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Cream Mirra

Many modern women are familiar with products called Mirra. This is a successful representative of domestic cosmetics, whose history began in the 90s under the name "Mirra Lux". Having appeared on the market with an unusual statement at the time that their products care for the skin at the cellular level, they made a splash. Such a revolutionary approach put a new trend under the name of cosmoceuticals, representing cosmetology and pharmaceuticals "in one bottle." Let's get acquainted with this interesting product in more detail.


The brand loves to experiment and surprise. Therefore, Mirra products are a gallery of a wide variety of useful plants, flowers and other useful substances. Chamomile, lemon balm, sesame seeds, raspberries, nettles - these are frequent "guests" of cosmetics. The transdermal approach provides gentle “delivery” of nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. Cosraceutical line of Mirra products provides not only care, but also therapeutic effect.

Creams of the brand have a wide range of very different actions and purposes. This cosmetics gives natural nutrition, cleansing, softening, moisturizing and whitening. They are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, extracts, minerals and other beneficial substances. Creams are very popular among Russian women, raising domestic cosmetics to a high level.

In order for any cream to work correctly for you, as we know, it is necessary to apply it along the massage lines and according to your skin type.

With matting effect

This cream souffle conquered many beauties from the first application. Oily, problematic or combination skin requires special care, the main purpose of which is to hide the shine of the skin and give the skin a matte effect. This property has a delicate cream souffle Mirra with a matting effect, the principle of which is based on blocking the production of sebaceous glands. The drug works to restore the normal balance of oily skin, thereby bringing the skin closer to perfection. Such a tool can be an indispensable salvation in the summer heat, even for ordinary skin.

With cryoprotectant

Mirra also prepared a special product for the cold season, where the main ingredient is a cryoprotectant. It perfectly protects the skin from the negative effects of low temperature. If your skin does not tolerate frosts or you live in a harsh climate, be sure to treat yourself to this remedy. It perfectly fits with a protective invisible layer and gives a comfortable feeling. Your skin will glow with a healthy glow any winter day.

An overview of this tool can be seen in the video below:


For tired and damaged skin, Mirra launches a repair drug that acts as an ambulance at the DNA level. We can safely say that this is the perfect formula for skin renewal, acting at the molecular level, which confirms the composition of the gel. If allergies and irritation are frequent companions of your skin, then a repair cream will come to the rescue. It is perfect for you after sunburn or a failed depilation. The brand presents this product in the form of a soft gel-balm and cream.

With muscle relaxant

In the life of any woman, there comes a time when expression lines appear. Then we go for all sorts of tricks. Amid the abundance of numerous remedies, it is very important not to make a mistake, because an improperly selected remedy can do more harm than good. The muscle relaxant Mirra is one of the softest ways to keep youth as long as possible, and it is also a great alternative to injections. The effect of this remedy is often compared with the effect of Botox, it is clinically proven that regular use reduces wrinkles by up to 35%.

Skin Care

With age, the skin of any woman loses its elasticity, changes color, acquires dryness and hyperpigmentation, and a cute facial expression becomes sad. It would seem that a lot of money is needed in order to deal with all these changes. And how nice to know that Mirra does not just sell support products, but offers entire programs to maintain aging skin. All drugs marked anti-age are tested by clinical trials and created in accordance with innovative technologies.


The fabulous name of cream gel with an unusual composition - red caviar, immediately attract attention. The regular use of this cream ensures the maintenance of skin turgor, stimulates the natural metabolic processes. Try this cream and your skin will transform like magic. The lightest structure is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin. A vacuum dispensary will not allow foreign substances to enter the tube, and it will also allow you to use the entire cream without residue.


This soft cream, thanks to its special composition, allows the skin to feel comfortable throughout the day. It moisturizes, softens, gives elasticity and protects against harmful external influences and ultraviolet radiation. All this contributes to the normalization of the natural processes of the skin and thereby prevents premature aging. The cream is perfect for makeup foundation. Light gentle texture is absorbed in just a few minutes, so you can quickly start applying makeup.


Freckles are a wonderful face decoration, but for many girls this "decoration" interferes and they want to get rid of them. We present you a remedy against freckles and age spots based on natural ingredients. Cream "Albina" is aimed primarily at whitening the skin. In addition, it moisturizes remarkably throughout the day. Vacuum packaging, nice design are another nice addition.

For body

Mirra loves unusual cosmetic inventions, so each remedy presents its own care zone - a nourishing balm for the bust and décolleté, foot cream or body cream. In the Mirra collections, you can choose an antiperspirant for the body with the same aroma. All these remedies work to maintain the youthfulness of your body.

This line of cosmetics provides nutrition, toning or moisturizing, and also fights against problem areas. Mirra is a gentle pleasure for your skin that you will feel immediately.


Delighted reviews and the dermis of shoppers shining with beauty and health is the highest praise any brand strives for. If you refer to the reviews of this manufacturer, you can safely see this. The awards and achievements of the brand are another confirmation in favor of choosing this cosmetics. Wide popularity in Russia allowed Mirra to cross overseas, which was also a great success.

Adherents of natural and therapeutic cosmetics were found in many countries. Cosmetics comply with international ISO quality standards. The patented technologies (rotary-cavitation emulsification) of Mirra make this cosmetics exclusive and unique.

"If a person is handsome, then he is healthy, and vice versa," says Svetlana Rozhkova, who is the founder of the Mirra beauty and nanocosmetics industry. Another secret of success is an attractive price in relation to high quality. This allows you to take a strong position in the segment of the mass market. Of course, in this article we have described the charms of not all Mirra cosmetics. But there are still amazing lines, for example, perfumes, children’s products or oral care products.

Departure from Mirra Lux:

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