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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Neutrogena Cream

The company Neutrogena in the global market is not the first year. For more than half a century, she has been pleased with her products from women from around the world. All lovers of this cream have one thing in common - the desire to be beautiful and keep fresh skin as long as possible, despite the inexorable time. Like many other firms, Neutrogena began with the production of one single product. In this case, it was a soap that perfectly moisturized the skin. But, as often happens, the company did not limit itself to just one thing. Today, the company has a wide range of products suitable for every taste and for any purpose: including for dry and sensitive skin.

Glycerin - a healing potion for the skin

The creams produced by this company, designed for the face, body and hands, have several series. A distinctive feature - they restore dry skin, its functions and the so-called lipid layer. A distinctive feature of these products is their content of more than 40% glycerol, which allows you to achieve better hydration of the skin.

Application area

Each of the company's products has a special composition, which allows it to cope with a particular problem. Among overcome difficulties - brittle nails, dry skin, careless appearance of the skin and other difficulties. Judging by the positive reviews from consumers, this the cream perfectly copes with the task and helps to correct all of the aforementioned ailments or to remove them completely, maintaining your skin in a healthy state.

This circumstance will undoubtedly give you a good mood and self-confidence.

Natural composition is the key to success

Successful skin care, which can be achieved using a series of creams of this company, is due to the use of exclusively natural raw materials. High quality and product efficiency cannot be overlooked. Not without reason leading specialists of the United States of America - dermatologists and professional cosmetologists - approve the choice made in favor of various series from Neutrogena.

The effect is fast

The speed of the positive effect and the long-term beneficial effect - these are the qualities of the product that consumers most often single out as the most useful distinguishing features of the product. Dry skin begins to gradually pass after the third use of the miraculous drug.

Thanks to this, it is possible to slow down the natural process of skin aging, because each cream has its own set of useful substances of microelements and ingredients.


For clarity, let’s try to find out a little about what kind of substances are contained in creams, and what kind of benefit they bring to our skin. For example, a substance such as glycerin helps to give the skin a healthy moisture. It is able to attract moisture to itself and its duration is not limited to the application period, but it acts for a long period. But it’s worth considering that in a room with “dry” air this substance will dry the skin even more, however paradoxical it sounds.

Also of particular note is the provitamin B5 element called panthenol. Its task is to counteract the disappearance of moisture, which in general affects the improvement of the treasured moisture of the skin. Panthenol, among other things, is able to cope with redness of the skin and other symptoms of irritated skin. Vaseline oil envelops the hands with a thin layer that interferes with the process of moisture leaving, holding it back.

Due to its safety, this substance has become popular in pediatric cosmetology and medical preparations.

Vitamin E maintains the tone of the skin in conditions of constant negative environmental influences on our skin. Due to the characteristic features of this element, cosmetics can be stored much longer. By the way, one of the indisputable advantages of products from Neutrogena - lack of allergic fragrances and low preservatives. All these qualities together increase the competitiveness of this company's cosmetic products. When using Neutrogena products, we also recommend the use of various specialized products containing natural oils that are beneficial to the skin.


Norwegian Formula

One of the innovations from this brand is the series "Norwegian formula"which includes the tool"Intensive recovery", combating the effects of aging with protection from sunlight - SPF 25, a concentrated product with and without aroma, a tool that can be used to care for both hands and nails with the option that has the ability to quickly absorb.

Next, we offer you to consider in more detail the features of each of the listed cosmetic products.

Intensive Recovery

Cream "Intensive recovery“is distinguished by a completely new, one might say, innovative formula of the composition. This nuance helps him to moisturize and nourish the skin of his hands especially effectively and intensively, which for him plays a particularly important role in the skin care process. This is facilitated by the content of vitamins E and B5 in the composition of products , bisabolol and panthenol.

The cream has a calming effect on the skin.. The main element - glycerin - allows you to better heal with microscopic and invisible to the naked eye wounds and fissures of the skin. In addition to combating peeling, it moisturizes the epidermis and restores dry skin. The presence of urea in the cream allows you to enhance the effect of its action. Since the cream is perfectly absorbed, it can be used without interference for application even on very sensitive skin.

