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Eyebrow Tint Gel

Beautiful, expressive and properly designed eyebrows are a real face decoration. But not always nature awards the eyes with such an expressive "frame". Therefore, to create a bright beautiful makeup, it is necessary to use a special tint gel for eyebrows.

Description and varieties

Shade gel for eyebrows is a special tool that will not only help to give the hairs a beautiful natural color, but also help to model the correct shape of the eyebrows, provide a stable styling of the hairs, but it will be completely invisible on the face. Such a gel is rightly called the “corrective” one, because it helps to create the desired shape of the hairs and fix it for a long time.

On sale this cosmetic product comes in several forms:

  1. Gel pencil.
  2. Gel marker.
  3. Gel Mascara.

It is the latter species that is the most popular among the fair sex. It is more convenient to use, easier to apply and helps to more easily correct eyebrows and color them evenly.

The use of such a tint means allows you to give the eyebrows the correct shape, fix it for a long time, and also dye the hairs to create a beautiful, harmonious and complete image.

How to choose the right

When planning to purchase a tint eyebrow gel, you need to make sure that it meets the following criteria:

  • It had a light and uniform consistency. Such a tool should have a texture resembling a light cream. Then, for the correction of eyebrows and their coloring, you need only a small amount of it. The absence of lumps of paint and impurities will provide the most natural coloring of hairs.
  • This cosmetic product should not stick together hairs and somehow stand out on the face.
  • The kit must include a convenient brush for applying. A conscientious manufacturer will definitely take care of its customers, and therefore will provide its product with such a complete set.
  • It should be easily removed from the face only with a special cleanser.

A tinted eyebrow gel that meets these requirements is really a quality product that will help to emphasize eyebrows favorably and naturally.

How to use

Proper use of the gel is necessary not only to achieve the desired result, but also to preserve the life of this product and its beneficial properties.

Apply a tint gel for eyebrow correction is necessary only on dry hairs. It is first necessary to remove excess vegetation in the eye area to give the eyebrows a regular shape. This procedure will help to create the most correct and beautiful image without a hint of sloppiness.

Then, using an eyeliner or eye shadow, you need to outline the outline. And only after that apply the tint with a brush, which is implemented bundled with this tool. Apply this tinting product to the face in small quantities. This will provide the most natural shape correction and natural hair coloring. Styling must be done by lifting the hairs one after the other up and towards the temple.

Video tutorial on applying tint gel on eyebrows.

Rating of the best funds

Many manufacturers of decorative face care products sell such tinted gels. The most popular among buyers are such gels as:

  • Lux Visage "Brow Styler" this tint corrector goes on sale in four colors, which allows a girl with any hair color to purchase the most suitable product. It models the shape of the eyebrows well, stains them well and naturally and remains invisible to prying eyes.
  • Relouis "Fix Color" possesses excellent fixing properties, does not crumble and does not roll off hairs during the day. Stains evenly. It can be used for eyelashes.
  • Eveline released 5 in 1 corrector. Naturally dyes the hairs, fixes them securely and allows you to simulate the beautiful shape of the eyebrows. It is well applied, nourishes and moisturizes the hairs and skin near them. Available in various shades.
  • A good option and a tinting tool for styling from Ardell. The product not only models eyebrows and tint them, but also nourishes the necessary substances. It has a persistent effect that is invisible to the prying eye.
  • Artdeco "Eye Brow Filler" - It is an ideal corrective for the care of thick and long hairs. This product carefully fixes them, retains the result for a long time, holds on the face for at least 10 hours. Easily sets off hairs, emphasizing eyebrows on the face.

According to the manufacturers, such a tint gel for eyebrows is an integral part of any cosmetic bag. And about whether the representatives of the fair sex themselves support this point of view, we will discuss below.

Product Reviews

Most of the buyers of this product were satisfied with their purchase.. A wide color palette, affordable cost, reliable fixation and accurate natural coloring of hairs were noted as the main advantages. According to the girls, the use of this cosmetic product makes it possible not only to look more expressive, but also to create a complete, neat image in general.

Stylists support such positive reviews and only remind the fair sex of the need to use high-quality and suitable in color gamut tint eyebrow gels.

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