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Hair Wax Gel

There is a huge selection of various styling products on the cosmetics market. Among them, a certain place is occupied by gel wax for hair. Let's try to figure out for which styling it is suitable and how to apply it.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Gel wax is able to emphasize almost any form of hairstyle. It perfectly locks the strands in the direction that you need. At the same time, it does not burden them, leaving them elastic and resilient.
  • It can also be applied to dry hair. in order to emphasize individual strands, and wet as a gel. This differs from ordinary wax.
  • This tool is indispensable for owners of curly hair., since it makes the strands more obedient.
  • The product also gives shine to curls.
  • Its composition usually additionally includes vitamins, which help restore the structure of the strands, increasing their growth and density.
  • Gel wax is great for daily use. It does not harm hair with constant use. Even in ancient times, the Egyptians applied wax-based products to their hair in order not only to fix their hair, but also to protect their hair from sand and dust.

Modern technologists have taken the best of that composition, supplemented it and got a tool that is perfect for modern reality.

Gel wax not only helps to shape the strands, but also protects the curls from the negative effects of the environment, as well as man-made dust and ultraviolet radiation.

In addition, this product is easily washed off the hair, it is enough to rinse them well with shampoo once.

Who will suit

Gel wax is mainly needed for curly locks. He perfectly captures them, emphasizing every curve of the curl.

This product is especially suitable if you have a dry dermis. It contains a lot of fats that will contribute to the nutrition of curls, give them shine and vitality.

How to apply

There are two ways to apply gel wax.

On wet hair

To do this, wash your hair well with shampoo. Apply conditioner, rinse hair well and dry well with a towel. Then take a small amount of gel wax and grind between the palms. This must be done so that the wax, which is part of the product, melts. Then the product is applied to the strands along the entire length, first with palms, and then with a comb. Then you can dry your hair with a hairdryer and give the curls any shape.

Dry hair

It also initially requires warming up between the palms to give the product a lighter texture. Then apply the product on certain strands. To give the hairstyle a finished look.

Application options

As can be understood from the above, you can use this product for styling on hairstyles of any length.

On short hair, gel-wax will help highlight individual strands, give them the desired direction and shape.

On long hair, its use is also possible. It will perfectly help curly hair to curl into even curls or you can simply use the product as a fixative when styling, for example, with forceps.

DIY making

Gel wax can be bought in any store selling cosmetics, in specialized departments for hairdressers or in beauty salons that sell professional cosmetics.

But you can do it yourself. Here is one of the recipes.

Necessary to purchase:

  • beeswax - this will be the basis of the tool;
  • petroleum jelly or lanolin as a softener;
  • jojoba oil, petroleum jelly or coconut oil to give shine;
  • essential oils on your own to create a pleasant fragrance.

With lanolin, you should be extremely careful. Although it is a natural substance, it is extracted from the fat of sheep, which can cause allergies.

We take 30 g of wax and 75 g of softener, melt them in a water bath, add oil and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained, breaking the crust of wax that forms on the surface well.

Pour into a wide-necked jar where the composition will be stored. Allow to cool and harden for two to three hours. Gel wax is ready to use.

Overview of major brands and reviews about them

There are several brands under which this product is produced. Here are the most popular ones.

  • Londa. Gel wax normal fixation "Adapt IT". This is the development of the best German technologists who are improving styling products. With this product you can easily emphasize individual strands on curly or coarse hair, it is interesting to lay a short haircut, and when applied to wet hair, you can get a pretty strong fixation and make styling even on long hair.The cost of the product is about 430 rubles per 100 g.

Reviews about this tool are positive. It does not create a greasy shine, it is almost imperceptible on the hair, but at the same time it perfectly fixes the hair, keeping it all day long. A convenient dispenser helps control the amount of squeezed content. Consumption is very economical.

  • Taft "Radiance of Diamonds". This product is designed to create an unrivaled shine on the hair and, at the same time, fix the hair. It does not overload curls. Additionally protects the strands from overdrying when using irons and stacking plates. The cost of the product is 300 rubles for 75 g.

Reviews about this product are very mixed. Some write that this is an excellent tool that gives the diamond shine to curls and perfectly fixes them. Others, on the contrary, argue that the tool gives the hair fat and does not completely fix the locks. It all depends on the ability to use it. The main thing here is not to overdo it.

See how to use hair wax gel in the next video.

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