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How to make a cream yourself

Cosmetic cream is an indispensable attribute of any woman’s beauty arsenal. It helps to prolong youth and beauty of the skin. Today it is not necessary to buy caring cosmetics in expensive stores. You can make a cream with your own hands at home.

Features and Benefits

The skin needs regular and proper care. This will save her health, get rid of dryness, tightness, cracks and small wrinkles. A good cream can slow down the aging process of the skin, saturate it with nutrients and life-giving moisture.


"Home" cream has many advantages over purchased products:

  • Security. A self-made product contains natural ingredients that have beneficial effects on epidermal cells. In this case, the components are selected taking into account the characteristics of the skin. This product does not contain parabens and other chemical components, so it will not cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation.
  • Affordable price. Home cosmetics is a budget option with a maximum of useful properties. It is available, since most of the necessary components are always at hand or you can buy them for little money.
  • Components. The cream can be prepared taking into account the tasks set (for moisturizing, nutrition, treatment), adding only the necessary ingredients. Organic products have a beneficial effect on the skin.
  • Freshness. Homemade cream is easy to prepare in a matter of minutes. It is always fresh, and you can use it for several days or two to three months.
  • Diversity. This process is creative and fun. A large selection of raw materials and recipes allows you to make a variety of cosmetics at home, taking into account the specific needs of the skin at the moment.
  • Such a product has a cumulative effect, but is not addictive to the skin.


Some products have a relatively short shelf life, which is a minus of home creams. They are far from always suitable for long trips, traveling, as they cannot be at hand at the right time. More often they need to be stored in the refrigerator and in time to make a new portion. This product does not contain preservatives and quickly deteriorates. Cooking in large portions does not make sense.

In some cases, homemade cream can be an expensive pleasure. Especially if its components are exotic and expensive.

Cooking cream at home may require special equipment (containers for heating and melting the ingredients, whipping and storing them, a mixer or whisk). Of course, at the beginning of the “cosmetic” path, ordinary kitchen utensils may well be enough. If in the future you want to have the necessary devices, you will have to invest in "equipment".


The composition of a homemade cosmetic cream depends on the existing problem of the dermis, such as skin and allergies to various components. The created drug will have a certain effect. The tool should have a noticeable healing effect and be as useful as possible.

Do not mix everything at once: not all components are combined with each other, this can harm the skin.

Such cosmetics have a directed action. To choose the right composition correctly, you need to determine the task of the tool:

  • Moisturizing. This product is intended for dry, dehydrated and peeling skin. Its action is aimed at the hydration of epidermal cells, so a lot of water is usually present in the cream.

The texture of such products is light, they are quickly absorbed without residue, do not leave a sticky film, moisturizing the skin well throughout the day.

  • Nutritious. Means for saturating cells with nutrients. It differs from other products in that the basis of the cream is fat, not water. Its consistency is more dense, it is not suitable for daytime use, as it is absorbed for a long time. The composition of this series includes many useful components that give the skin health and a well-groomed appearance.

The product is applied at night, and gloves are used for maximum effect. The skin is smoothed, becoming soft and velvety.

  • Protective. Protective equipment is characterized by the presence of a thin film on the surface of the dermis after application. It prevents the destruction of the cell structure under the influence of aggressive chemicals (paints, resins), household chemicals (washing powders, soap products) and adverse environmental conditions (ultraviolet, frost).

Cosmetics for winter and summer body skin care fall into this category.

Winter cream is considered the most saturated, it copes with weathered and frostbite skin, warms and reanimates it, covering it with a greasy film. Sunscreen saves skin from sunburn, pigmentation and aging. It includes SPF filters.

  • Softening and recovery. Such products are designed for day and night care, they absorb a little longer, but without the effect of an oily film. The action of the cream is aimed at restoring the skin structure: it becomes soft, gets rid of small cracks associated with overdrying or weathering, looks smooth and well-groomed.
  • Medical. The objective of such a cream is to target specific problem areas of the body: inflammation, redness, irritation, mycoses, dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections.

The composition usually includes substances that treat, soothe the skin, removing inflammatory processes. The funds are applied in courses two to three times a day.

  • Anti-aging (anti-aging). This series makes the skin supple and elastic, smoothes creases and is their prevention. With regular care, the skin becomes taut, look younger.

The texture of such products is dense, they are absorbed for a long time, but without residue.

  • Against skin pigmentation. This cosmetic line is designed to even out the tone, reduce the visibility of spots and shallow scars. For the effect to be noticeable, regular care is needed for a long period of time.

If, when creating a homemade cream, certain ingredients are added to it, in addition to the basic properties, it can have a warming, cooling, antibacterial effect.

Materials and components

In addition to containers for melting components, containers for whipping and storage, the components themselves are needed.

Materials for home cream are:

  • solid oils (cocoa, mango, coconut, shea);
  • vegetable oils (avocado, peach, jojoba, almond);
  • essential oils (orange, lemon);
  • pure water (filtered, mineral, boiled) or herbal decoction;
  • emulsifiers (glycerin, lanolin, beeswax, lecithin);
  • oil extracts of vitamins;
  • additional substances (honey, royal jelly, propolis, menthol and others).
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Beeswax is one of the popular components of home cosmetics. It helps strengthen the structure of nails, softens and saturates the cells with useful substances.

