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Garnier BB Cream

In order to make the face look perfect and natural, it is necessary to apply more than one layer of cosmetics on the skin: tone, highlighter, concealer, powder, blush and more. The Garnier brand has invented an innovative formula for a universal foundation that not only evens skin tone, but also cares for it in several directions.

If time is running out or simply no time to fix makeup, then the choice in favor of a single tool may violate the aesthetics of the appearance. And some tonal products categorically do not want to be friends with moisturizers. In contrast, Garnier BB cream perfectly combines with additional moisturizers and corrective products, and perfectly copes with the task in the form of an independent tool.

This cream is referred to as "to combat imperfections." Such a tool has all the necessary qualities that it was previously possible to cope with, only using a lot of cosmetics, or even nothing at all. It is worth figuring out what he is.


The main function of the cream is, of course, tone leveling and masking imperfections. He copes with this task perfectly, because the product not only gives the desired color to the skin, but literally merges with it and adapts the shade on its own. Therefore, there is no need for a long selection of the necessary shade.

BB cream moisturizes the epidermis and protects it from ultraviolet rays, which, of course, is only a plus. Due to the light texture, there is no film effect, there is no feeling of tightness, the skin acquires a natural radiance and a healthy color.

The product does not clog into small wrinkles and contains reflective particles, which allows you to visually rejuvenate your face. The durability of the cream is so good that no weather and even rain can not wash off the makeup, it does not roll and does not flow in hot weather. And despite the fact that the cream is easily washed off with any makeup remover.

According to the manufacturer, the BB cream protects the skin from the adverse effects of the environment, keeps the epidermis moisturized throughout the day and hides imperfections and minor age spots. How truthfully the statement will help determine a detailed analysis of the composition, as well as direct feedback from customers.


Of course, the cream contains natural ingredients, but with the exception of fatty oils. It is thanks to this that the skin receives all the necessary trace elements to moisturize and nourish the epidermis. But the product does not contribute to the appearance of oily sheen and clogging of pores. This quality is very relevant for owners of oily skin type and with a tendency to comedones.

The tool is hypoallergenic, therefore it is recommended for use even for allergy sufferers. The cream also contains components that protect the delicate skin of the face from sunlight, which prevents its premature aging and the appearance of excessive pigmentation.

Recently, Garnier has expanded its line of BB creams. And what is remarkable, each of them meets certain requirements.

It contains pro-xylan cream, which prevents the epidermis from withering, promotes the production of natural collagen and tightens sagging skin. The microrelief of the skin is also leveled and fine wrinkles are visually smoothed.

The tool nourishes and moisturizes the layers of the epidermis, and additionally evens out the complexion. After all, as you know, it is age skin that is prone to increased pigmentation. The cream has UV protection SPF15.

Trace elements help to even out skin tone, and also does not clog pores. Salicylic acid in the composition contributes to the treatment of acne and comedones. The cream does not clog into microcracks resulting from squeezing acne and soothe skin irritations. The tonal agent creates a protective barrier against contamination and bacteria entering the skin.

Thanks to the haloxyl in the composition, the product eliminates dark circles under the eyes and helps to reduce swelling after lack of sleep. It cools and moisturizes the thin skin around the eyes, and evens out the tone. The ball in the package creates the effect of micromassage, which also has a beneficial effect on the state of the sensitive epidermis.

The mineral composition of the cream does not clog pores, evens out the tone and does not create a film effect when applied. Moreover, the product contains components that absorb excess skin oil. Therefore, the cream has established itself as a masking and simultaneously matting agent. It also has UV protection SPF 20. It is this product that is so necessary for young skin and oily type.

The composition includes components moisturizing throughout the day, as well as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals. The cream evens out skin tone, protects it from drying out and provides additional moisture. Antioxidant properties help to prevent premature aging of the epidermis and protect it from the adverse effects of the environment. The product has an ultraviolet filter and has an SPF of 20.

The manufacturer assures that all products are tested by women, including those who are allergic to cosmetic products.


As you know, an individual approach is required for each skin type. So Garnier took care of fans of their products. So, in order to determine which particular product is suitable for one or another type, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the purpose of each product in more detail.

For normal to dry skin

VV-cream "The secret of excellence"can be attributed to universal tinting agents. This product is suitable for almost all skin types and has a complex effect on the epidermis. It is quickly absorbed and suitable for daily use.

Cream series "Classic" was a pioneer in this area of ​​tinting. Therefore, to this day is one of the most popular of the brand line. The multi-directional effect of the cream is many times superior to other tonal products. To achieve the desired effect, it is enough to apply a thin layer of the product on the skin. As a result, the skin becomes moisturized, its tone evens out, minor age spots and defects are masked, the epidermis acquires a healthy radiance and freshness, and is also reliably protected from the harmful effects of sunlight.

For oily and combination

Cream for the mixed type must meet special requirements, which Garnier contributed to.

The product has a unique composition containing sorbent. The product seems to absorb excess sebum, thereby normalizing the natural balance of the epidermis. Its texture is so light that it does not overload the skin. The cream moisturizes it without the effect of a film and additionally gives dullness to the epidermis.

