skin So Soft Golden Pleasure

Avon has a series of products that are designed for deep nutrition of the epidermis. Each cosmetic product contains Andibora peanut butter as a main component. There is a soufflé cream with the smell of vanilla and lavender extract, as well as a spray for the body of an oily consistency.

It has a flickering effect on the skin, is quickly absorbed and softens the roughened areas of the skin.

The line of products is designed to prevent cellulite, as well as for the full care of aging skin.


  • has a pleasant smell with hints of fruit and nuts;
  • does not leave a film on the surface of the skin;
  • promotes hydration.

Minuses: quickly consumed.

Payot "Baume Naume Nutri-Relaxant"

Ultra-nourishing balm for the whole body - this is just one of the best products in the entire line of skin care products from the French company. The composition is enriched with shea butter, has nutritious and moisturizing properties. Due to the hypoallergenic composition, it is suitable for sensitive dermis. With daily use, there is a feeling of tightness, and the skin becomes radiant.


  • the invigorating aroma of jasmine and white tea;
  • has a pleasant consistency of whipped cream;
  • soothes irritation.


  • inflated cost;
  • not economical to use.

Pevonia botanica

Pevonia Botanica presents luxury cosmetics. The brand has an interesting Smoothing & Toning body cream in the line of products. Its properties:

  • activates the process of oxygen circulation between cells;
  • includes detoxification of the epidermis;
  • eliminates orange peel with prolonged use;


  • contains active guarana extract;
  • light texture;
  • does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin and marks on clothing.

Minuses: high price.

Agent Provocateur "Fatale Intense"

Yes, this is surprising, but Agent Provocateur produces not only underwear, but also a special body cream that softens the epidermis instantly. It also has an attractive, light aroma that attracts attention. The active ingredients in the composition are an extract of blackberry, chili and sweet licorice.

Creams from Victoria's secret have a similar effect and aroma.


  • seductive, provocative aroma;
  • instant mitigation of the epidermis;
  • nutrition.


  • not suitable for daily use;
  • leaves stickiness;
  • has a high cost.

EVO panthenol milk

The product has a literally melting texture, spreads over the skin quickly and is easily absorbed. The composition is enriched with vitamin E and panthenol.


  • restores the skin after chlorinated water and sunbathing;
  • suitable for daily care;
  • hypoallergenic.

Minuses: low capacity.


Body cream "Horsepower" has an analgesic and relaxing effect. Suitable for the prevention of muscle pain and pain.

Natura Siberica "Imperial Caviar Royal Body Cream"

The cream contains collagen and elastin fibers. A distinctive effect of the cream is the restoration of the elasticity of the epidermis. The product gently nourishes and moisturizes, and also has a slight skin tightening effect.

Garnier "Ultimate Beauty"

Body spray oil is used for complex care, enriched with vitamins and minerals. It is interesting that the oil in the composition has a dry structure, due to this it is instantly absorbed. The Cleopatra Secret body remedy by Faberlic has the same effect.

How to choose

Cream should be selected only according to individual criteria. You need to follow simple recommendations:

  • if the skin is dry and peeling, it’s better to choose saturated textures. No sprays, lotion, or lotions;
  • for moisturizing you need to pay attention, on the contrary, to light and melting textures - mousses, sprays and lotions. It is desirable that the composition contains vitamins and minerals;
  • if you want to tighten the epidermis, restore structural changes, creams with elastin fibers and lipids should be selected.

You will see a comparison of body creams in the next video.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the expiration date and composite ingredients.


According to reviews, the cream from Vichy literally saves the skin from dryness, redness and minor irritations. Many comment that after several weeks of use, the dermis becomes smoother and softer to the touch. As most advise, the cream can be used once a day, and after two weeks - only once every few days.

Cosmetics Eveline "Phyto Line" for its price perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Many respond: the smell on the body lasts all day, and the skin becomes softer after just a few uses. According to the advice of customers, the products are easy to use as a basis for masks and wraps.

And here is a simulator cream "Clean Line" many like it only because it moisturizes well. However, almost all agree that the product does not affect stretch marks, as stated by the manufacturer, and does not simulate volumes. But the elasticity of the skin - gives. Therefore, the cream is pretty good.

As shoppers comment, body remedy for Avon Golden Pleasure Suitable for the most sensitive and dry skin. After two or three applications, peeling and irritation of the epidermis takes place. It is also noticed that the skin becomes velvet to the touch.

Cream from Agent Provocateur It has one main property - to attract attention with its unusual aroma. On this his useful qualities end. The texture is too thick, distributed unevenly. Yes, the epidermis after applying the cream really softens, but this effect is short-lived. And due to the thick texture, using it is problematic every day.

According to many, the remedy "Baume Naume Nutri-Relaxant" Ideal in order to restore the protective functions of the epithelium, nourish it with moisture. After several applications, the skin of the body becomes soft, radiates from the inside. The disadvantages include a thick consistency, which is poorly absorbed.

Watch the video: How to choose the best moisturizer (January 2020).


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