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Laminaria face mask

Particularly popular in anti-aging cosmetology is the component of brown algae, or kelp, an excellent source of amino acids and vitamins to prevent aging of the skin. The effectiveness of anti-aging procedures is based on the components and methods of their use, however, even at home, masks based on kelp remain the most effective and affordable.

Laminaria is amazing in its composition and properties, and its use in cosmetology is not limited to anti-aging care. "Sea ginseng" is used to care for oily and problem skin because it has antiseptic, moisturizing properties.


Laminaria is a brown algae, which found its application in ancient times. In cosmetology, this component is known as the "herb of immortality", or "sea ginseng" due to its pronounced anti-aging properties. Today, it is easy to purchase kelp at a pharmacy; seaweed is sold in the form of a dry powder or ground composition and is suitable for making homemade masks.

  • The versatility of the product allows you to use it without risk to skin health and even with sensitive dermis - saturated algae practically does not cause allergies and irritations, provided that it is used separately and is prepared in purified water;
  • Laminaria in home masks is suitable for the care of any type of epidermis - From frankly aging and fading to a young problematic one;
  • Algae-based masks have a visible anti-aging effect with regular use - up to 1 time per week and course duration up to 12 times in a row;
  • Brown algae perfectly copes with dry skin on the face due to the presence of vitamins B, C, PP and excessive fat content due to the content of vitamin E and omega-3;
  • Laminaria excellently fights against pigmentation and photoaging of the epidermis - it contains a high concentration of vitamin C;
  • This product is a leader in iodine content;
  • It is rich in natural collagen;
  • Cosmetic compositions from seaweed well eliminate dull color and uneven facial texture by removing the keratinized, or "dead" layer of cells;
  • Algae mask strengthens the skin and accelerates metabolic processes in the cells, which is especially necessary for aging and problematic skin.

Among the disadvantages of kelp is its mucous texture - the mask continually tries to "crawl" from the surface of the face, which allows us to recommend applying the composition in a prone position.


Like any other natural component, kelp has several limitations, which does not allow the use of algae even as part of a home mask:

  • The kelp contains a very high concentration of iodine, useful for the skin, however, with problems with the thyroid gland, the use of such products is dangerous due to the risk of increased hyperthyroidism and problems with metabolic processes in the body;
  • Brown algae not allowed applied to an inflamed face, despite the antiseptic properties;
  • It is contraindicated to use masks on its basis for rosacea - the vascular network on the face;
  • During the period pregnancy and lactation;
  • For allergic reactions and rashes.


Laminaria is used in masks to care for mature, aging, problematic and teenage skin. The unique composition of the product allows you to clean the pores, normalize metabolic processes in the cells and moisturize the skin, in addition, the marine component has the ability to remove puffiness from the face. Dried kelp algae are equally effective in salon and home care, and we will talk about the main benefits of the component in masks right now:

  • Laminaria perfectly cleanses the skin due to its niacin content; the component fights not only with physical impurities (skin sebum, dust), but also aesthetic - uneven face tone, age spots and traces of acne;
  • Brown algae is rich in a complex of useful microelements and helps to get rid of age spots and post-acne. due to an increase in metabolic processes in cells;
  • Dried components soothe irritated, dry or oily skin, normalize the water balance of the skin due to the release of excess moisture - This allows you to get rid of puffiness on the face and unsightly circles under the eyes.
  • Marine product helps normalize lipid balance in the skin and reduce excess sebum production - in this case, the iodine component helps, which simultaneously decontaminates the surface of the face and eliminates unfavorable bacteria;
  • Kelp contains vitamin C - a powerful antioxidant and an indispensable tool in the fight against aging. This component acts as a protector against UV radiation, it "reanimates" cells and tones the skin as a whole;
  • Metabolic processes in cells activate iron among the components of kelp;
  • Choline and potassium helps to calm and fully moisturize the dermis;
  • Calcium in dried seaweed evens out the texture and tone of the face;
  • Thalli kelp and vitamin E are a comprehensive tool for instantly toning the epidermis and getting rid of wrinkles - the most visible sign of aging;

Application in cosmetology

Laminaria is often used in professional cosmetology and home care, as it is indicated for:

  • Normal dermis;
  • Dry and flaky skin;
  • Combined and oily, since it helps reduce the amount of sebum;
  • For rejuvenation - algae protects cells and restores their structure due to vitamins and minerals.

Finished products from popular brands

Alginate mask based on kelp algae is suitable for any skin type; brands are releasing such products Thalaspa, R-cosmetics, Velinia, however, their cost is very low.

Seaweed mask Planeta Organica based on three components: kelp, pacific fucus and sea mud. Alginic acid in brown algae moisturizes the dermis well and fights against wilting by increasing the level of collagen and elastin. Sea sludge as part of a store product has environmental friendliness and moisturizing qualities, while fucus from the Pacific Ocean enriches the deep layers of the cell with a complex of trace elements.

Kelp spores at the heart of a cosmetic product Tiande prevent inhibition of skin cells and provide excellent hydration for any type of skin. Regular use of the mask allows you to increase the elasticity and firmness of the epidermis, find an even skin tone and natural radiance.

Thai cosmetics with brown algae - one of the highest quality and at the same time affordable - a mask based on a valuable component for brewing is confirmation of this.

