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Cream for oily skin

Despite the fact that skin care of any type is based on three main stages - cleansing, toning and moisturizing, for different types of dermis, means for different purposes are needed. For example, for washing gels or foams, for toning - tonics and lotions, and for moisturizing, as a rule, creams are used.

Epidermal features

Oily skin - this porous skin, the sebaceous glands of which are very active, secreting excess sebum.

Skin type is usually transmitted through genes. It is quite possible to change to combined or even normal by proper nutrition and care. This is not so easy to do, because oily skin is often also very sensitive to everything else. It is very important to properly clean such skin - stably twice a day, tint, so that the pores are closed, and moisturize. Moisturizing is almost the most important stage, since if the skin becomes dehydrated or too dry, it will release twice as much sebum (sebum).

Your skin is oily if:

  1. Two to three hours after washing or applying makeup, or even earlier, an oily sheen appears on it;
  2. The pores are enlarged, deep and often black dots visit you;
  3. Due to the active work of the sebaceous glands, acne and inflammation are also frequent guests.

Types of funds

Matting creams regulate the sebaceous glands, thereby having the opportunity to delay the appearance of oily sheen for three to four hours. They are also further subdivided into tonal matting and matting bases / primers. With the first, everything is clear - it masks imperfections, evens out skin tone by applying pigment to it.

Matting primers are distinguished by the fact that they prepare the skin for make-up - even out the relief, narrow and close the pores, and prolong the make-up durability. They can be used both alone and in tandem with powder or foundation.

Moisturizing. Oily skin needs active hydration, because if it lacks moisture, it will begin to dry and will secrete several times more sebum. Features of a moisturizer are that it should not clog pores and have alcohol in it, as it dries the skin.

Apply a light moisturizer during the day, and choose a nutritious one at night.

Nourishing creams are a more powerful form of moisturizer. They are very similar in their properties - however, in addition to moisture, they saturate the skin with various minerals and vitamins, eliminate peeling, itching and other unpleasant manifestations of problem skin.

For applying under makeup, as a rule, they are too dense or heavy - they are recommended to be used at night, especially in the autumn-winter period.

Anti-inflammatory / antiseptic. Since this type of skin is often visited by acne, you should always have at hand a remedy that fights against them. As a rule, these are peculiar creams for spot application. They actively fight against bacteria that cause acne, and in a couple of days they can save you from uninvited guests.

Protective creams with SPF. It is very important not to frostbite the skin in the winter, but in the summer to protect it from burns and the appearance of age spots.

Additionally, creams are divided into two categories: night and day.

  • The night cream, as a rule, anti-aging, anti-aging, is designed to combat imperfections such as peeling, acne, wrinkles. It should nourish the skin and adjust to its sleep, work at night rhythm and restore the water-lipid balance.
  • Day creams include many others - matting, protective, moisturizing. All of them protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment and make it more attractive, ready for make-up - and it is unlikely that a matting cream is useful in a dream.

Ingredients in the composition

If the product is anti-inflammatory and is intended for targeted use, it should contain substances such as essential oils (tea tree, rosemary, neroli, mint, eucalyptus, conifers and citrus fruits), acids (ANA - fruit acids, for example, lactic, glycolic, grape, and VNA - salicylic), alcohol (it fights just fine against inflammation), antiseptics (green tea, extracts of medicinal plants).

Benzoyl peroxide and vitamin C also cope with various rashes.

In matting creams talc, starch, zinc or sulfur can act as the same matting component, plant extracts, as well as caffeine and green tea, can also help to hide pores and soothe inflammation.

Nutritious cream It has a slightly more loaded, but balanced composition - may include vitamins and minerals, completely different oils (the main thing is that it is not mineral, which is derived from oil), medicinal plants and retinol.

Moisturizing creams should not be cluttered - it will be excellent if they include several plant extracts or thermal water, again, green tea, glycerin and a small amount of non-comedogenic oils.

How to choose for summer and winter

In the summer, this type of skin can bring its owners a fair amount of problems. Firstly, shine due to constant sunlight is much more noticeable, the skin glows unhealthily. Secondly, many matting tonal creams or mousses even tend to roll off or drain off the face under the influence of heat - which not only looks completely unaesthetic, but also provokes the appearance of new inflammations and black spots, as the pores become clogged, as a result of which the skin begins to sweat, produce more fat. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right remedy for the summer.

This should be a lightweight, natural matting cream.

It should be easily absorbed and not leave the slightest trace on the face, visually even out skin tone and smooth pores. It will be just fine if he has sun protection - SPF. You can use it solo, if you do not suffer from rashes, or under matting tonal or, preferably, powder.

As for the masking cream, it is best if it is also a matting explosive or SS. It is lighter, its coverage is not so dense, therefore it will not hide large accumulations of red enemies - but it will not disappear from the face, it will not drain, it is completely invisible.

