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Planeta Organica Shampoo

The dream of any woman is beautiful and healthy hair. The first step on the way to a well-groomed hair is a competent choice of shampoo. Everyone wants their product to be effective, inexpensive and affordable. Among the safe shampoos that meet all these criteria. attracts attention the line of sulfate-free products of the Planeta Organica brand.


Formulas and formulations of this brand do not contain hazardous chemical components. The manufacturer positions its product as a bio-shampoo for hair. This is confirmed by the large content of useful elements in them. Such ingredients are extremely beneficial for the appearance and internal structure of the hair.

Natural compounds will please the owners of any type of hair. The unique combination of valuable components designed specifically for healthy hair. Natural substances and natural ingredients interact with hair more effectively than surfactants and chemical additives of useless and even harmful shampoos. Quality products without parabens and sulfates are specially designed for different types of hair and have an extensive spectrum of effects:

  • dry nourish and moisturize;
  • weakened give strength and shine;
  • in those prone to fat, normalize the active work of the sebaceous glands, reduce the production of fat;
  • rare activate hair follicles, prevent loss;
  • for splitters, smooth the structure, make curls dense and strong.

The cleansing effect of Planeta Organica sulfate-free shampoos gently interacts with hair and scalp. This significantly reduces the risk of dandruff, irritation, or itching. Hypoallergenicity and safety are confirmed by certificates of the international level.

Brand Rulers

Manufacturers of natural hair cosmetics Planeta Organica have developed several product lines. Shampoos of each of them are distinguished by their exclusive composition and focus on hair problems. The main ones are:

  • Hammam. Shampoo in this series is considered firming. The composition is enriched with eucalyptus oil and grapefruit extract. The ancient eastern recipe has a strengthening effect, improves the condition of curls.

The beneficial effect of shampoo on the scalp, saturation of tissues with vital trace elements, provokes the growth of healthy hair.

  • "Savon de Cleopatra". The basis of the line is only natural, certified soaps. They are cooked according to unique recipes, without the slightest addition of harmful chemicals and silicones. Legends about the captivating appearance of the great Cleopatra have survived to our times. And the secrets of the Egyptian queen are taken as the basis of many tricks of the beauty world. One of them is Cleopatra's exclusive soap. The series includes shampoos based on it.

All of them are safe and do not contain harmful sulfates, parabens and animal fats. Certified by the international organization VEGAN.

  • Moroccan shampoo. The cleansing properties of this product are provided by the union of ambergris, Moroccan clay and vitamin cocktail oils. The natural black clay of gassul is a product of volcanic nature. It contains a large amount of silicon and magnesium. It is known for its absorbent effect, removes toxins.

The shampoo formula activates the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

  • Tibetan herbal shampoo. The ancient recipe is based on red sandalwood oil and extracts of herbs of mountain Tibet. They stimulate the saturation of the hair with the necessary elements, moisturize the scalp, give volume to the hairstyle.
  • Aleppo shampoo. Recommended as a nutrient and a strong antioxidant. Enriched with pectins, olive oils and damask roses, sugars. These components restore the optimal balance of the pH environment, save hair from ultraviolet radiation, normalize the production of sebum.
  • Finnish soft shampoo. The unique combination of extracts of wild berries and herbs of the northern country protects and moisturizes the delicate scalp. In the production of shampoo, plants from Finland are used: cloudberries, wormwood.

They saturate the hair with microelements, increase its elasticity. Activated hair follicles and blood circulation in the scalp.

  • Provencal shampoo. Suitable for intensive regeneration of damaged hair structure. Grape seed oil, peppermint and olive herbs work on this problem. This set includes vitamins and minerals with a firming effect.

The assortment of Planeta Organica shampoos attracts with its colorful variety. Choosing the right tool that works to solve your problem is easy.


Organic Planeta Organica shampoos are distinguished by an abundance of natural ingredients, valuable oils, extracts, vitamins, combined into a product according to special recipes. Each ingredient is responsible for healing the hair according to certain parameters. The whole variety of formulas of sulfate-free shampoos can be divided into several categories.

  • Based on natural soap. These are products of completely organic production with a fundamental rejection of chemical additives. This includes compounds on organic soaps:
  1. on milk -brewed on whey and sesame oil, which became the basis for one of the products of the Savon de Cleopatra line;
  2. in marseilles - recommended for dry hair, which need careful support and nutrition;
  3. in black african suitable for oily hair, effectively cleanses the scalp;
  4. in Castilian - a special cooking process that frees soap from alkali makes it unusually soft and airy;
  5. in Provence. Fragrant herbs return natural beauty and shine to curls;
  6. on Siberian cedar suitable for thin hair in need of a basal volume. The manufacturer reports that the recipe belonged to the royal court of the XVI century;
  7. in Aleppo established itself as an ideal remedy for dandruff. Mild detergent properties are suitable for normal hair type.
  • With plant extracts. People have always used herbal decoction as a healing supplement to medicines for all diseases. Useful properties are found in many plants, so their extracts are used in the production of Planeta Organica shampoos:
  1. verbena gently launches regeneration processes in damaged curls;
  2. immortelle contains vitamins, carotene and substances with an antibacterial effect;
  3. figs rich in vitamins A and C, pectin, sugars, due to which it intensively nourishes and smooths strands;
  4. coffee beans promotes hair regeneration;
  5. black cumin gives hair softness, nourishes the scalp with antioxidants.

Herbal complexes work on the regeneration of the protein structure of the hair, activate hair follicles. They have a strengthening effect.

  • With oils. Saponified oils are the main ingredient in Planeta Organica's line of hair cosmetics:
  1. coconut and almond oils beneficial effect on the skin and hair, eliminate dryness and split ends;
  2. olive and pine nut oil rich in vitamins and minerals, important for proper care of tired, dry curls;
  3. oils of lavender, cinnamon and sea buckthorn stimulate blood circulation and hair growth, increase their volume and density;
  4. eucalyptus oil has a famous anti-inflammatory effect on the skin;
  5. combination of essential oils It is an effective remedy for dandruff;
  6. grapefruit oil normalizes the production of sebum, supports hair tone;
  7. sandalwood oil gives a stimulating effect on the hair follicles, starting with an accelerated force the metabolism in them.

This is not the whole range of plant components of Planeta Organica shampoos. Organic soaps, plant extracts and oils contain a complex of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and antioxidants. The restoration of curls depends on the components of the composition that comes into contact with it. Shampoo based on Siberian cedar oil, sea buckthorn or olive, on cranberry juice - your choice should depend on your hair type. Against dryness and split ends, from loss and dandruff, for colored and exposed hair dryers and irons, for growth - we are based on the problem that we want to eliminate.

Each of Planeta Organica shampoos suits a specific type of hair and interacts differently with the scalp.


Among the huge number of reviews of those who have already managed to test Planeta Organica detergents, there are a lot of different conclusions and recommendations. Some products of this brand deserved universal recognition, some did not cause delight. Some people call Savon de Cleopatra shampoos a must have for every girl. A number of female representatives classify all Planeta Organica sulfate-free shampoos based on natural soap as “excellent products”.

Almost everyone notes a pleasant aroma and poor soapiness.

But they themselves explain this by the absence of harmful and aggressive components, a mild detergent composition. The bulk of the impressions about the result of using Planeta Organica shampoos contains references to the appearance of the hair. Girls are delighted with smooth, soft, shiny and fragrant strands.

You can turn your dreams of thick, beautiful and shiny hair from commercials into reality. Try shampoos based on the natural ingredients of the Planeta Organica brand. Among the variety of products, there is no difficulty in finding a tool that is suitable specifically for your hair.

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