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Faberlic Cream Tips

Cosmetic brand Faberlic produces a huge assortment of various decorative cosmetics, as well as care products for face and body. Using our advice on choosing a cream from Faberlic, you can easily correctly navigate the abundance of products offered by the manufacturer and get a product that suits you.

About Brand

It is the Faberlic company at the moment that is one of the most successful companies that sell directly goods from the manufacturer to customers. It was this brand that was one of the first to launch large-scale production of cosmetics for the face, neck and decollete, enriched with oxygen. Today, the product range of this company consists of more than 1000 different types of goods, including even clothes for home and street.

Few people know that the original name of this brand sounded like "Russian Line" and its creator is Alexei Nechaev, who created the company in 1997. Only at the beginning of 2000, the company was renamed Faberlic, and in 2011 Sengara, which specializes in the production of peptide-enriched care products, and Edelstar, which is actively engaged in the production and production of dietary supplements of various directions, joined this brand.

All production plants are equipped with the latest and environmentally friendly technologies. The manufactured products fully meet not only the requirements of customers, but even the most serious safety requirements. The company is constantly expanding its range of products, most of which are patented.

Thanks to research centers and powerful manufacturing enterprises, Faberlic is considered one of the best not only in Russia but also abroad.

Today there are representative offices of this company in more than 30 countries of the world, and more than 10 million people regularly use the products of this company.

An important role in such popularity is played by both a wide range of all products and its accessibility for ordinary citizens. Competent consultants will always come to the rescue and help with the choice of the most suitable means for each person, as well as provide convenient and efficient delivery of goods to the consumer.

Features and Benefits

The main feature of all creams of products of this brand is the technology of their manufacture, which was called "aquaftem". ANDIt is her presence that explains the advantages of Faberlic cosmetics, such as:

  1. The ability to regenerate skin cells. Face creams made using the Aquaftem technology not only allow you to rejuvenate skin cells, but also contribute to its healing even in the presence of burns, scratches and inflammations.
  2. Skin tone enhancement, as well as its enhanced nutrition and oxygen saturation.
  3. Prevention of rash or irritation on the face.

But the products of this company have other features, among which the following can be highlighted:

  • A wide range of products for sensitive, dry and oily skin.
  • Using natural ingredients and modern technology allows you to create highly effective means for the care of not only the face, but also for the neck and decollete. Indeed, unfortunately, caring for the face, many women forget that the delicate skin of these areas also needs high-quality and regular care.
  • Creams of this company are able to even out complexion and give it a natural glow, without forgetting to nourish and restore the epidermis intensely.
  • In the manufacture of products, the minimum amount of parabens and preservatives is used, therefore, the shelf life of Faberlic creams is about 2 years, instead of three possibly acceptable.
  • There are products that have both a thermal effect and a cooling effect on the skin. This allows you to choose a product that exactly meets the requirements and is most suitable for obtaining the desired result.
  • An indisputable advantage over products of similar manufacturers is the affordable price. Despite the fact that innovative developments are used in the production, the final cost of the product is quite low, and its quality at the same time meets all the requirements. This makes it possible for anyone who wants to try the products of this brand on themselves, and make sure of their high quality and undeniable effectiveness.

In the video you will see an overview of the Platinum cream from Faberlic:


Speaking about the high efficiency and safety of face creams, one can not help but mention their composition. Of course, that the products from different series and ingredients will have different, but still the majority of the active components are identical. Most often, Faberlic creams include components such as:

  • Aquaftem. It is this component that is present in most creams, it is responsible for the saturation of cells with oxygen and for a deeper penetration of beneficial nutrients into the epidermis.
  • Vitamin complexes. As a rule, it is from a lack of vitamins that the skin begins to peel, dry, it loses its beautiful color and uniform tone. Therefore, all the products of this brand necessarily include the presence of certain vitamins.
  • Almost all peptide creams, that is, they contain milk protein in their composition, which helps to restore the epidermis, normalize its hydrobalance.
  • Natural extracts and decoctions of herbs contribute to the regeneration of the skin, enhance its tone, and also actively nourish and moisturize with useful trace elements. Depending on the type of cream chosen, it may include aloe vera or sage extract, wheat germ extract and other natural ingredients.
  • Collagen in combination with retinol actively tightens the skin, enhances its tone, and most importantly, helps not only prevent the appearance of wrinkles, but also can remove small wrinkles from the face.
  • Panthenolwhich is known as an active healing agent.
  • Creatine not only gives energy to cells, but also enhances their local immunity.

