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Masks for aging skin

Sooner or later, female beauty begins to fade. This is an inevitable process that begins in connection with the aging and weakening of the whole body, and first of all it affects our skin. Almost every woman at least once thought about whether it is possible to maintain a young and beautiful appearance of her face for many years.

Of course, no one will be able to avoid aging. However, with proper care of your skin, you can achieve a kind of delay, and even look very good even in old age. There is no big secret in this: it is enough to understand the causes of withering of the skin and choose the appropriate remedies for its "treatment".

Causes of wilting

The main enemy of female beauty is always time. Old age comes sooner or later to any woman, which is primarily reflected in her appearance. In drier terms, then in our body information was originally laid down about which cells and at what period of life begin to break down.

In this case, it is, of course, a hereditary predisposition. This explains the fact that some women seem young even at the age of 60-70, and some suffer from fine wrinkles and wrinkles on their faces by the age of 40.

Most of all, women who have naturally too dry skin are most at risk of early wrinkle formation. She suffers more from a lack of nutrients, so the first unpleasant folds can appear even in adolescence. Such girls should learn to care for their face from an early age to avoid premature wilting.

Mostly, such processes arise due to the fact that in old age our body no longer receives enough nutritional components. The dermis is thinning, the processes of destruction in it prevail over the processes of regeneration. In addition, there is a serious shortage of substances such as collagen and elastin, which give it elasticity.

Of course, senile age is only the main problem, while many other factors can also provoke too early aging of the skin. The most insidious of them is ultraviolet. For a long time, specialists have proved the fact that the sun's rays and tanning beds have not only positive effects on the dermis.

Ultraviolet causes a lot of irreversible reactions. Including destroys elastin fibers and inhibits the formation of collagen, which as a result leads to the "drying" of tissues.

Of course, you can not completely abandon the sunbathing, as they are necessary for the normal absorption of vitamins, however, women with dry skin are better to refrain from a fanatical tan, and in the summer season do not neglect the hat or umbrella.

Other factors that may turn out to be your worst enemies in the struggle for beauty are also worth noting:

  • Too fast weight loss. Rigid diets and excessive exercise primarily result in water loss. The skin is thinning and may sag as a result of too rapid loss of weight, fluid, fatty tissue;
  • Bad habits, especially smoking, disrupt the normal structure of the dermis. It loses its natural color, and the regeneration processes in it slow down;
  • Improper nutrition and vitamin deficiencies;
  • Many chronic diseases including endocrine organs;
  • Poor vision and refusal to wear glasses. This leads to constant squinting, which causes the skin to quickly lose its elasticity.

Features of mature skin

The big secret is why mature skin is prone to wrinkles and wilting, no. The thing is that at a certain period of life, our body begins to produce less intensively most of the necessary elements on its own.

Among them are not only vitamins and minerals, but also more narrowly targeted substances. In the case of the face, the leading role is played by elastin and collagen - these are two "pillars" due to which the elasticity and normal skin turgor remain.

Active loss of fluid, fatty tissue reserves also begins. In the end, the skin is noticeably thinning, sagging, the appearance of folds and deep wrinkles begins. In addition, most biological processes are disturbed, because of which there are also tendencies to the development of inflammation, excess pigmentation is formed.

The effect of anti-aging masks

Masks with the so-called “anti-aging” effect are not able to instantly rejuvenate the skin of the face. Unfortunately, today there is no cosmetics that can so radically solve this problem. Nevertheless, regular masks, which, by the way, can be prepared independently at home, are indicated for aging skin.

They have a whole range of positive effects.

Due to this, the wilting processes are noticeably slowed down, and with regular long-term use of such products, a striking effect can be observed: the skin regains its natural healthy color, wrinkles are smoothed, inflammation and excess pigmentation go away.

