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Cream for dark circles and bruises under the eyes

Quite often, modern girls and women are faced with such an unpleasant problem as the appearance of black circles under the eyes. Most often, such defects occur under the influence of lack of sleep or excessive fatigue. Often the appearance of dark circles is associated with human anatomy. In this case, the use of special cosmetic creams will be an excellent solution to the problem.


To date, creams against dark circles under the eyes are presented in a fairly wide range. Basically, the active ingredients in such products are aimed at improving the lymph flow and blood circulation in this area. The compositions use natural ingredients and vitamins that positively affect delicate skin under the eyes.

A feature of the funds used to eliminate black circles is the rapid toning of blood vessels. Due to the effects of all of the above components, blood microcirculation in the area around the eyes increases.

Particular attention when choosing should be given to the composition of the cream. The quality of the natural base depends on how long the effect of the use of cosmetics will be.

How to choose

Choosing the right cream to eliminate black circles under the eyes, you need to consider many important nuances. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the basis of the remedy. It must contain natural ingredients. If there are additives in the composition, make sure that they are safe and do not cause an allergic reaction.

The next important point is the manufacturing company. Well-known brands that have already managed to express themselves, produce good and effective options for women.

An equally significant moment in the acquisition process is the color of the bruises under the eyes. Before you go shopping, you need to carefully examine the face in the mirror. If the circles under the eyes have a brown tint, then most often this is provoked by hyperpigmentation.

If there is a similar problem, the skin gradually acquires such a color, and getting rid of the defect is quite problematic. But modern manufacturers produce high-quality and effective compounds from bruises under the eyes, which are based on brightening components. Caffeine or kojic acid will help eliminate the brown tint.

One of the most powerful antioxidants is vitamin C. The action of this element is aimed at stimulating the production of collagen in the cells of the epidermis. The component also fights against problems such as oxidation and the appearance of pigment.

When purchasing a cream with whitening elements, pay attention to the fact that UV filters are the basis.

This is due to the fact that it is under the influence of sunlight that the production of melanin begins - the pigment, which gives the skin a brown tint.

An equally common problem is the occurrence of bruises under the eyes that have a purple or blue color. Similar manifestations indicate weakened capillaries. In this case, you need to choose a cream that can strengthen the blood vessels and make the skin under the eyes more dense. To cope with these tasks can be funds that are based on retinol and vitamin K.

Regarding the last element, it is worth saying that it is he who best strengthens the vascular walls. Due to the fact that it is absorbed into the cells, the microcirculation of the blood improves.

When choosing a cream, you need to pay attention to the fact that it is placed in a dark container. The material should not let in the sun, as the vitamin is destroyed by exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

There are also creams that help get rid of edema of the eyelids. Gel formulations perfectly eliminate such problems, make the skin more supple and supple.

When choosing a pharmacy option, ask about contraindications for use. Basically, such medicinal species contain basically many natural active ingredients that penetrate deep into the cells. It is preliminary recommended to test for the presence of allergic reactions.


As already noted above, most products contain natural components, vitamin complexes and other components whose action is aimed at improving the skin around the eyes. Also, the basis of creams include such ingredients as:

  • elastin;
  • heparin;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • extracts from medicinal plants;
  • vitamins.

Mandatory components of most cosmetic creams is retinol.

It is a derivative of vitamin A. When this component is exposed to the skin, vessels become denser and the burst capillaries heal. Most often, retinol is used to create night creams. This is due to the fact that the substance increases the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight.

One of the most "moody" elements is vitamin K. Most often it is combined with other species, since the substance is easily amenable to ultraviolet radiation. An excellent addition to this element is vitamin C. The action of substances is aimed at improving local blood circulation. They perfectly restore the skin, make it more pleasant and soft.

Important components in the basis of creams are ceramides. They have a beneficial effect on the skin, saturate it with the necessary amount of moisture. After applying the funds with them, the area around the eyes becomes elastic.

To eliminate bruises, creams are often used, in which there is a tramp. Such compounds are excellent in combating skin pigmentation; under the influence of components, the circles around the eyes quickly dissolve. Tramp is often used in the presence of severe swelling in this area. The biologically active substances present in the base penetrate the lower layers of the epidermis.

Often, cosmetic products with parsley are used to eliminate defects on the face. Interestingly, this ingredient is often used to create effective therapeutic agents. Creams with parsley lighten the skin, make it more hydrated and fresh. When using products, the epidermis is restored and toned.

Popular Feature Rating

Modern manufacturers produce many good and high-quality options, which are worth a closer look.

One of the best types is the "Caffeine Roller" gel, introduced by the Garnier brand. The remedy perfectly eliminates cinnamon bruises and signs of fatigue. A feature of this type is the presence of a massage roller, which ensures maximum penetration of nutrients under the skin.

Cosmetics from this company have stimulating and tonic properties, therefore it is very popular among buyers. The components of the roller gel perfectly eliminate traces of fatigue and swelling formed under the eyes.

Another high-quality and effective product is the Lumene Time Freeze Eye Cream. It contains heather extract, due to which the skin condition improves in a short period. Also based on are proteins of plant origin.

As a result of multiple checks, it was proved that the cream does not contain fragrances that cause irritation and allergies. The product is 95% natural natural ingredients.

For sensitive skin, Vichy Thermal Fix can be used. The gel perfectly refreshes, nourishes and saturates the epidermis with moisture. In the course of research, it was proved that the product is 100% hypoallergenic.

The active component of the product is dextran sulfate, which prevents the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

See more about skin care around the eyes and an overview of the remedies in the next video.


Determine the most suitable and high-quality option will help customer reviews. According to consumers, the best cream should be 90-100% composed of natural ingredients, and this is the true truth. If at the base of the product there is a large number of synthetic additives, the effect of the application will not be noticeable.

Among the wide range of products, many customers highlighted Clinique restorative cream. The tool perfectly fights with traces of aging, almost instantly eliminates bruises under the eyes. After several applications, women notice a positive effect.

The active composition is perfectly absorbed into the cells, the skin becomes smooth and supple.

Another good option is Night Eye Cream Wish by Christina. This composition must be applied to the skin before bedtime. The product is suitable for owners of sensitive skin. Buyers noted that the cream has a rather pleasant and light texture.

Due to this, the active components quickly penetrate into the cells of the epidermis.

Avon "Anew Alternative" cream helps to remove dark circles under the eyes. Anti-aging agent contains natural and rare extracts of oriental plants. Under the influence of natural components, blood microcirculation improves, dark circles are eliminated.

A positive effect is noticeable after a week of use.

Korean cosmetics has been especially popular recently. Increasingly, customers are buying skin and hair care products. You can use the eye area Korean cream "The First Cell Revolution Eye Cream". Buyers noted a lot of positive qualities of this tool.

The first thing consumers noticed was the visible effect. After 2-3 applications, you can notice a positive result: dark circles are eliminated, the skin becomes elastic and soft.

Another advantage of this Korean product is its affordable cost. Customers noted that this option is an ideal example of a combination of excellent quality and reasonable price.


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