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Clarins Cream

The Clarnis brand was created in 1954 by Jacques Courtea, who dreamed of becoming a doctor, and eventually became the founder of one of the best cosmetics companies for women and men. Now Clarnis has 31 beauty institutes, a huge number of stores around the world and millions of satisfied customers who bought the funds of this brand.

Facial cosmetics, and in particular, very effective creams for the face, body and neck, which simply work wonders, brought huge popularity to cosmetics.

Features of cosmetics

The company has several areas of production:

  • body skin care cosmetics;
  • Moisturizers
  • Decorative cosmetics;
  • Cosmetics for men;
  • Perfumery.

Each of these areas has a huge amount of high-quality tools that are sold out in stores in a matter of hours.

Face care lines contain the following products:

  • moisturizing creams;
  • creams for oily skin;
  • cleansers;
  • masks and scrubs;
  • preparations for the skin of the eyelids;
  • for the neck;
  • regenerating and anti-aging products for face and neck.

Each line is designed for a specific type of skin and age of the owner.

The composition of all products of this brand is absolutely natural, does not have parabens and has protection against ultraviolet rays. Each product is carefully developed in specialized laboratories, then it undergoes dermatological studies and only after confirmation of high quality and effectiveness it enters the mass production at the factory, and from there to the stores.

It should be noted that all Clarnis products belong to the luxury segment and have corresponding prices, which are by no means democratic. But the composition, quality and effectiveness of the goods fully justify the amount that will have to be paid for creams from this label.

Read more about the cosmetics of this brand in the next video.


Clarnis produces a huge variety of creams for each type of skin, but in addition to these products, there are special gels and facial cleansers, exfoliating scrubs and tightening masks in the line of face care products. Also in the composition of the products there are creams for the body and neck.

A good line for young skin is the orange "Eclat du", which includes a moisturizing lotion and a tonic face cream.

It is also suitable for more mature and smooth skin. The cream itself is presented in two versions: gel cream and classic.

It has a light texture, soft aroma, is perfect for dealing with small peeling, is quickly absorbed, and also moisturizes even dry skin. Despite the light texture, the cream is quite thick and lays in a thin even layer. It is quite economical, since literally a small drop is enough for one application, so it can be used for two months.

The manufacturer himself recommends using these two tools, depending on the time of year. In winter, when the weather is cold, winds and frost blow it is better to use a cream, as it is denser. In the summer, hotter seasons, it is preferable to use a gel cream, as it is much easier.

The only disadvantage of this tool is that an hour after its application a small fraction of oily sheen appears, which slightly spoils the overall appearance of the face.

Another two great products of this brand are Multi Active Jour and Multi Active Nuit. This day and night cream is aimed at combating the first signs of aging or preventing the appearance of facial wrinkles. The manufacturer recommends using them from thirty years. The products themselves have several subspecies related to different skin types.

"Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction" - a product before use in the morning or afternoon, it differs into three types:

  • for normal - "Day Early Wrinkle Correction"
  • for dry skin - "Day Early Wrinkle Correction comfort"
  • For oily or combination - "Day Early Wrinkle Correction cream-gel"

All products are presented in white glass bottles of 50 milliliters. Let's consider each separately.

Product for dry skin with the additional mark "Comfort"Ideal for the cold season. It has a dense and dense structure, unlike other means of this line, very deeply nourishes and saturates the epidermis with moisture. A softening effect is observed after regular use.

Product for normal skin type "Day Early Wrinkle Correction" Suitable for almost any girl. It can be used all year round. It perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and has a light texture.

The product for oily and combination skin is presented as a cream gel, it is lighter and not as dense as others. It perfectly copes with hydration, while not leaving a greasy shine after itself.

All day items "Early Wrinkle Correction" have a light texture, absorb very quickly and are economical to use. Most of the customers with a daily use of a jar lasts more than a month.

Clarins Night Cream "Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream" also comes in two forms:

  • for all types - "Night Youth Recovery"
  • for dehydrated - "Night Youth Recovery Comfort "

Both creams have a very pleasant smell, delicate texture and perfectly moisturize, nourish and even out the tone of the skin. Absorption takes a little longer than the daily options, as they are slightly thicker. Consumption is as economical as previous funds.

Restorative Day Cream "Multi-intensive"is intended for already mature skin, has a regenerating effect, deeply moisturizes, improves elasticity and evens out skin tone.

It has a tightening property and intensively strengthens its surface, giving it a healthy look. It restores the density of all layers, smoothes not only small, but also deep wrinkles. And, importantly, the product does not clog pores.

This series also has a special intensive recovery concentrate for the neck and décolleté. It perfectly tightens, moisturizes and strengthens these areas of the body, and also smooths wrinkles with regular use.

Care lines

"Multi Active Jour / Nuit"

This line has two types of creams: day and night, each of which has its own color jars white / pink or blue. They are intended for use by girls from thirty years old to combat the first signs of aging or to prevent the appearance of small wrinkles. A special formula with natural extracts and oils deeply moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis, helps to maintain its youth and contributes to the appearance of radiance.

"Eclat Du"

This line of products is orange bottles and is designed for young skin of girls under thirty years of age. Products perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin, saturate it with the necessary vitamins, minerals and give a natural shine. With regular use, the tone evens out and the face looks many times fresher.

"Hydra Essential"

This line of funds is one of the new and is intended for dehydrated epidermis. Products deeply moisturize it, intensively nourish it and help maintain the optimal water balance necessary for dehydrated and too dry skin. The composition has special components that also protect the face from external factors and prevent overdrying.


This line was launched by the company to provide body care products. They not only moisturize, but also contribute to losing weight and tightening the sagging skin of the body. Massage creams help break down fat deposits on the stomach, hips, buttocks, arms and legs. Means are enriched with extracts of plants useful for weight loss. They are very effective and effective paired with a good massage, dispersing blood. With regular use, you can not only lose weight, but also get rid of cellulite.

"Eau Ressourcante"

A line of relaxing water products that allows you to arrange a real spa treatment right at home. Essential and vegetable oils in the composition have a pleasant relaxing effect on the body. It is pleasant to use water after taking a shower or bath procedure, just apply it on a dry body and envelop yourself in a pleasant aroma. Some girls spray water on a pillow before bed to fall asleep in a more pleasant atmosphere.


Clarnis products contain exclusively natural vegetable and essential oils, as well as extracts of various plants, depending on the purpose. For example, in products for weight loss and tone the body there is a poppy extract, which enhances the visible effect of the application.

Anti-aging creams for face and neck tightening with microgranules contain collagen, and in addition they contain Madagascar haruganda extract.

The creams also contain tamarind extract (tamarind), vitamin C, turmeric extract, cuffs, biloba and many other useful ingredients that contribute to improving blood microcirculation, deep moisturizing and improving the appearance of the face. A series of cotton products also perfectly cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis.

There are no parabens in the composition, which indicates their purity and the possibility of use by girls with sensitive skin. But still, before use, the manufacturer recommends a test for the reaction in a small area.


One of the main indicators of brand quality is the feedback that customers leave about the products used. All Clarnis products have the most positive reviews. Girls are delighted with the natural composition and the quickly achieved effect. Light texture and almost instant absorbency of products are also noted. Creams perfectly moisturize, nourish and tighten the skin, they give the face an even tone. After the first applications, anti-aging products smooth out fine, and later deeper wrinkles.

Body care products have a tightening effect and promote resorption of the vein in different areas with good massage.

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