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Tinted Hair Balm

Women always strive to try new images on themselves, but some manipulations with the hair do not always give a positive result: they weaken, break and begin to fall out. So that the cardinal transformation does not do much harm to the curls, you can use a tinted hair balm.

What it is

Tinted tonics, shampoos and balms have a number of undeniable advantages, but the most important plus of such products is their composition. It is a combination of gentle ingredients that do not penetrate deep into the structure of the hair and do not destroy them from the inside. After using the tonic, the curls retain their shine and silkiness, do not become brittle and dull.

Balms for tinting have a number of features. Some of them are positive, others are negative. After analyzing all of them, you can easily understand whether this method of coloring is suitable for you or not.

  1. Surface staining. The coloring pigments of the balm do not penetrate into the hair, but are placed on its surface. On the one hand, this is good, since the structure remains intact, and the formed film creates a protective barrier. But on the other hand, this color is extremely unstable and is completely washed off after 5-10 times (depending on the brand).
  2. The ability to experiment. With the help of tonic balms, you can safely try a new shade. If one does not fit, you can simply stop using this tool, after a couple of weeks the natural color of the hair will return. The exact period during which the staining effect remains is indicated on the package. Some balms remain on the hair for up to 2 months.
  3. Healthy shine. The most popular brands of tint balms have a soft and delicate effect. Due to this, the curls do not become fragile with time. On the contrary, they are soft, silky and glossy and easy to comb. Only some of the tonic balms dry hair slightly, after which you need to use emollients and moisturizers.
  4. Balm is able to change the color of hair by 1 - 3 tones. And the effect will be predictable if you have not used paint and did not curl before. Otherwise, you can get a completely unpredictable result. In addition, with caution in relation to such funds, owners of light curls should be treated - dyed or natural. In this case, you need to give preference to soft shades close to the original color of the head. In addition, it is worthwhile to understand that tonic balm-tonic can make the color a little darker, but not vice versa.


All tint balms can be divided into several groups:

  1. Neutralizing tinting agents for fair hair. They are also used for coloring gray hair, which over time becomes yellowish. This unattractive yellowness is easily neutralized by the regular use of the product with a purple pigment. Such funds do not need to be kept on the hair, they are washed off immediately. After a while, you can see that the curls acquire a beautiful ash color without a hint of yellow oxidation.
  2. Tinted balms that give the original color depth, saturation and shine. It is impossible to change the color of the hair with this type of product, it contains a small amount of pigment. Such funds can be found in many lines that are aimed at maintaining and saturating the color of curls that are already painted with resistant paint.
  3. More and more popular, especially for fair-haired women with their tendency to damage hair, is becoming brightening type of product with a lamination effect, which not only tones, but also transforms curls, giving them a brilliant radiance and smoothness. The best manufacturer in this group, affordable and easy to use, is Rukolor, which takes great care of blond hair.

Popular manufacturers

In the Russian market there are several dozen manufacturers of shampoos and balms, but most buyers choose only a few brands. Some of them belong to the professional segment, and some to the inexpensive mass market.


Brand Balms "Mermaid" - these are the means by which you can give a luxurious shade without chemical influences. Thanks to a wide selection of colors, natural additives and ease of conversion from one color to another, this tool is considered an indispensable tool for any woman who follows fashion.

A balanced formula provides not only high-quality color, but also gentle care.

White flax extract will make curls docile and silky. The chic and natural look of hair is preserved for a long time, even if special balms and conditioners for colored hair are not used. Palette "Little Mermaids" provides a wide range of shades, thanks to which you can dramatically change the color of the hair, give them shine and naturalness.

Active Ingredients: pigments, water, lanolin, flax.

Act: neutralizes unwanted pigments.

In the Russian market "Mermaid" is one of the most popular means of toning. Shampoo is easy to use, stored and sold in almost every specialized store.

Pros: inexpensive price, a rich palette of shades, the presence in the composition of special elements to neutralize unwanted staining results.

Disadvantages: uneven tone, if used improperly, it produces a “toxic” color, leaves stains on the skin and household surfaces, is difficult to wash off, and some brand products have harmful components (alcohol, SLS).