It is worth noting that this BB cream helps to narrow the pores, does not clog them and does not contain fatty oils and components in the composition. The result of use - the skin is moisturized, acquires an even tone, keeps dull throughout the day and is protected from ultraviolet radiation.

Anti age

After forty years, the skin needs even more care, because it loses elasticity and is more prone to pigmentation. The anti-aging product has such a light texture that it does not clog in wrinkles, but rather smoothes them visually. The product contains more plant extracts for intensive hydration and nutrition of the epidermis, unlike standard creams.

The sun's rays have a negative effect on aging skin to a greater extent. In this case, the brand endowed the cream with a strong degree of protection against ultraviolet radiation.

The powerful formula of the product hides the roughness of the skin and makes it soft. In addition, the tool increases the elasticity of the epidermis and helps to eliminate excessive pigmentation. As a result of use, the skin is more toned and gains a healthy glow, as in youth.

"Clean skin-Asset"

A special cream formula has been developed for problematic skin. The product is also suitable for oily and combination types. BB cream evens out the tone, fights redness and mask acne marks. As a result of use, the skin becomes smoother and moisturized, and additionally receives protection against the appearance of new rashes. Non-comedogenic. There is an effect of matting of the epidermis. The cream has protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Around eyes

The tube is in the form of a small tube with a roller. The benefits of such packaging are obvious. The roller has a light massage effect, due to which the microcirculation of the skin is improved. There is no need to apply the product with the fingertips, which allows you to smooth the skin tone around the eyes without damage to the epidermis. Wrinkles are not blocked by the tinting product, and the epidermis is not deformed as a result of the procedure.

The cream has moisturizing properties, does not make the skin heavier, evens out the tone and helps to eliminate facial wrinkles. The unique composition provides gentle care for thin skin and reduces swelling and bruising under the eyes. UV protection protects against premature aging and age spots.

The expense of funds is very economical and simply irreplaceable in a metropolis. The skin is protected from urban smog and exhaust, and to achieve maximum effect, daily use of the product is sufficient. In addition, it is convenient to carry with you even in a small handbag.

Application rules

The first and main rule, of course, is to apply to clean skin with clean hands. To make the cream go perfectly, it’s enough to cleanse your face with an ordinary cleanser. Experts advise to moisturize the skin for a greater effect. Although with the normal type, the BB cream itself or the micellar lotion / tonic will suffice.

So, on the prepared skin with a uniform thin layer of fingertips, the product is applied from the center to the edges of the oval of the face. True, for the best tinting effect, it is better to use a special cosmetic sponge. So you can avoid applying excess cream.

You can use the tool daily. But do not forget that the cream is intended only for daytime use.

If you need to create a more dense tone, then the cream can be applied in two layers. To do this, after the first application, you need to wait a couple of minutes until the product is absorbed into the skin. And for an evening out, makeup can be supplemented with a powder coating or blush. In general, for a natural daytime image, you can do nothing or fix the BB-tool with thermal water for greater durability.

The tool perfectly adapts to the skin tone, even if it is slightly different from the desired shade. The light texture provides cellular respiration throughout the day, moisturizes the epidermis and is resistant.

Popular shades

Unfortunately, there are only two shades of BB cream: light beige and natural beige.

Tones are designed for European skin tones. That is, on the "average". In hot countries, you can find dark colors of creams designed for the African American type. And in Korea, China and Japan, a very light tone of cream is popular.

But do not be upset, because the product adapts perfectly to the skin tone and even if the tone is slightly different from the natural one, the difference will smooth out a couple of minutes after applying the cream to the skin.


Surprisingly, Garnier BB Cream has become almost a 100% leader in the foundation market. And this is no accident.

The tool is quite budgetary. Especially considering its economical consumption. After all, to achieve the desired effect, a cream the size of a pea, or even less, is enough.

The product really meets all the declared qualities.

The unanimous opinion about all types of BB cream is that it moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis. After use, even without a base for makeup, the product does not dry the skin and has a cumulative effect.

The texture does not weigh down the face and stamina is observed throughout the day. Moreover, regardless of the time of year and weather conditions.

Each species has a certain degree of protection against ultraviolet radiation, which is relevant for the summer period. However, for older skin and with a tendency to acne, such protection is required constantly.

The plant complex evens out wrinkles, promotes the speedy regeneration of the epidermis and eliminates age spots. This is the advantage of BB cream. You can just apply the product and not make up. This will create the illusion of a lack of makeup and natural radiance of the skin.

Anti-aging cream is also positively noted by women aged. The product is convenient to use and hides age-related changes in the epidermis. Additionally, the skin became more elastic, and the oval of the face tightened.

As a result, the conclusion is obvious. BB cream is definitely worth its price, and in addition to the masking effect, it helps fight skin imperfections, age-related changes and increases the protective function of the epidermis.

You will learn even more about the cream from the next video.

Watch the video: Let's Test!: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Oily Combo Skin (April 2020).


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