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Alginate masks Anskin

Every woman wants to keep youth, elasticity and freshness of her skin for a long time. What a way they do not resort to in order to achieve their goal! Dam is not afraid of the high cost of anti-aging products, nor the pain experienced during cosmetic procedures. New anti-aging agents came to help, which not only tighten the oval of the face, deeply moisturize and smooth wrinkles, but also prevent their appearance.

These funds appeared on the cosmetology market relatively recently, but have already managed to win the hearts of many girls. Initially, they could be used only at receptions by a cosmetologist, but now they are available in open sale and can be purchased by everyone. Recently, Korean cosmetics, including alginate masks of one of the best brands of this country Anskin, have gained immense popularity. In this article, masks of this particular brand will be considered.

What it is

Alginate is a salt of alginate acid, which is extracted from brown algae. This component contains a huge amount of vitamins and natural minerals that are necessary to maintain the desired level of water balance in the epidermis. Scientists began to study this element by chance and found that it has a rejuvenating effect. After this discovery, alginates began to be widely used both in cosmetology and in other areas, including cooking.

Due to the properties of these salts, masks with their composition have an incredible effect. They deeply nourish and moisturize the skin, contribute to faster circulation, regeneration and many other natural processes within the upper and middle layers of the epidermis. With regular use, age spots, inflammations begin to disappear, small wrinkles disappear altogether, and deep ones become much smaller. Not only do masks have a strong lifting effect, while they contribute to the natural production of their own collagen to maintain the desired level of water in the skin. Due to the enrichment of the skin with oxygen, inflammatory processes are cured, the complexion improves and evens out, and pores are narrowed. The skin becomes lighter, fresher, and the face as a whole takes a more rested look.

Masks are a fine white powder, they are suitable for absolutely any type of skin and ladies of any age. You can even apply the product around the eye area.


Like all Korean facial cosmetics, Anskin alginate masks help bring your skin in excellent condition. They not only have a moisturizing and nourishing effect, but also have firming, tightening properties that are instantly reflected on the face and neck.

Products contain a huge amount of minerals, vitamins and proteins, which are so necessary for maintaining the skin in excellent condition. The effect of these products is visible after the first application, and if you do courses of fifteen applications, you can achieve a stunning rejuvenating effect that will delay trips to the beauty parlor for at least a couple of years.

It should be remembered that the sooner you start looking after your face, the more chances there are to prevent the appearance of the first signs of wrinkles that so often spoil the overall impression. Therefore, it is possible to use products that include an ingredient such as alginate from the age of twenty-seven.

An important feature of the product is the fact that it is suitable for problem skin, helping to fight, eliminate and prevent various kinds of inflammation and black spots.


As part of brand masks Anskin natural ingredients are present. Depending on the purpose and type of product, they have the following ingredients: olive extract, aloe, hyaluronic acid, there are products with hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin C, Sudanese rose extract, charcoal, green tea extract, pearls.

Each of the above masks has certain functions and effects on the skin.

One or another component should be selected based on the type of skin and the desired result, which will not take long.

Popular remedies

In total, the lineup consists of eight fixed assets with alginate. You can buy them in two versions: in a package weighing 240 grams and in plastic packaging with a convenient lid weighing 700 grams. All masks well tone, refresh and tighten the upper layer of the epidermis, but thanks to additional ingredients they acquire special properties.

"AC Control Modeling Mask"

This mask is intended for problem skin with various kinds of inflammation. Among the components of the product there is portulaca extract, which helps to draw out all harmful toxins from the pores and not only fights against acne, acne and black spots, but also prevents their further appearance. The product pores the pores, helps reduce wrinkles and creates a protective film on the skin that resists the ingress of dirt and dust into the pores. Among the ingredients are licorice extract and hyaluronic hydrolyzed acid.

"Aloe Modeling Mask"

Aloe oil mask has a calming effect. Inside there is a special complex of vitamins, minerals, plant substances and amino acids that contribute to improving the appearance of the face, the appearance of natural shine, freshness and have antibacterial properties.

"Charcoal modeling mask"

The mask for oily skin with open pores has an exfoliating effect and well removes excess sebum. It helps to acquire smoothness, softness and elasticity. Charcoal extract in the composition prevents the formation of sebaceous plugs.

"Collagen modeling mask"

A product with collagen not only deeply moisturizes the epidermis, but also strengthens it, giving elasticity and resilience, as well as preventing sagging. When used, regeneration of the skin occurs. The mask fills the epidermis with collagen and promotes lifting and rejuvenation.

"Cool-Ice modeling mask"

The product contains peppermint oil, which helps soothe the skin and give it a more fresh, well-groomed appearance. The mask eliminates irritations, heals small wounds, cools and soothes inflammation sites. The face becomes lighter and takes a more rested look.

"Green tea modeling mask"

An alginate mask with green tea oil is intended for tarnished and sensitive skin. It improves and evens out the tone of the face, reduces swelling, increases blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

"Pearl modeling mask"

A product containing pearl extract perfectly nourishes, brightens and tones. It gives the face an even color, regenerates and refreshes the epidermis, and also helps maintain the desired moisture level.

Vitamin C

This product is ideal for dull skin. It improves the color and evens out the tone of the face, removes dark circles under the eyes, age spots, perfectly soothes and refreshes the skin and relieves swelling. By using this product, oxygen access to the epidermis and blood microcirculation are improved.

Mode of application

Using alginate masks is quite simple, it is only important to observe some details when diluting and applying the product. Instructions for use are attached to each Anskin package and it is similar to the methods of other brands.

Before use, thoroughly clean the face and wipe with tonic. It is advisable to apply a serum, emulsion or gel before applying a mask, as this will enhance the effect and give the face an even better look. The powder should be diluted in a separate bowl, and very carefully, it is important to bring the product with water to a uniform, dense gel consistency and immediately apply to the face with a special spatula. The gel hardens very quickly, so the application is given a maximum of five minutes, or even less.

After the liquid is on the face, it begins to harden and turns into an elastic mask that needs to be kept for about 15-20 minutes. The layer should be from 3 to 10 mm. It is advisable not to talk or laugh to promote better grip. After the necessary time has passed, the mask must be removed from the face like a thick film.

It is important not to rinse it off with water, since alginate does not dissolve.


Reviews of both cosmetologists and ordinary girls about Anskin alginate masks are extremely positive. Girls are pleased with the moisturizing, firming and refreshing effect provided by these products. It is noted that the product has an instant effect. Immediately after the first use, the skin transforms for the better, and with regular use, real miracles occur. Each customer writes that she will definitely buy another package of the product, and this says a lot, and in particular that Anskin products with alginate are incredibly high-quality and effective.

The video provides customer feedback on masked Anskin.

Watch the video: How to Use Anskin Alginate Mask (January 2020).


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