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Garnier Face Mask

The mask is an integral part of face care, albeit not daily, but definitely regular. Unfortunately, many representatives of the fair sex do not at all wonder why it is so needed and why all manufacturers of cosmetic products necessarily produce such a universal remedy for facial skin. Further you will learn about masks from the famous brand Garnier, about their benefits to the skin and benefits.

About Brand

Garnier is heard by every woman, no matter how old she is. The products of this brand have been pleasing us with their funds for more than a hundred years and today is one of the most successful brands produced by L'Oreal.

Garnier products are sold in more than 60 countries around the globe and are popular among millions of women who have not changed their choice for many years. Let this brand and refers to the means of the mass market, that is, those that are in wide demand, but, despite this, the quality always pleases customers.

Constantly updating collections, creating new and more universal tools, using advanced technologies and the latest scientific achievements - this and much more makes Garnier one of the leading brands in the cosmetics industry.

Garnier always knows what women need, creating care products that are adapted for different ages, skin type and women's desire to get the best results. In addition, innovative products of this brand will greatly simplify your daily life, because real professionals are working on their creation.

Solved problems

Many professional cosmetologists and other specialists in this field argue that a face mask must necessarily be included in a comprehensive facial skin care. After all, such a universal tool will help provide additional and intensive care. Masks can be of different types, ready-made - fabric, which are very easy to "attach to the face", and options in tubes that you can easily distribute on the face.

Of course, one such tool will not help to solve all serious problems with the face, but with regular, proper and comprehensive use with other care products, you will very quickly get the desired result.

Most often, such means as masks act on a specific problem with the face, for example, eliminate deep pollution, narrow pores, have an exfoliating effect, fight acne, lighten pigmentation and much more. Masks are designed for two to three single use during the week. Most often they are not used daily.

I would also like to note that not only with very serious problems we need masks. For example, they are very often used for additional nutrition and replenishment of moisture in the cells of the epidermis. Or simply, when the skin of the face needs a spa-rest and wanted a little tenderness and care.

Product Overview

Now we are looking at masks for a wide variety of skin types that the Garnier brand offers.

If you are the owner of problem skin, then be sure to look at the warming mask from the Clean Skin series, which will help to deeply clean and narrow pores on the face. The formula of this product has a steaming effect, so that when it comes into contact with the skin, the pores are very gently cleaned without causing any unpleasant sensations. The composition is enriched with zinc and clay. It is recommended to apply the product on a slightly damp face, stand for several minutes and rinse.

Also in the Clean Skin series of products there is a universal 3 in 1 product, which is a face gel, scrub and mask. This tool will help to solve several problems at once. It will save the face from dirt, black spots, gently exfoliate the face and make it more matte. Ideal even for very oily skin. The composition contains white clay, which will help narrow pores, calm the face and make its tone more even and saturated.


Garnier also released innovative fabric masks that have become very popular among the female population, and they are also sold in many online cosmetic stores at fairly reasonable prices. To apply them, it is enough to open the package, remove the film and distribute the mask over the facial contours, hold for fifteen minutes, remove the residue or distribute it with gentle movements on the face. TThese mask options are also suitable for daily use, unlike classic ones in tubes that are used several times a week.

For owners of normal and combination skin, we recommend that you look at the mask "Moisturizing + Freshness". It is saturated with a special gel with green tea extract, hyaluronic acid and special serum for global moisturizing and cleansing of the skin on all layers, as it acts as a compress. After use, you will feel that your skin seemed to be in the spa, in addition, the face will be more refreshed, and the pores will narrow.

For dry or sensitive skin, Garnier has a Moisturizing + Comfort mask that helps gently moisturize and soothe even the most sensitive skin. The composition is enriched with chamomile extract, hyaluronic acid and special serum for global hydration. This mask will help replenish the old moisture in the cells of the epidermis, acting on all skin layers, make the face velvet and soft.

And finally, the last of a series of tissue options - the mask "Moisturizing + Aqua Bomb" is ideal for any skin type. It will give the face an invigorating sensation, as if you had just left a massage session. It has a tonic effect. The composition is enriched with pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid and a special moisturizing serum.


Women of all ages give very versatile reviews about the funds from Garnier. Many people really like to use fabric options for masks, because they actually give the expected effect that the manufacturer promises. Many women even say that after such global hydration, they do not have to apply a moisturizer at all.

In addition, the lady is pleased with the down-to-earth price in relation to excellent quality, so even schoolgirls and students can afford this wonderful tool for moisturizing and restoring facial skin.

As for the negative aspects, some girls express the opinion that the mask gives only short-term and visual effects, that is, they can only admire the result for a day or even less, and in order for the skin to shine again and be nourished, you have to use the product again and again.

Young girls praise the 3 in 1 Garnier product with white clay, thanks to which they were able to put their pores in order as much as possible and find a healthy and even tone of the face.

For yourself, you can see an overview of Garnier masks:

But how many people - so many diverse opinions. Garnier products are in high demand, they can be purchased at many cosmetic stores, so you are unlikely to lose a lot from the purchase of a less expensive, but high-quality product. The main thing is not to forget that only an integrated approach to the care and treatment of facial skin can give good results.

About fabric masks:

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