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Camay Shower Gel

French women have always been the standard of beauty throughout the world. These elegant and feminine natures always knew a lot about perfumery. They knew how to charm people with their aroma. This ability is embodied in the legendary Camay brand.

Camay is a popular brand engaged in the production and distribution of perfumed body care products.

All products consist of components that emit pleasant aromas and retain a pleasant smell throughout the day. They have a pleasant structure and are created using unique recipes.

Brand history

Camay company appeared almost a hundred years ago, but in Russia it became known only at the end of the last century. It was then that the products of this brand hit the shelves of domestic stores. Since then, the company has expanded greatly and gained popularity among Russian women.

All products are developed taking into account the knowledge of professional perfumers who conduct research and apply the latest developments to create unique and sustainable aromas. Each collection has its own unique set of smells. They begin with light floral notes and end with exotic and captivating aromas, so that any nature finds the perfect solution.

Every year, the brand produces more and more perfumes: deodorants, shower gels, soaps and antiperspirants.

To create them, perfumers use the latest technology and conduct research in the world of fashion and perfumery so that each product is relevant and in demand for customers.

To ensure the safety of its products, Camay carefully examines the components. Therefore, we can confidently declare the safety of funds. The brand has repeatedly received awards for consistent quality and unique recipes.

Product Feature

Camay creates unique body care products. Collections are constantly updated, delighting customers with a unique design and recipe. The leading perfumers of the world participate in the creation of products. They select the necessary components and exotic flowers to realize the dreams of many women to radiate exquisite aromas.

Camay is not just shower gels, deodorants and soaps, but also the highest quality mark of amazing aromas for any occasion.

The products have an exquisite taste, using rare components, fragrant flowers and unique compositions to create a lasting aroma. The company does all this so that every woman feels a taste of luxury and beauty.

The peculiarity of the brand is that all products have aromas identical to perfumes from the most famous brands. For this, eminent perfumers who participate in creating perfumes for brands such as Armani and Christian Dior. Perfumes are diverse and multifaceted, like any girl. They personify any mood, starting from thin and fragile and ending with a passionate and playful one.

Camay shower gels give you confidence in your own irresistibility.

It is as if they envelop the girl with intangible aromas that will follow in a thin trail. At the same time, delicate notes will publish their aromas for a long time.

The cost of production is so affordable that anyone can buy it. A pack of shower gel lasts for a month of regular use. And you can find the Camay line in any hardware or cosmetic store.

Skin action

Camay shower gels have gained immense popularity all over the world. Many people use them instead of regular soap. This is due to the fact that gels not only cleanse the skin of dirt, dust and sweat well, but also moisturize them. Their structure has a pleasant consistency, which is easily washed and very easily washed off with plain water.

The composition of shower gels is safe and does not cause allergic reactions. The main component of the product is water. The basis is surface-active substances, which contribute to deep cleansing of the skin. These are sodium, magnesium and ammonium laureth sulfate, which are necessary for the formation of foam. The gels also include cocamidopropyl betaine and other non-ionic surfactants that contribute to gentle cleansing of the surface.

All these components prevent the formation of statistical electricity, effectively eliminate pollution and do not allow the skin to dry out. They do no harm to the body and do not cause skin irritation.

Also in the composition of the funds are thickeners, preservatives, dyes and perfumes.

This allows you to create a fragrant and thick mass, which can not deteriorate for a long time. Unopened packaging can stand for more than six months.

Thus, it is safe to say that Camay shower gels perfectly cleanse the body of various impurities and do not dry the skin. They have a pleasant structure, foam well and are very easy to rinse with plain water. Their cost is small, and the choice is large enough to find something individually suitable for a particular girl.

The main types

Camay produces a variety of amazing collections that have captivating fragrances. The creators believe that every woman deserves to enjoy the compositions of rare flowers that are part of hygiene products.

Using Camay Shower Gels is fairly straightforward.

To do this, they must be applied to wet areas and distributed with light massage movements throughout the body. After this, the remnants of the product must be washed off with warm water.

Most Popular Collections

  • "French Romantique" - a fragrant collection based on unusual perfume compositions and components that perfectly cleanse the body of various impurities and make it soft and velvet to the touch. The rose gives off a faint but persistent aroma, giving a feeling of freshness and energy for the whole day.