For winter, owners of oily skin type are suitable for slightly denser textures - for example, mousse foundation creams. However, also marked “matting”.

They must be thoroughly shaded, but first - apply the base or primer. In the cold and with a not pronounced oily sheen, you can use weightless moisturizers. If your face shines at any time of the year and in any weather, then the matting cream should become your constant companion. However, this does not mean that you should abandon nourishing and moisturizing creams - after a hard working day, be sure to use them at night.

Application rules

The durability and coverage of many foundation creams depends on their correct application. If with bases or ordinary creams, everything is simple - they need to be distributed with the driving movements of the fingertips on the face, then with tonal creams it is a little more complicated. There are three ways to apply foundation:

  1. With your fingers. The situation is the same as with an ordinary cream - a couple drops of cream are applied to the back of the left palm, the quantity is taken with fingers and applied by driving movements on the face skin. Remember that in this case, as in others, you should first pay attention to the T-zone - forehead, nose and nose bridge, and then to the U-zone - chin and cheeks.
  2. A sponge or a beauty blender. Both instruments in this case should be slightly moist - one drop of plain water will be enough. You just need to drip the cream on your cheek without shading. This will be done by the sponge, instead of which you can use a beauty blender - an egg-shaped sponge. With a sweeping motion, you should distribute the cream on the surface of the face. This method is good in that it allows you to apply the product as naturally as possible - the border between the skin with and without tone will be virtually invisible, like the cream itself on your skin. According to cosmetologists, this option is suitable for owners of oily dermis much better than others.
  3. With a brush. The right amount of tonal foundation is taken with a medium-sized flat brush and applied with smearing movements. The most difficult way - since the coating depends not only on the skill of the makeup artist, but also on the quality of the brush, how tightly it is filled (and the denser the better). A poor-quality brush can unevenly distribute the tone on the skin - in stripes, and also leave a couple of hairs on the skin. Also, the most uneconomical way, but if you adapt and find a brush denser, then the coating will be even and dense, hiding virtually any imperfection.

Rating of the best manufacturers

In order to choose a good matting cream, you need to know what you want and what action which cream performs. Especially for this, we have prepared for you a certain list-rating of the most famous and effective means.

  1. Face cream Holy land (HL) cosmetics "LACTOLAN Moist Cream for oily" is rated 5 out of 5. This stunning cream is perfect for owners of even the most problematic skin - it includes aloe, chamomile, calendula and several other herbal extracts; in total, occupying 80% of the composition. Price - up to 2000 rubles per 70 ml.
  2. Face and body cream Aisida really reduces oily skin, nourishes and moisturizes the deep layers of the dermis well. It has a rating of 5 out of 5 and is sold at a price of up to 500 rubles.
  3. Baikal herbals Day Matting Cream has a rating of 4, 2. An excellent moisturizer that makes the dermis soft and smooth. Tones and narrows pores. You can purchase within 200 rubles.
  4. Christina "Elastin Collagen Placentar Enzyme Moisture" with a rating of 4, 2 really moisturizes well, prevents the appearance of peeling and new inflammation. Suitable even for problematic skin, combines matting and hydration. Price - an average of about 1200 rubles.
  5. Day cream "Sofora Japanese" from Natura Siberica costs about 400-500 rubles. Moisturizes and protects the skin, has an SPF filter, is a good foundation for foundation. Matting, the composition includes extract of Japanese saphora, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Average rating - 4, 1 out of 5.
  6. Face cream "Neva cosmetics" "Cucumber" - an excellent representative of the mass market. It moisturizes the skin, mattifies it and makes it velvety, smooth, but for all that, it costs a penny - literally 100 rubles. Rating - 4, 1 out of 5.
  7. "Youth Surge Night" by Clinique. A pharmacy night cream at a cost of about 3000 rubles will help get rid of acne and narrow pores, restore and nourish the skin. Your face in the morning is even and smooth, velvety, ready to apply makeup. Rating - 4 out of 5.
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Neva cosmetics "Cucumber" stands out in its price category. According to the girls, it really mattifies - literally up to 8 hours in normal weather, up to 4 - in 30 or more degrees of heat. Light in texture, almost weightless, this cream is an excellent base for makeup. It does not provoke the appearance of acne, however, does not cure them - for this to antiseptic creams. Moisturizes.

The composition is not the best, however, it is quite advantageous - of the poor components it contains only silicones and a slightly increased glycerin content.

Face and body cream Aisida is one of the few not only matting, but also regulating the sebaceous glands creams. At the same time, it does not dry non-greasy areas of the skin - since it also has moisturizing properties.

It is also used at bedtime as a cream for the area around the eyes, as it is hypoallergenic and has a very mild effect.

An overview of creams for oily skin, see the next video.

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