Products manufactured under this brand have earned the trust of many buyers because of their composition. The tonic does not contain ammonia and peroxide, so after using it, the hair will not be damaged. Colored curls remain silky and soft, since the principle of use is similar to the use of conditioners, and the composition includes natural extracts and a keratin complex that will take care of the hair.

Besides, balms contain UV filters that protect curls from ultraviolet radiationtherefore the color does not change under the influence of the sun. Matrix brand is represented by 18 shades.

Active Ingredients: pigments, keratin complex.

Act: gives tone and looks after ringlets.

Matrix tonic can be applied and kept on the hair during the entire staining time specified by the manufacturer on the package. He paints curls quite softly and evenly.

Pros: skin care, rich shades, soft color.

Minuses: difficult to wash off, quickly consumed.


L'Oreal products are popular among female audiences because of their light texture. The product is easily distributed along the entire length of the hair, coloring its surface without penetrating the structure.

The Loreal tinting balm palette is presented in two series:

  • "Chroma Care" ideal for dark hair, the palette has a rich red, blackberry and chocolate shades;
  • "ExpertSilver" suitable for owners of fair hair, the product effectively eliminates the yellow tint without damaging the structure of curls.

The listed shades of this brand belong to a series of professional tools, but, despite this, they can be bought in ordinary stores.

Active Ingredients: coloring pigment, free amino acids.

Act: gives shade and shine, heals, neutralizes unwanted pigments.

L'Oréal Purple Balms remove unwanted yellow pigment from gray and blond hair. Means are presented in two versions: gray and silver. For brown, dark and light brown hair, the French manufacturer has a line "Gloss Color". Gold-copper and red tones of this series help revitalize the tone and give shine to both dyed and natural hair.

Pros: Smooth color, easy to apply, easy to rinse.

Minuses: difficult to find in stores, expensive, difficult to rinse off household surfaces, if not done immediately after rinsing hair.


Firm balms "Everyday" help create an exquisite look, add charm and improve your mood.

The collection of these products contains 20 shades, 14 of which are suitable for natural hair, 3 for dyed and 3 for gray hair. The necessary result is achieved after the first staining procedure.

Due to the content of olive and shea butter, the hair structure improves markedly. Since the composition of the balm is absolutely safe, you can often change the shades.

Active Ingredients: pigments, olive and shea butter.

Act: improves hair structure.

Pros: scalp care, rich shades, soft natural coloring.

Minuses: ends quickly.


Series "Color Recharge" consists of shampoo and balm that should be used together to preserve hair color. Wella "Color Recharge" for blondes refreshes and eliminates the yellowness of hair. This series contains a set of pigments to maintain color balance. After using these funds, the curls become very soft and pleasant to the touch.

In the series "Vella lifteks" eat shampoo "Lifetex Color Protection Shampoo" - This is not a completely tonic, but rather, a means to maintain a bright, deep color and shine for after staining.

Professional Series "Wella Lifetex" introduced a coloring balm based on a more high-tech color application, which reduces the frequency of staining. The palette is a balm for light, brown, red shades and white hair, subject to uneven yellowing.

The indisputable advantage of these products is the absence of staining of the skin and clothing. The disadvantage is the inability to get a radically different shade.

The coloring balm is best used in combination with the Lifetex Color Reflex Mask, then the hair will be soft, silky, will not fall out and break.


Ollin tint balms from the brand do not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, so it provides a harmless and soft color.

After using this shade, the curls become soft, vibrant and shiny. This effect is achieved due to the content of burdock oil, aloe vera extract, lavender, chamomile, chestnut and mango.

The color palette contains more than 16 fashionable shades, suitable for both light and dark hair.


The product from the Rokolor brand is very popular due to its good paint quality and reasonable price. Toning with such a tool is not harmful to the hair, as the product does not penetrate deep into the structure. In addition, the balm has a lamination effect, which is not inherent in all means for temporary staining.

In the brand’s palette, you can see the most interesting shades - from light to bright red. Three shades are for blondes, three are for medium brown hair and four are for red and red hair.