The shower gel from this collection consists of premium ingredients and has a pleasant aroma of roses. It carefully and gently cleanses the skin, gently enveloping the silhouette with a delicate aroma.

Cost - 130 r for 250 ml.

  • "French Lavender" - A set consisting of two products: shower gel and fragrant soap. They have elegant aromas of French lavender. Lavender helps to eliminate the feeling of fatigue, relaxes muscles, helping to dissolve in a feeling of incredible harmony.

French Lavender Shower Gel gently cleanses the skin and makes it velvety and fragrant. Thanks to its pleasant texture and light smell, it not only cleanses the skin, but also makes the bathing process desirable.

Cost - 150 p.

  • "Mademoiselle" - A collection that embodies the aroma of a lotus flower and delicious caramel. Products create a sense of celebration and a premonition of imminent change.

Shower gel "Mademoiselle" has a delicate structure, easily foams and perfectly cleanses the skin. The smell remains on the body for several hours, bewitching others with amazing notes of a lotus flower.

Cost - 120 p.

  • "Dejour" - A set of delicious products that awaken and fill with energy for the whole day. The main component of the product is green grapes, which creates an optimistic mood in the morning.

Shower gel from this collection has an emerald color, is easy to foam and is simply washed off. Getting on the skin, it creates a feeling of cooling and keeps the smell for a rather long period of time. It copes well with the elimination of dirt and the smell of sweat.

Cost - 100 p.

  • "Dynamique Grapefruit" - The energetic aromas of pink grapefruit and white flowers make the collection unique to customers. Gentle notes add femininity and add confidence in their own beauty.

Shower gel "Dynamique Grapefruit" charges with optimism, helping to tune in to new achievements. It foams well and gently cleanses the skin from dust and dirt. And at the same time it does not dry the skin at all.

Cost - 120 p.

  • "Magical Spell". Black orchid is the basis of the set. An incredible smell makes you cheer up in the morning and remove the feeling of tiredness in the evening. All products combine notes of black orchid and patchouli oil.

Shower gel gently and quickly cleanses the skin, while not drying and does not cause irritation. It foams well and also rinses off easily. Delicate scents stay on the body for several hours, forcing passersby to turn around afterwards.

Cost - 130 p.

  • "Secret Bliss" - collection with precious oils and a light aroma of violets. The products have a pleasant structure and are created according to a unique recipe. This is ideal for sensitive and refined girls.

Shower gel "Secret Bliss" envelops the body with a floral scent for a long time. It has a nice structure and economical packaging, which is enough for a month of regular use. The gel makes the skin clean and soft, like velvet.

Cost - 150 p.

  • "Creme & Strawberry" - a gentle touch of funds, the main component of which is strawberries with cream. The products of this series allow you to plunge into the world of divine pleasures and experience gentle care.

Shower gel creates a romantic mood and gives a feeling of comfort. Strawberries and cream envelop the body, bewitching people around. The product has a light structure that foams well and gently cleanses the skin.

Cost - 120 p.

  • "Soft Aloe" - A series created on the basis of aloe faith and chamomile flowers. It gives a feeling of calm and satisfaction, relaxing every cell of the body.

Aloe shower gel relieves muscle tension and helps relieve fatigue. The light structure of the product has a fragrant property, easily foams and perfectly cleanses the skin.

Cost - 130 p.

  • "Beaute de la Nature" - A set that publishes incredible aromas of morning dew and lily of the valley flowers. Perfume composition relaxes the body after a hard day and envelops in floral scents.

Shower gel not only gently cleanses the skin, but also leaves a persistent aroma on the body, creating a feeling of comfort for the whole day. In this case, the skin does not experience a feeling of dryness and tightness.

Cost - 150 p.


Russian women fell in love with the Camay brand for its incredible fragrances. All products are certified and meet international standards. Therefore, customers are satisfied with the quality of body care products.

Shower gels from the legendary brand are sent to the world of divine pleasures and are able to make you forget about pressing problems.

Fragrant products envelop the delicate body and are pulled by a light trail after the silhouette.

Customers have positive feedback on all Camay products. They are pleased with the quality of the funds and pleasant notes of perfume. Economical consumption and low price allow you to purchase hygiene products for any buyer.

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