In order to make this possible, it is necessary to use a good mask, which has most of the following properties:

  • The high content of a complex of vitamins and minerals has a strong nutritional effect. This helps to normalize the natural processes of regeneration and restoration of dermal tissues;
  • In the preparation of masks, vegetables and fruits are often used, which contain a lot of moisture, therefore well moisturize the skin and normalize its turgor;
  • Natural masks also contain special substances - antioxidants. Their main advantage is the ability to remove various toxins from the deep layers of the skin. Such a cleansing contributes to the preservation of health and a beautiful appearance;
  • Increases skin oxygenation. Contributes to its smoothing;
  • Many masks made from natural ingredients at home can have a lifting effect. The face does not just look fit, but acquires healthy elasticity and freshness;
  • Normalization of the level of Ph on the surface of the skin;
  • Stimulation of the natural production of collagen and elastin;
  • Helps to improve capillary circulation in the skin. It not only restores the natural healthy tone of the face, but also contributes to normal nutrition;
  • Normalizes the sebaceous glands, which is especially true for women with oily skin;
  • It has an antiseptic effect. This effect is not necessary for rejuvenation, but it helps to prevent inflammation.


The advantage of self-made masks over purchased masks is that they contain much more natural components, and also have the most soft and nourishing effect.

There are many recipes for their preparation, as well as recommendations for use. Women who are just about to try their own anti-aging masks can recommend the following:

  • Use only fresh vegetables and ripe fruits for cooking. Make sure that they are dense and juicy, as one of the main requirements for such masks is nutrition and hydration. Overexposed ingredients in the refrigerator may also not work;
  • If you are going to prepare a mask based on or with the addition of oil, be sure to warm it to room temperature. This is best done with a water bath;
  • In the manufacture should pay attention not only to the number of components, but also to the sequence of their mixing and the duration of the resulting composition. Most masks cannot be prepared with reserve and should be used immediately as soon as they are ready;
  • Before the procedure, apply a small amount of the product to the skin of the hand and wait 5-10 minutes. This will check if you have an allergic reaction to any of the components;
  • Apply a mask, as a rule, it is necessary not only on the face, but also on the neck and decollete;
  • Not a single recipe promises instant results. A good anti-aging effect is possible only in that case. if the procedures will be performed regularly and in full.

The best recipes at home

Anti-aging masks can begin to be used not only after 60 years, but also at 50-55 and even at 45. Cooking them is quite simple, and the effect is excellent in preventing the appearance of wrinkles or can even noticeably smooth them.

For dry skin, a recipe for a classic nourishing mask based on cream and sour cream is well suited. The recipe for its preparation is quite simple:

  • Mix part of home-made cottage cheese and part of fat cream or sour cream in 1: 1 proportions;
  • For more effect you can combine sour cream and cream;
  • Mix in a blender to a homogeneous mass;
  • The resulting mixture use immediately as a mask. Apply it evenly with your fingers or brush, then leave for 15-18 minutes;
  • Remove tool from the face with warm water.

This mask is very simple even in composition, but it provides a good nourishing and moisturizing effect. It is best suited for early aging skin because it helps prevent fluid loss and wrinkles.

For oily and porous skin, a mask using fruits is best. It will provide soft saturation of the dermis with moisture, without having to worry about clogging the ducts of the sebaceous glands or exacerbating excessive fat content. Use the following recipe:

  • Egg yolk beat to a homogeneous consistency;
  • Add 1 tbsp. a spoon butter and mix;
  • Add at the end 1 tbsp. a spoonful of liquid honey;
  • Make mashed fruit from an apple, chopping it on a grater or blender. Add 2 teaspoons to a mixture of yolk, honey and oil;
  • Mix well. The mass is applied to the skin for 15 minutes, and then removed with warm water;
  • You can always replace an apple with other fruitse.g. peach, apricot, kiwi, banana or strawberry. It is even better to make mashed potatoes from several fruits for the mask.

A good nourishing and moisturizing mask can also be made from carrots. This root crop contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for aging skin:

  • Carrot peel in advance, grind on a grater or in a blender;
  • On 1 tbsp. a spoon carrot mass, take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of olive oil;
  • Shuffle ingredients until a homogeneous composition is obtained;
  • Apply mask on clean and slightly damp skin for 15 minutes, then remove with warm water.

Moisturizing mask according to any of the above recipes is easy to prepare. They contain only natural ingredients that will allow the aging skin to give its former healthy appearance and elasticity.

The recipe for a mask for aging skin with the effect of Botox, see the next video.


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