Under this brand, two products were produced:

  • "Tint Balm Tonic"which in addition to a steady color will provide gentle care. The composition contains natural extracts and pigments that provide stable results and do not harm the hair structure.
  • Laminating coloring balm, which not only gives a rich color, but also takes care of the curls, creating a protective film. Curls become shiny, silky and well-groomed. The palette contains 10 shades.


Balm of this brand will help to cope with the yellowness of hair. It consists of natural betaine and moisturizing ingredients, so the curls do not dry after use.

Moisturizing and nutrition of the hair is due to the content of linseed oil, beeswax and lecithin.

Designed for light or gray hair, using it can remove yellowing and give the curls a shiny and well-groomed appearance, refresh and maintain color.


This tint balm is ideal for application to dyed hair, it maintains color and gives extra shine. If the curls were not previously dyed, then the shade will be more saturated. Regular use of the product has the following effect: each time the shade of the hair will become more expressive.

There are only six shades in the Kapus tonic palette. The right color is recommended to choose based on such features:

1. Sand color can be recommended for application to bleached hair.

2.Brown tint Best suited for natural chestnut strands.

3. Copper tint Ideal for red hair, it can also be applied to bleached hair to give it a soft golden hue.


According to the manufacturer, the balm should fix unwanted yellow-red pigments, but resourceful ladies use it to tint completely natural copper and light shades in ashen color.

Active Ingredients: coloring pigment, keratin.

Act: protects hair, gives a beautiful shade.

Pros: uniform tone, certified by a foreign manufacturer, does not stain skin and household surfaces.

Minuses: an expensive remedy, overdries the ends.

Schwarzkopf products can be purchased at any store, they have a wide range of shades and colors, which provide great opportunities for experimentation.


This balm cleanses the curls, making them shiny and removes the yellow pigment after lightening. Means of blue-violet color with a special smell.

Its use should be carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions, in no case should you overdo it, otherwise the hair may turn purple.

After application, the curls become obedient, silky and smooth. Those who used this tool were very pleased with the result. Shampoo should be used with the conditioner of the same shade. The palette is represented by 10 colors.

Sensido match

The balm palette is presented in 6 shades: copper, eggplant, sand, brown, pomegranate red and purple. The composition of the tinting agent revitalizes the natural color, improves it, making the hair brighter. The balm consists of castor oil, which nourishes and moisturizes curls and maintains the hydrolipidic balance of the skin.

When choosing a tonic, the most difficult thing is to find your manufacturer. In Russia, manufacturers of coloring shampoos are not required to certify themselves. And, unfortunately, some companies use this, adding heavy metal salts to their composition. Therefore, choosing a tonic of little-known Russian brands, you should carefully study the packaging.

In Europe, hair dyes are subject to mandatory certification, therefore they rarely contain harmful substances. But when choosing a company, you do not need to rely on the brand name, it is better to look at the composition: the fewer the components, the better.


The palette of tinting balms may differ from ordinary hair dyes.

  • Coloring tonics "Salerm Shampoo Color" designed to maintain the color of dyed hair and more thorough care. Soft paint of the detergent base takes care of previously painted curls, allows you to clean them and maintain the necessary shade. The range is available in six shades: pink, ashen, purple, black, dark chocolate, red.
  • Assortment of funds from L'oréal also quite diverse. But his method of action is very interesting - it is based on a cumulative effect.The composition contains natural vitamin complexes that take care of curls, make them healthy and shiny. The color palette is represented by the following colors: milk, mountain ash, wild plum, copper.
  • Coloring Balms Series Kapous offer six colors: purple, garnet red, copper, sand, brown, gray. This is a great addition to another product - Kapous tonic balm. With prolonged use, protects curls from sun exposure.
  • Shampoos Ollin offer four shades: to maintain the color of copper and brown hair, and also for coloring shampoos for bleached or gray hair: brown burgundy, mocha, graphite and cold vanilla.

How to choose

All tinting agents can be divided into two types:

  • With a slight influence of the paint, which is washed off after two weeks.
  • A tonic with a deep effect that will keep the color for at least two months.