Do not, of course, forget about preservatives, as well as flavorings. They are present in this cosmetics, as in any other. But the main advantage is that their number in the products of this brand is almost 10 times less than in similar products.

Assortment of cosmetics

Faberlic is actively engaged in the production of a variety of product lines designed not only for face care, but also for the whole body. Currently, all products manufactured by the company can be divided into the following groups:

  • Face care. This is perhaps the most extensive group of tools. It includes pre-make-up cream, a cream to reduce pore size, as well as anti-aging, anti-aging, matting, moisturizing creams. These products are available both individually and as a series of products that complement each other. For more intense nutrition, some foods add natural oil.
  • Body Care Products, include creams for body shaping and depilation, as well as moisturizing and nourishing products for the whole body.
  • Hand and foot care products represented by such means as: moisturizing, cooling and nourishing creams for hands and feet.
  • About sun protection the manufacturer also took care, and therefore created special caring sunscreens.

As you can see, the range of care products from Faberlic is very extensive. It is worth noting that each category of funds has its own division by age. In addition, products are made not only in accordance with the age-related needs of the skin, but also taking into account its type. This allows you to choose a care product that is most suitable for both adults and children.

Popular lines

Despite such a wide range of products, there are lines among the products of this brand that are most popular with customers. Among them are especially distinguished:

  • Oxygen Reshaping Air Stream Series includes day and night creams, which are recommended to be used together for complex skin care. The face after using these products looks rested, refreshed and healthy.
  • Oxygen Balance, Oxygen Nutrition, Oxygen Radiance, and Legendary Oxygen. Their use helps to eliminate dry skin, improve its appearance, nourish with useful substances, regenerate damaged cells and improve the condition of the epidermis as a whole.
  • Collection "Verbena" includes day and night creams and a special cream-gommage, as well as eye cream. All these products effectively cope with smoothing the skin tone, deeply nourishing and moisturizing skin, reducing wrinkles, and soothing the skin and its regeneration.
  • Gailuronic Acid Series "Prolixir" includes day and night creams, as well as eye cream. Recommended for use by girls over 25 years old. These products actively moisturize the skin, slow down the processes of its early withering and inhibit the appearance of wrinkles. As a result, the face looks fresh, supple and healthy.
  • A special line of facilities has been created for womenGarderica ". It includes products such as: high concentration creams for night and day care, DD cream and eye cream. Due to the unique composition containing stem gardenia cells, these products do not easily nourish the epidermis and even out its tone, but also increase elasticity and actively fight wrinkles that appear.
  • Series "Expert" "Circular plastic" effectively tightens the skin, increases its tone and actively fights against already existing wrinkles, and counteracts the appearance of new ones. The most popular cream for women over 45 years old is day cream.

More about the cream "Circular plastic" series "Expert" - in the next video

  • The product line is no less popular. "Etnobotanica". The funds included in it help to enrich the skin with natural natural trace elements, they make it healthy, smooth and velvety. This line includes face and eyelid creams, divided into groups according to age.
  • For those who suffer from too greasy and problematic skin, the company's specialists have created a line of products "Ultra Clean Green". This line was created specifically for young people under 20 years old. Using the products included in it you can get rid of acne and acne, remove inflammation and redness of the skin, normalize the production of sebum, and most importantly, prevent their reappearance. Spot gel cream is the most popular.
  • Even after 55 years old, a day cream with a powerful lifting effect and a night cream express line are ideal for women. "Matrigenic". The use of these products helps to significantly reduce the size of even the deepest wrinkles, eliminate facial swelling and get rid of age spots and black bags under the eyes.

But no matter how eloquent the manufacturer’s promises are, the feedback from the consumers themselves is best about the quality and effectiveness of its product.


Most of the reviews about Faberlic products, especially about its creams, are positive. According to customers, the funds, despite their low cost, are indeed highly effective and safe. An indisputable plus is the ability to select products for each family member individually in accordance with the needs. Women also note that creams are fully consistent with the promises of the manufacturer, so if it is indicated that the product should mattify or moisturize the skin, then it actually turns out.

It is also important that quite a high-quality product can be purchased by anyone who wants it, due to its low cost. An indisputable plus is the fact that the products of this brand are also popular among cosmetologists. According to experts, Faberlic products are indispensable for competent and comprehensive care. Due to the presence of a large number of natural ingredients and useful microelements, the epidermis receives all the necessary nutrition.

The main thing is to choose creams that will be ideal not only for your skin type, but also for your age. Do not neglect the recommendations for the use of a specific tool. Only observing these conditions can you really get the result promised by the manufacturer.

Watch the video: Faberlic Exotic make up! (January 2020).


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