The coarsened areas of the body (arms, legs) can be given health and beauty with pork fat. Its action provides emergency assistance for weathering and frostbite.

A good ingredient in the cream is butter: this component is able to give the skin softness and firmness.

To determine the choice of additional components, you need to consider the purpose:

  • For moisturizing You can add decoctions and infusions of herbs, glycerin and essential oils of myrrh, jasmine and patchouli to the cream.
  • As nutrients You can use ordinary products (cream, sour cream, honey and egg yolk), as well as oils (avocado, sandalwood, coconut, jojoba).
  • For whitening effect You can add lemon and parsley to the cream.
  • If you need a mixture with a therapeutic effect, It is worth supplementing it with carrot seeds, chamomile flowers, aloe vera, celandine, and plantain.
  • Do not mix different types of acids (when combined, the effectiveness of the cream may decrease).
  • So that beneficial substances penetrate the pores better, you can add small amounts of alcohol to the composition.

Cooking process

The tool should have a healing effect, treat existing skin problems, acting at the cellular level, ridding the skin of dead cells, peeling, and cracks.

  • First you need a prescription for specific care. It is necessary to measure an even amount of ingredients: violation of the proportions of the components will change the planned result. Solid components must be crushed using a knife or fork.
  • The containers required in the work are sterilized with boiling water or alcohol. Then components are laid out on them (oils, emulsifiers and other ingredients).
  • The emulsifier is melted in a water bath until completely dissolved, water is heated in a teapot, and herbal broth is heated in a water bath.
  • After heating, all components combine to form a soft consistency: stirring is carried out using a whisk, and then use a mixer. At the end of stirring, preservatives (glycerin), esters are added, then the resulting mixture is poured into containers and put into the refrigerator. Ready cream can be used in two to three days.


A good homemade cream will give the skin youth, elasticity and a healthy appearance. Today, there are many recipes, taking into account the different characteristics and needs of epidermal cells.

For moisturizing

To provide the cells with life-giving moisture and maintain hydration during the day, the following recipe is well suited.

For the base, chamomile infusion is used. For this, two tablespoons of dried flowers are poured into 100 ml of water, brought to a boil and insisted. In a filtered broth, add one teaspoon of shea butter and jojoba oil, 4 drops of orange oil ether. This mixture will save the skin from extreme dryness.

For deeper hydration, you can use green tea, brewing one tablespoon per 100 moles of water. For this recipe, you need shea butter, beeswax, glycerin (one teaspoon each), 4 drops of lemon oil ether, 2 capsules of vitamin Aevit (which has antioxidant and immunostimulating properties). The oils are heated in a water bath, then mixed, adding a decoction and essential oil. The mixture is stirred until a uniform texture is obtained.

The recipe for a moisturizer, see the next video.


To restore fat balance, resuscitate the skin, prevent dryness and peeling, you can make a nutritious mixture with a pleasant chocolate aroma. To do this, you need cocoa butter (1 teaspoon), ground cinnamon (half a teaspoon) and orange essential oil (2 drops). Melt the solid oil in a water bath, add the remaining ingredients to it, mix thoroughly and clean in a cool place.

A simple recipe consists of a glycerin base (130 ml), onion juice (2 tablespoons), lemon (3 tablespoons) and one spoon of honey. The finished product can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days in a glass container.

See the next video for a recipe for a nutritious cream.

Anti-Aging Anti-Pigmentation

For the product, you need the juice of two lemons, an infusion on their peel, one teaspoon of glycerin and jojoba oil, two tablespoons of beeswax. It is not difficult to prepare the product: the peel is crushed, 50 ml of boiling water is poured and infused for an hour. Then mixed with heated wax and other components.

The preparation is used to lubricate the skin twice a day: this moisturizes the skin, smoothes them, removes small wrinkles, and eliminates pigmentation.

The recipe for cream for age spots, see the next video.

With urea

Such an ointment perfectly relieves skin of dryness, makes it soft and velvety after just a few procedures, restoring water-salt balance and ridding the dermis of skin infections and fungal diseases.

To make a simple home remedy, you can take a regular fat cream (50 ml), mix it with urea (2 grams) and lecithin (1 gram). Then heat the mixture in a water bath, add a few drops of lemon essential oil. It is better to use the product before bedtime.


Making a fat cream yourself is very simple. To do this, take a small spoonful of cream and butter, heat them in a water bath and mix. At the end of stirring, add two to three drops of lemon juice to the mass.

To strengthen nails

Universal mixtures, prepared at home, can have a double effect: care for the skin of the hands, feet and nail plates. The manufacture of such a drug will require the presence of beeswax (20 grams), liquid lecithin and lanolin (1.5 tablespoons each), apricot oil (2 tablespoons) and shea butter (teaspoon), 5 to 7 drops of lemon essence of plant origin, one capsule vitamin E.

The wax should be melted and mixed with the rest of the components, then cleaned in a dark and cool place. It is recommended to apply means in the morning and in the evening. It will have a beneficial effect on skin health, strengthen nail plates and accelerate nail growth.

Whatever the cream recipe, it is important to remember that the skin needs constant care. Comprehensive care will give a woman youth, natural beauty and self-confidence.

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