The main thing that is valued in all tinted products is harmlessness. The pigment gently envelops each curl without destroying it. The structure remains intact, so that the external characteristics and health of the hair are not at risk. These and many other positive characteristics make tint balm an indispensable tool for many women who care not only about beauty and attractiveness, but also about health.

Before buying, you should review the table that shows the color and the intended result. It is worth taking into account the naturalness of color: a dark hair with a chosen shade will not look as rich and bright as blond hair. You should not expect that with the help of a tonic, a brunette can become a blonde - a radical change will occur only after staining with high-quality paints.

When choosing a tonic balm, you should pay attention to the fame and reputation of the manufacturer, composition and shade. For some, price will be important. When choosing a shade of balm, you should pay attention to color, it is better to choose as close to natural as possible. The difference should not be more than 3 tone positions.

For blondes

For clarified and highlighted hair, as a rule, yellowness remedies are suitable. In this case, a pink or purple tone is suitable to neutralize an undesired tone. Using a product with a purple pigment should be very careful, as it can give an unpleasant ashy shade.

If girls want to achieve, on the contrary, warm, sunny colors, for this it is better to use a brightening tonic with a golden hue.

For fair-haired

For a girl with light brown curls, a beige balm palette is suitable. Its use allows you to lighten hair by one, and sometimes even by two tones.

For the dark

Dark hair is better to give preference to bright shades of red, purple, bronze. In this case, the curls will receive the desired tint.

For black

Dyeing for black hair has a wide palette of colors. Their use allows you to achieve various shades:

  • ashen;
  • eggplant;
  • red;
  • copper;
  • chocolate and others.

For gray

Gray hair is colored in the following shades:

  • Amethyst;
  • Nacre;
  • Pink pearls.

Tonics are recommended for women with 100% gray hair. However, the staining result stated on the label may not correspond to the resulting shade if these products were used for blond or bleached hair.

How to use

In general, the use of tonic is something purely individual, the correctly selected method of application will determine individually for each how successful the result will be. For example, if the product is applied to curls for a long time, the color will be saturated and bright.

How to apply

Before proceeding with staining, it is necessary to study the tinting process and prepare the appropriate tools:

  • detergent;
  • gloves
  • capacity made of plastic;
  • a comb;
  • shampoo brush;
  • towel;
  • the stain itself.

In order for the result to be positive, you must strictly adhere to the rules for using a cosmetic product and safety precautions.

First of all, you need to apply the product on slightly dried curls. They should be slightly moist so that the pigments do not start working immediately after application.

How much is holding

There are several ways to use the balm:

  • Together with permanent paint (in this case, it must be quickly washed off);
  • To renew your color and give hair shine (you need to hold the product for 3-5 minutes);
  • As a tonic for hair (time increases to 15-20 minutes).

The product is applied to the hair with a comb and is evenly distributed along their entire length. When the time indicated on the packaging ends, the hair should be thoroughly rinsed with running water.

After washing, you can use balm. If the result does not suit you, you can repeat the process - this will not negatively affect the health of the hair.

How to rinse

The main advantage of a tinting agent is that it can be removed at any time. There are several ways:

  • wash your hair several times using regular shampoo;
  • apply hair masks that remove pigment;
  • use special cosmetics designed to remove color.

There are several folk remedies that will help to quickly wash off tinting from balm. They will be discussed in the video below.


According to reviews, a large selection of different brands of tint balms with a wide palette of colors allows consumers to choose the best option for any type and color of hair.

In addition, the ease of use of funds did not leave indifferent any representative of the fair sex.

The fixed assets that women choose are represented by the following brands: L'Oreal, Rokolor, The Little Mermaid, Matrix, Wella, Ollin, Lisap, Londa, Sensido Match, Every Day. Consumers recognized Matrix shampoo as the best in the ranking of tinted hair products. This, in their opinion, is a good tonic, because it is easy to use, it does not flow, it is easily washed off, and the color becomes natural, the hair is shiny, elastic and silky.

According to the reviews of those who have tried the tonic from L'Oréal, the remedy is not worth the money spent on it.

Watch the video: WOW!!! L'Oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Hair Balm. Great Product! (November 2019).

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