How to make at home

It is recommended to prepare the base from kelp for the mask on the basis of purified, slightly warm water - this will save the valuable properties of the marine plant. Be sure to wait for the swelling of the product and do not forget to carefully squeeze it, then the home product will not treacherously spread over the surface of the face.

It is recommended to breed algae with water in proportions of 1: 1, after swelling, the valuable component must be pressed 2-3 times through cheesecloth to remove excess moisture and better application to the skin.

Laminaria is quite capricious: algae has a slippery texture, which means it requires a binder component in one mask: clay, gelatin, any other powder or similar substance. Another nuance of using a mask based on brown algae is that you need to dilute it with warm water, hot water should be excluded, since it destroys the complex of useful trace elements. Cosmetologists advise applying a similar cosmetic product in a prone position: the composition does not spread over the face and penetrates deeper into the pores due to pressure. To make a home mask from kelp, dilute a small amount of powder or crushed algae with warm water, leave them to swell for a period of 1 hour and prepare additional components.

It is better to choose a ready-made powder - it will be easier to dilute it for you, otherwise use a coffee grinder to grind the thallus of the algae.



This mask is easy to prepare: you need a small amount of clean water and dried seaweed. Soak the powder in water for 1-1.5 hours to swell, then squeeze it well and apply on a clean, dry face. The duration of the composition is determined by 15-20 minutes, after which it is recommended to rinse it off with warm water and then apply a moisturizer.

A similar mask from kelp seeds is suitable for any type of skin as a weekly care: to dry the inflammation, normalize the lipid balance of the dermis or to fight wilting.


The combination of seaweed and any cosmetic clay gives an amazing cleansing effect: pre-fill the kelp with a small amount of water and prepare the clay composition: mix the powder of white, black or blue clay with warm water. Squeeze the swollen kelp, add it to freshly prepared clay and mix thoroughly, apply to the previously cleaned surface of the face with a brush - this will not allow the mixture to spread over the face and hands.

A cleansing mask can be based on sea mud or another component rich in sulfur - it dries out rashes and eliminates inflammation, cleanses pores deeper and more intensively.

Against fat

Pre-soak the algae in warm water and after swelling, squeeze thoroughly, add one egg white and a teaspoon of lemon juice, mix the mixture thoroughly and apply on the face. The protein in the mask will cope with enlarged and contaminated pores, lemon normalizes the production of sebum, dries up inflammation and has a slight whitening effect.

To narrow pores and reduce oily skin, take classic yeast and kelp powder in a 1: 2 ratio, mix thoroughly pre-soaked components and apply on face for 20 minutes.

A mask based on kefir or yogurt can significantly cleanse the pores and narrow them: add a little any sour-milk product to the soaked kelp and use as a mask.

Anti age

The mask is based on dried nori or kelp - pre-soak the component with warm water and leave to swell. Dilute pure edible gelatin with water or a decoction of medicinal herbs, allow the gelatin to dissolve well in a liquid without lumps. Mix the two mixtures together in a water bath and mix thoroughly; without waiting for hardening, apply a gelatin mask on your face and wait for it to dry. It is recommended to hold the mask film for up to 15 minutes, after which the composition must be washed off with warm water.

The tightening effect is provided due to gelatin - a natural source of protein for youth and tightness of mature skin. Such a mask is not easy to prepare, because you need to have time to dilute the cooling gelatin and kelp before thickening the first, while brown algae can not be added to too hot a solution - it will simply lose its useful properties.

Another anti-aging mask is based on a mixture of kelp, vegetable oil and protein. Beat egg whites and a tablespoon of olive oil in a separate bowl, add pre-soaked kelp and apply on the face with rubbing movements.

For a recipe for making a face mask from kelp, see the next video.

How to use

To achieve a noticeable result, cosmetologists recommend fulfilling a number of simple conditions, then a mask based on brown algae will have a qualitative effect and help get rid of various kinds of aesthetic problems:

  • Algae mask requires prior preparation: Soak a tablespoon of algae in about the same amount of warm purified water in advance, then squeeze it well and use the mixture as a ready-made mask or base for home care;
  • If you decide to add components, do not forget that for better mixing they must have room temperature;
  • Apply the finished mask only on a previously cleansed face - this will allow the components of the product to penetrate into the deepest layers of the dermis;
  • Cosmetologists recommend a mask of kelp when lying down, since the composition has the ability to "slide" down;
  • The exposure time of the composition takes no more than 20 minutes, it is not recommended to hold it anymore because of the possibility of overdrying the skin;
  • Rinse off the composition can be ordinary water;
  • After rinsing, be sure to use a moisturizer - it will fix the effect of the procedure and additionally moisturize the epidermis.
  • Use a mask based on brown algae pIt is recommended no more than 1 time in 7-10 days and a course of up to 12 procedures in a row.


Laminaria is often used as part of anti-aging home products - it is easy to conclude this based on reviews of women.

Consumers love kelp for its availability and cheapness, in their opinion, brown algae easily replaces expensive alginate masks. After the first use of the mask, the face is noticeably cleansed, pores are reduced and the production of sebum is normalized - the oily sheen disappears somewhere for several days.

Watch the video: Kelp Face Mask Tutorial. Here's How. Ocean Wise (January 2020).


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