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Eye cream after 50 years

Facial skin is considered a reflection of human health and an indicator of his age. Therefore, it should always have a beautiful view. Over time, under the influence of various factors, a metabolism malfunction may occur, as a result of which the level of hormones decreases, the normal transportation of nutrients to the cells stops, which, in turn, disrupts the production of elastin and collagen. Recovery processes cease and the appearance of the first wrinkles and circles under the eyes.

The skin around the eyes deserves special attention, as it is most susceptible to age-related changes.

After 50 years, it becomes thin, overdried, loses elasticity. In addition to all this, under the influence of hormonal changes, pigmentation and swelling near the eyes appear. In order to prevent this, the person needs to provide proper care, using effective cosmetics. A universal tool in this case will be an eye cream after 50 years.

To date, the cosmetology market is represented by many eyelid skin care products, but it is best to trust trusted brands that have positive reviews. Clarins cosmetics tops the list of the best; it is produced in separate series for skin care around the eyes after 55 and 60 years. The foreign manufacturer Lumene also proved itself well, he proposed the effective cream "Bright Now 360". For connoisseurs of herbal cosmetics, natural creams that can be easily prepared with their own hands will help to provide the skin with nutrition.


Eye cream after 50 years differs from ordinary face cream in that it does not create a protective barrier on the skin, but fights swelling, dark circles, crow's feet and dryness. In addition, such products undergo thorough ophthalmological and dermatological certification, therefore, it does not contain components hazardous to the eyes, does not cause allergic reactions. During the production, unique production technologies are used, special formulas are developed that provide delicate skin care around the eyes.

How to choose

A traditional face cream should not be applied to the eyelid region, since it contains various chemical ingredients in the form of retinol, acids. After applying them, unpleasant sensations of burning or pinching may appear in the area around the eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to use special products for these skin areas, which, thanks to the presence of softeners, cover thin layers of the epidermis and nourish it well.

Since the area around the eyes is extremely sensitive, the cream should be selected with a minimum amount of alkali and acids, it is best to give preference to natural preparations based on plants.

By its consistency, it should be light, dense, soft, without perfumes. An excellent tool is the tool "Shark retinol." This cosmetic product does not contain such additional irritating components as eucalyptus, mint, menthol and triclosan. The cream tightens, moisturizes, strengthens the fibers.

How to apply

In order for the care of the eyelid region to be effective, you should not only choose the right drug, but also know how to apply it. This part of the body has almost no many muscles, consists of a thin layer of the dermis. Therefore, you need to apply the product with light movements, in a circle. Typically, this procedure is performed with the ring finger. Most importantly, when applying the cream to create minimal effort, otherwise the skin is injured or stretched.

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The product must be applied to pre-cleansed skin. This is especially true for waterproof cosmetics, it must be carefully and accurately removed.

If this is not done, then the particles of cream and cosmetics will enter into a chemical reaction and provoke the appearance of an allergic reaction. In order for the skin to better absorb the product, it is recommended to wipe the face with ice cubes after application. For this purpose, both ordinary frozen water and decoctions of medicinal herbs are perfect.

To avoid puffiness under the eyes, all cosmetic procedures should be performed several hours before bedtime, during which time the product will have time to absorb and begin to act. With the help of eye cream, you can also periodically do a special massage. At the same time, active substances should not be allowed to enter the mucous membrane of the eye.

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