For hands and nails

Most likely, hand and nail cream will not work well with oily skin. The reason for this is the dense texture. Its distinguishing feature is a special smell that not every woman will like. In addition to all of the above substances, the cream contains bisabolol and allantoin, which strengthens the nail plate.

It is very pleasant to touch the hands on which this cream is regularly applied, as they are smooth, soft, moisturized in moderation, and the skin on them is very delicate.

After 20-40 minutes, the skin on which such a wonderful cream was applied becomes noticeably wetter, and this is due to the light absorption of the cream, which is possible due to the light texture of the substance, which allows it not to create an unpleasant oily layer on the skin.

Quick action

This cosmetic product belongs to fast-absorbing creams. Thanks to the triple-action effect, this cream is instantly able to moisturize your skin, as well as properly nourish your skin and make it softer. In the composition of this cream, almost half - glycerin (namely, more than 40%). The miraculous composition supplements the presence of vitamins E, B5, coconut oil, which affects softening the skin, chamomile and aloe, which help moisturize, as well as in the composition there are allantoin and panthenol already known to us.


Cream called "Anti age"helps to combat the very first manifestations of old age - the appearance of age spots. Also, the substances contained in the cream allow you to effectively counteract the enemies of every woman - small wrinkles. As part of the solution to all these problems, the elements described above help: glycerin, B vitamins, bisabolol, allantoin, vitamin E and substances that protect the skin from the sun.

Counteracting age spots, the product fights dry epidermis, strengthens nail plates. Thanks to a well-thought-out formula, this cream is perfectly absorbed, it, like its "counterparts" in the line, will not bother you after applying a greasy film layer and unpleasant stickiness. This cream effectively smoothes the skin and copes with both premature aging and various problems in the area of ​​nails. For example, with such as nail fungus.


To correct the situation with damaged and excessively dry skin, we recommend that you choose a concentrated cream with and without smell. After the first test, this product will bring you relief and a sense of hydration. According to experts, the first results in the form of a victory over peeling come at the beginning of the second week of use.

Such an unusual, but practical name of the cream is due to the fact that it comes in two "trim levels." The first of them has a pleasant aroma, and the second does not smell at all.

Both versions, like most creams of the company and the series in particular, have glycerin in their composition. It is complemented by other components that give efficiency.

Cetearyl alcohol and stearic acid act as a kind of emollients. These elements form an invisible protective layer that prevents the skin from losing moisture. A tube of such cream is enough for more than two hundred applications. The elements contained in its composition allow it to be stored for a long time, soften the skin, defend the protective barrier, and generally protect the skin from negative environmental influences.

Smoothing complexion

In addition to the moisturizing effect found in most of the above products, there are also creams that even out complexion, for example, “Healthy Skin Visibly Even,” which can deal with freckles, age spots, and, like most of the products listed above, it moisturizes the skin perfectly .

It’s also worth highlighting creamHealthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream". Its distinctive feature is the absence of artificial elements in its composition: silicones and fragrances. The quick effect of the cream, which appears at the very beginning of its use, is partly due to the presence of retinol in its composition. This substance is able to take care of your skin more than perfectly.


If you look at the reviews on the Neutrogena brand, we can see that most of them are positive. This is primarily due to the fact that the effect of moisturizing the skin when using these products comes immediately. However, we recall that all people have individual skin, which has its own distinctive features. Therefore, it may be best for you to try to choose exactly your skin care product. This only contributes to the variety of the line of products presented. We sincerely wish you to choose the appropriate option that will allow your skin to stay in good shape for many years, and you will be given joy and confidence in your strengths, in your beauty and smile that will delight others and be irresistible in a duet with healthy skin of your face and hands.

A review of this cream is presented in the video below.

Watch the video: NEUTROGENA HYDRO BOOST GEL CREAM REVIEW (December 2019).


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