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Shampoo and balm for colored hair

The fair sex with dyed hair has to devote much more time and attention to caring for her hair. Indeed, most often natural curls require much less trouble and cost than dyed ones.

Colored or highlighted strands fade from improper care, fall out or split off, roots quickly grow, which often doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing, and regular dyeing and the use of various styling products exhaust our hair very much, so they need constant care and protection using various care products. Next, you will learn about the features of shampoos and balms for colored hair, which will help preserve the color, brightness and life of your curls. And also learn about popular brands from which you can purchase these funds.


Shampoos and balms for colored curls are good, first of all, in that they not only help maintain the color and shade of your colored curls for a long time, but also take care of the health of the hair in general, since they are most often designed to care for damaged and overdried hair.

In addition, many companies produce shampoos and balms with a tinting effect, especially such options are relevant for blondes, because they now and then have various kinds of problems with unnecessary yellowness or loss of color in general.

Of course, if you do the dyeing with professional paints, then, according to many experts, you will have less trouble, because such products have a less negative effect on the structure of the hair, as they are designed for salon use than those that we use at home conditions. Nevertheless, today there are many options without ammonia, but even after them, hair requires special care so that the color pigment does not wash out very quickly.

So if you are the owner of colored curls, be sure to choose shampoos, balms, conditioners and masks from the series for colored hair, as they will help prolong the life of your color, brightness and saturation, and will also regularly add natural shine.

In addition, such products will prevent the occurrence of excessive dryness and loss, especially from regular staining, as well as protect weakened hair from various negative factors from the external environment.


The modern market of cosmetic products for hair offers a wide range of a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners for colored hair for every taste and budget. A lot of products are designed for all types of colored hair, more professional brands sometimes produce shampoos for different types and needs of colored hair.

A very convenient, but not always effective tool, according to stylists and trichologists, is a 2-in-1 shampoo, after which there is no need to use a balm or conditioner. In general, he copes pretty well with his tasks of protecting the color and maintaining the health of the hair, but for a more serious and complex effect, it is best to purchase shampoos and balms separately.

Shampoos and balms for regular use to care for dyed hair are also very popular. Especially among ladies with short hair who like to wash their hair every morning.

For blondes, a series of remedies for yellowness are very popular, such shampoos include a special composition, which, until the subsequent dyeing, helps maintain a beautiful, shiny and rich color of hair. In addition, such care products not only maintain color, but also restore dried and dull hair, as well as deeply nourish them, because girls with light curls very often worry about this kind of problem.

Also, many companies produce shampoos for highlighted hair, which act on specifically colored strands, making them more saturated and radiant.

If you are the owner of damaged or very hard hair after dyeing, then you can also easily find shampoo and conditioner or a balm to care for such hair. Most often, these are nutritious shampoos for very dry hair, the composition of which is enriched with vitamins, keratin and many other useful ingredients to return hair to its former freshness, brightness and beauty.

Shampoos that support shade are no less popular. They are available for blondes, brunettes, redheads and so on. But they are not completely tinted, that is, they do not radically change color, but, nevertheless, help maintain the saturation of the pigment of your shade of curls.

The use of such a universal remedy for curls as dry shampoo can also become a lifesaver. He will help you out at any moment, especially when you are in a hurry, and you don’t have time to wash your hair.

Popular brands

Today, women have a huge assortment of different hair care products; hundreds of companies, including our domestic ones, produce various kinds of hair care products. Now it has become very popular to use professional tools for salon applications at home, because they are developed at a more serious level and, of course, the effect of them is "more powerful". Now we will consider shampoos and balms for curls after dyeing, which are in great demand and popularity, and are also represented in our country.


Famous brand Estel offers quite a lot of professional colored hair care products, the composition of which is enriched with keratin. We recommend that you look at the following options for colored curls:

  • Delicate shampoo and balm will help preserve the brightness of curls, make them soft and smooth. The composition contains silk proteins.
  • Silver shampoo for cold shades of blond. Gently cleanse the curls of pollution, give them a luxurious look and a noble shade. A composition enriched with keratin will help restore hair directly from the inside.
  • Shampoo and balm for colored and damaged hair with a keratin complex will be an excellent solution for even the most damaged hair.
  • We also recommend paying attention to shampoos and balms "Princess essex"from this brand, which deeply moisturize the curls and protect the coloring pigment from premature leaching.


The brand Wella offers quite a few hairline rulers. We recommend a closer look at the series of tools "Brilliance"which is designed specifically to maintain the color and brightness of colored curls. And do not forget to pay attention to the series"Color recharge". Shampoos and balms from this range will help to refresh and maintain the shade of your curls. There are options for light and brown shades.


Well-known company Garnier offers funds "Fructis"with fruit extracts for colored and weakened hair. Be sure to pay attention to a series of products"Color resistant"with linseed oil in the composition.

Natura Siberica

The domestic brand of organic cosmetics Natura Siberica You can also purchase the necessary products to maintain color in combination with natural ingredients and herbal extracts.


And finally, it is worth mentioning the well-known brand Clearwhere you can also find shampoo and conditioner for the care of painted and damaged curls.


The main task of the shampoo for colored curls is to carefully remove impurities without having to wash out all the coloring pigment. The balm should fix the result, while softening and protecting the hair. That is why such funds have a very carefully thought-out composition.

The basis of the shampoo is a washing composition, which is mainly standard for this kind of product. There are tensides - these are the substances thanks to which we get foam for washing hair. There are also various UV filtersthat protect curls from external influences and the sun. And also the composition of shampoos and balms for colored hair is most often enriched with keratin, beneficial extracts of herbs, flowers and fruits, oils, silk and many other auxiliary ingredients.


According to the fair sex with colored hair, the use of such shampoos and balms is a real salvation. After all, there is no special sense from the usual options, and a special approach is needed here to gently wash the hair without washing off the color itself.

Many blondes recommend choosing professional products from Estel and John Frieda, which very well help maintain the shade and health of the hair as a whole.

It’s very difficult to choose one best and universal shampoo, ladies say, because even these funds are sometimes addictive and you have to change them to similar options from other brands.

How to choose a shampoo for your hair color, see the next video.

Garnier shampoos are also very popular among the female population.Fructis", which please not only the widespread availability and reasonable price, but also excellent quality.

About this - the next video.

Many ladies who regularly dye their hair say that they often combine products, for example, use shampoo for colored hair with keratin, and balm or conditioner for severely damaged and dry curls. But, according to experts, it is best to choose products from the same series, because they are specially made to solve a specific problem and maintain color.

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